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The Shift (Part IV): Dawn

Thank you to those who have followed the string of threads that have brought us to this one. I am ever-grateful for your consideration and time in entertaining such ideas. These ideas I share are not for entertainment, rather to convey one man’s belief of how [we] can alter the political, economic and ecological atmospheres mired amongst us in order to see that the situation, rather the condition of our entire focus continues to exacerbate the decimation of integrity concerning trust in [man], trust in the interactions of [man] and trust in [man’s] adeptness to recognize [his] place in fostering and caring for what sustains [him]. I truly believe we are at the precipice of a new dawning, a new dimension of being. If you believe this as well, then I invite you to be [entertained] a little more.

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The Headlines are astounding.

IRS demands list of Ron Paul donors.
America's top libertarian Judge "fearful" of what comes next.
Corruption in the Senate is widespread.
Confusion about global economics and warfare.
Propaganda is everywhere.
Race divides us.
Economic Class divides.
There is no middle.
There is no effective leadership.
The "government" continues to "investigate" people like ME!
Why does the postal service need ammo?
Do I need ammo? I'm the guy they see every day.

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An Hour with Senator Wyden

I caught much of an interview of Senator Wyden on Think Out Loud yesterday. I am listening to the rest now.

This isn't just for Oregonians although it is clear that he always does things with Oregon in mind. Senator Ron Wyden has been an Oregon Senator since 1996. He recently became the chair of the Senate Finance Committee. So, it might be worth your while to see what he is up to.

The interview touches on many, many issues. I have to say the NSA and Intelligence part was the most passionate I have ever heard him be. I even heard him use their own words against them saying we have to look at the "patterns" of their behavior. He was evasive when it came to talking about Snowden though.