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Help! I Just fired Firefox!

I have been using Firefox for a year or so, and they just asked me to congratulate them and their users for getting a federal bureaucracy (the FCC) to create "net neutrality."

I could not find any proper place to complain to them as they don't answer mail on their politics, apparently, but I did complain to the developers about it, and I've fired them.

I asked them why they thought anything good (food, healthcare, education, economics, or speech) would be better with the word "politicized" in front of it.

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ISIS explained by Ben Swann

ISIS? Who are they and where did they come from? Ben Swann explains in his latest great piece.

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On The Quigley Formula And Its Significance

On The Quigley Formula And Its Significance :

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Martin Armstrong: The NSA is Destroying American Technology

by Martin Armstrong | Armstrong Economics
February 26, 2015

American technology companies are losing business on a major scale. The NSA will be responsible for wiping out the United States as a leader in computer science all because they have to listen to the entire world like an old woman addicted to soap operas. I find myself totally shocked at Microsoft. I purchased the latest office at a store. You then have to go online to download the program. They REQUIRE you to have a Microsoft Account. The worse part of this was they demanded I enter a credit card to PROVE who I was acknowledging it would not be used since I already paid for it. I simply refused. They will not refund your money so this is the latest consumer fraud. It is not disclosed that you must PROVE who you are now to use their software. This has gone way too far. There are alternatives out there for word like LibreOffice, and Gnumeric is a better spreadsheet than excel for it can open files excel cannot. There are alternatives to Powerpoint and of course there are alternatives to Outlook such as Thunderbird.

The question is WHY should I have to PROVE who I am to Microsoft to use a product I already paid for? Something just smells funny so the only choice was to walk away and they stole my money for nothing. There are plenty of alternatives and Microsoft just lost all our business.

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Russian Schoolkids Assemble/Disassemble AK-74,47

Our children get suspended for water pistols.. lol.

Kids are taught to handle weapons in Russia (and other Slavic countries) during their school days, it is actually part of the school curriculum. Really, it's part of culture there - kids are instructed from a young age that it is honor to be a defender of your homeland.

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VIDEO: Senator Rand Paul Appears on Fox's The Kelly File W / Martha MacCallum - 2/25/15

VIDEO: Senator Rand Paul Appears on Fox's The Kelly File W / Martha MacCallum - 2/25/15

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Bill O'Reilly about to do an apparent hit piece on Ron Paul Coming up tonight

Was flicking through channels and just saw it was coming up this hour. The segment will show supposed similarities, according to sexual deviant and harasser Bill's promo, between "crazy" statements or comments made by Ron Paul and Joe Biden. The promo asked "Would you buy them dinner?"

Just letting people here know.

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Net neutrality a reality: FCC votes to bring Internet under utility-style rules

It's official. The Internet will now be regulated as a public utility.

After months of anticipation and weeks of frenzied last-minute lobbying on both sides of the political aisle, the Federal Communications Commission has adopted Net neutrality regulations based on a new definition of broadband that will allow the government to regulate Internet infrastructure like the old telephone network.

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It's Time For The Third Continental Congress

Chuck Baldwin would be a great President.

Chuck Baldwin
It's Time For The Third Continental Congress

As much as we liberty-loving, Constitution-loving, America-loving patriots hate to admit it, the government in Washington, D.C., is NOT fixable. The elitist power structure in D.C. is too ensconced and too powerful. They will never cede power to folks, such as Justin Amash, Thomas Massie, etc., who truly believe in limited government. Nor will they permit the states to reclaim ANY of their constitutionally recognized powers. And neither party in D.C. has enough Ron Paul-types to thwart the evil machinations of the power-drunk leviathan that is Washington, D.C.

Furthermore, the same forces of darkness that control the political establishment in Washington, D.C., also control the media and financial establishments in New York City. The voters of America have too often rejected the presidential and congressional candidates who had the potential to help lead our ship of state to safer waters (if we even have untainted elections). The warnings of the prophets and porters have fallen on deaf ears. For the most part, Americans refuse to dislodge themselves from their addiction to government handouts. In addition, America’s pastors have largely abandoned their calling to be watchmen on the wall, which has left our ship of state without a moral compass or a spiritual rudder.

It is only a matter of time before freedomists will be forced to do what freedomists have always been forced to do when facing a tyrannical juggernaut: declare independence.

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Hyperinflation in Ukraine Sends Gold Price Soaring; Currency halt expected

2-25-15: Euro/Hryvnia exchange rate is 27.8.
2-26-15: Euro/Hryvnia exchange rate is 37.8
Ukraine To Halt Currency Trading Again Any Minute

As Ukraine's socio-economic situation goes from wost to worst-er, today's announcement by President Poroshenko that the government will take actions to stabilize the currency (which as we previously noted, appears to be heading for hyperinflation) has Ukrainians rushing for the exits into precious metals... with only one goal in mind - wealth preservation.