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Ukraine Updates II as of 10/25/14

►This will begin a new Ukraine updating thread.. the war is at a pivot point.
Please feel free to visit and keep current with the latest updates on this escalating event.

►Yesterday, Oct. 20th was a pivot point in weaponry, tactics and assault by the Kiev oligarchy. The battle lines haven't changed... but they will. I will add more as news and ground attacks evolve against the self defense forces of Novorossiya.

The Ukr. has (now) begun using 1980's vintage weaponry against infrastructure, militiamen and civilian population centers.

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Libertarian Lanterns

I made these 4 years ago and 3 years ago respectively. Sad to see that things have not moved on... but hopeful for a brighter future. Happy Halloween Folks!

I hope you enjoy, and maybe get some inspiration for your own libertarian lanterns

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Edward Snowden is Becoming More Dangerous Every Minute.

I watched the interview with Snowden by Harvard Law professor Lawrence Lessig (thank you, DP member “telepathic” for posting). It was fascinating.

Ask yourselves a question: One year ago would Snowden have been interviewed by an academia member from an American university, much less an esteemed institution like Harvard? The answer is – no, and the reason is simple. After information detrimental to the NSA was released in 2013 by Snowden, the Feds put forth quite an effort to demonize and vilify Snowden in whatever way they could. Government officials, military leaders, politicians, and every other tax-dollar parasite you can think of were on the same side with the exception of few. Without the public knowing what the fallout from the 2013 revelations would be, one could understand why contact with a whistleblower like Snowden may prove to be taboo.

The shockwave of negative notions regarding Snowden propagated by our government hit the media. Instead of the term “whistleblower” (which Snowden has obviously earned the title of) the media resorted to the pejorative, “leaker.” After all, the term “whistleblower” had heroic connotations and a hero Snowden was not in the eyes of Federal Government parasites. To them he was a traitor, a villain who cowardly refused to “man up” as frat-tastic John Kerry put it to come home and face a fair trial.

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Rand Paul Says Decision On Presidential Run Will Wait Until The Spring.

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, whose potential run for president in 2016 is increasingly seen as inevitable, is likely to make a decision on when to announce a run for president in the first part of next year.

“We didn’t make any decision, we’ll talk about it in the spring,” Paul said when asked at what time he would make an announcement about his presidential bid.

Paul made the remark during an interview with BuzzFeed News, taxiing on the runway at LaGuardia Airport, after a flight in coach from Des Moines, Iowa, to New York City on Thursday.

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Who was Frank Zappa?

I had know idea who Frank Zappa was until the recent post

I have heard his name enough times to recognize it but had know idea who he was or what he stood for.

I was watching some interviews on Youtube and came across this old crossfire video from 1986.

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China Launches World Bank Rival

China and India are backing a 21 country $100 billion
Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)
to challenge:
►the World Bank
►the Asian Development Bank.
The bank will initially be capitalized with $50 billion, most of it contributed by China; planned increase to $100 billion; making it two-thirds the size of the $175 billion Asian Development Bank.

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New CA Laws Take A Bite Out of the Second Amendment

At the end of September California Governor Jerry Brown signed two anti-gun bills into law that have further eroded the Second Amendment’s foothold in the state.

On second thought, erosion is too soft a word. Assembly Bills 1609 and 1014 have dealt a lethal blow to gun rights in the state by setting the wheels in motion to build a statewide gun owner database and by making it easier for law enforcement officers to file restraining orders to have citizens forfeit their guns. The enforcement of both bills will commence on January 1, 2015.

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What Else Is There to Say?

Honestly. Seriously. Undeniably.

It has all been said. It's right in front of your face. We shout out to one another. Decry the crimes, the maleficence. The injustice. The periods. This is a new kick, for me. Periods. Short sentences like Hemingway that go rat-tat-tat. Commas are out. The time for commas is nigh.

We all know what is going on. Me. You. But, we argue with the small stuff. Well, not small. Those things that are close seem big. And they are. Like hills like white elephants. But we ain't in Africa.

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Hillary, "don't let anyone tell you businesses create jobs".

Yes she said that....... Great fuel for the campaign ahead.

Story and Video Link:

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IRS "Wins" Vs. Tea Party Due to Judge's Ridiculous Logic

Does everyone remember the massive scandal that was uncovered revealing a depth of illegal political bias at the IRS? They discriminated against conservative groups – primarily any group associated with the Tea Party – leading up to the 2012 election by denying them tax exempt status. The Tea Party gr0ups took the matter to the courts, correctly, expecting justice for being wronged by a government agency with a liberal agenda. However, Judge Reggie Walton saw things differently, and provides one of the most ridiculous rulings and rationales that I have ever seen in my 34 years on this earth.

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Washington Is Defaming Putin — Paul Craig Roberts

"Today at the Valdai International Discussion Club meeting in Sochi, Russia’s President Putin correctly and justifiably denounced Washington for destabilizing the world in order to serve its own narrow and selfish interest and the interests of the private interest groups that control Washington at the expense of the rest of the world. It is about time a world leader denounced the thuggish neocon regime in Washington. Putin described Washington’s double standards with the Roman phrase: “What is allowed for God [the US] is not allowed for cattle [the rest of the world].” "