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Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore Owns Chris Hayes
Nevada's Assembly District No. 4 (includes portions of Las Vegas in Clark County)
9085 West Rosada Way
Las Vegas, NV 89149-3556

Jennifer Scaffidi

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2016 Poll: Rand Paul Leads In New Hampshire

''Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has a slight lead in another New Hampshire poll of potential 2016 Republican presidential candidates. But the poll, released on Friday, revealed that most voters are undecided, and only one percent of those surveyed have decided on a particular candidate.''

How many liberty folks on the Daily Paul are in New Hampshire?

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United States Resistance - New York Resistance - We Will NOT Comply*

At rally's all over New York State people are wearing the message we are trying to get out to everyone.

New York State Resistance - Join Your Local MILITIA - do NOT register YOUR GUNS.

The media is finally capturing our message and displaying it to their readers. The message is loud and clear - New York State Resistance - Join Your Local MILITIA - do NOT register YOUR GUNS

"We Will NOT Comply" (cmc2014)

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One of the most difficult keyboard solos to play in history

Even if you dislike or don't listen to classical or baroque music, you will still be amazed!

The Brandenburg Concerto no. 5 by J.S. Bach

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Identifying Mercenaries Violating US Citizens' Rights - Bundy Ranch

After the whirlwind of activity in Nevada this past week, it became blatantly obvious the US Government contracted several “hired guns” (mercenary groups/individuals) to do the Elitist Government’s biddings.

WHO ARE THESE GUYS? Help identify each of them. Chances are EXTREMELY high, these individuals are not your average, everyday BLM agent. All equipped with cool Oakley sunglasses, and freshly groomed facial hair, almost straight from the fields of Afghanistan. Who are these “contractors”?

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The Police Raided My Friend's House Over A Parody Twitter Account

Jon Daniel woke up on Thursday morning to a news crew in his living room, which was a welcome change from the company he had on Tuesday night, when the Peoria, Illinois, police came crashing through the door. The officers tore the 28-year-old’s home apart, seizing electronics and taking several of his roommates in for questioning; one woman who lived there spent three hours in an interrogation room. All for a parody Twitter account.

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Legal Weed in Washington State Has Been Completely Screwed Up

Some of the bizarre complications currently plaguing Washington are inherent in any conflict between state and federal government. Marijuana remains a Schedule I prohibited substance under federal law, although US Attorney General Eric Holder has said the Justice Department will allow Washington and Colorado — Amendment 64 there also legalized recreational pot as of January 1 — to proceed unhindered. Some arise due to cumbersome provisions in the Washington law itself.

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Libertarian minded female thinker takes feminism to the woodshed

Karen Straughan, an intellectually sharp and libertarian leaning anti-feminist, spoke on the New Hampshire Liberty Forum 2014 about the origins of feminism, the falsity of the theory and various aspects of its destructive effects. She has made a name for herself online through a row of rational and factual analyses on the issue and her reasoning and conclusions have resonated strongly among many whose experiences align with her results.

Red pill alert.

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AMERICA — From Freedom To Fascism (Full Length Documentary)

Uploaded on May 12, 2011

Is there a law which requires you to pay the Federal Income Tax? Is the Federal Reserve a part of the United States Government, or is it a private bank owned and operated by multinational corporate interests? Do they have our nation's best interests at heart? Unless something changes, what does the future of the United States look like?

The answer to all these questions and more in this incredible documentary by legendary filmmaker Aaron Russo (February 14, 1943 - August 24, 2007).

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Ron Paul at the commonwealth club of California

Didn't see this posted anywhere, so apologies if this is a duplicate.
This was actually on NPR yesterday....I was very surprised to hear RP's voice coming over my car stereo speakers.

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Chicken Love - Everyone Loves Chickens

Once we had a thread here that was lost in a site upgrade from years ago, simply titled The Chicken Thread. I believe it was originally Mike Lawson's, but its been a few years, so for now I credit it to him. But to our dismay, The Chicken Thread was lost long ago, during the site upgrades. A few have been re-kindled but just didn't fly.

So, in light of chicken lovers, and people who enjoy providing for oneself and their family, we release a new chicken thread. And now that you can embed pictures, it should be much more fun for our community chicken lovers.

Show us your chickens.

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The Truth- New Bundy Video By Fellow Nevada Rancher

Cliff Gardner, a fellow NV Rancher, speaks on behalf of the Bundy's to clear up misinformation.

Bundy Ranch Blog

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FBI Uncovers Al-Qaeda Plot To Just Sit Back And Enjoy Collapse Of United States

YES YES and YES its the Onion. Its Satire, political humor...This is not a true story just meant to be funny. ***DO NOT TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY***** Do not be alarmed, Its a joke. No harm meant and please forgive me a head of time. I did not mean to upset anyone.


FBI Uncovers Al-Qaeda Plot To Just Sit Back And Enjoy Collapse Of United States