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Ron Paul still inviting conversation. Tom Petty Concert!

My daughter and I went to see Tom Petty at the Gorge in WA last Friday evening. I usually buy a t-shirt while I'm at the show and it is usually hot there so I wanted to wear a shirt I could take off and leave at the show since I planned on wearing whatever shirt I bought at the show.

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L.A. Cop: 'If You Don't Want To Get Shot,' Shut Up - Even If We're Violating Your Rights

Sunil Dutta, a 17-year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department and professor of homeland security at Colorado Tech University, has a suggestion for victims of police violence searching for someone to blame: Look in the mirror.

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Thinking about becoming a sheriff deputy

Hey everyone-

So I was deciding to whether or not post on here but seeing as how its 2014 and a lot of the essential posts about campaigns and such are low I figured i'd go ahead and get your guys opinion.

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Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul!

Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul! Thank you for everything. Have a great birthday, and many, many more! God bless you.

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Ron Paul... Good ol times

Simply share your favourite Ron Paul moment weather its of the man or eating pizza locked out of a delegate meeting (in video or pictures, keep text short).

I'll kick it off with pure class...

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Last Night America was Just 1 'Squeeze' Away...

It came this close... raised & pointed at civilians & journalists on a sidewalk. Captured by indy journalist RebelZ

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The Truth About Michael Brown and the Ferguson Riots | Stefan Molyneux

Published on Aug 17, 2014

Ferguson, Missouri has been engulfed in rioting and looting following the death of 18-year-old black teenager Michael Brown. Officer Darren Wilson, a white policeman, shot and killed Brown on the streets of Ferguson - a tragic incident that became the catalyst for a wave of civil unrest in the local community.

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Standing up

Before reading on, please answer the question – How did the United States get in the shape it is today?

The answer that you provided to yourself was likely akin to – “because the People never stood against the encroachment of the government.”

I often hear people say, “I can’t _____________________ because I’m fearful of the consequences,” “I can’t stop ________________ because…,” “I must do __________________ because…,” etc. Yet those same folks yearn for change and seem perplexed why nothing ever changes.

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The Hell That is the Obama White House

The Hell That is the Obama White House

Red State
By: David Horowitz (Diary) | August 18th, 2014 at 04:58 PM

Note from Erick: Please welcome to our front page the always awesome David Horowitz.

Let me begin by acknowledging that this inspirational title is lifted from a tweet by screen actor James Woods. And now I will explicate his tweet.

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National Liberty Alliance: Big News!

This message goes out to all states. I have said it before, but I want to say it again and invite everyone to visit the site, look it over, and join up, as we have news and you will not see this anywhere else or on any news site.

On Thursday morning(8/14/14), the Common Law Grand Jury in Dixie County, Florida with 25 people plus 3 alternates, approached the County Court House requesting entry and space to perform their lawful duties, were admitted, seated and heard TWO cases.

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Ferguson response shows libertarian divide between Paul and Cruz

By Kevin Cirilli | The Hill

Rand Paul and Ted Cruz’s differing tone in response to the Ferguson riots could provide clues for the divergent trails they're forging to woo libertarian voters in 2016.

Both the Kentucky and Texas Senate Republicans urged that civil liberties be protected in statements following unrest in Ferguson, Mo.. After an officer shot and killed Michael Brown, an 18 year old African American teen, last weekend, riots have erupted and police have been criticized for using overly-aggressive force against protesters and reporters calling for answers.

Strategists say Paul struck a more provocative tone against in his TIME op-ed, calling for the demilitarization of police but also noting inequality in the prison system. Meanwhile, Cruz took a more tame tack in calling for protection of civil liberties.

"With Ferguson, Rand Paul took a more libertarian approach -- Ted Cruz is just giving lip-service to civil liberties," said Wes Benedict, president of the Libertarian Party. "I think the press sometimes gives Sen. Cruz undue credit for leaning-libertarian, but I just don't see it."

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If You Can't Trust Us,

"We're gonna have some problems"

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Do you have your ID on you?

I wanted to bring up a situation over this last weekend that involved my Driver’s License, or as otherwise put my ID. I was getting ready to go out for the day on the lake with a few other people and instead of carrying my wallet with me (which I would not need in the middle of a lake) I chose to leave it in the vehicle’s glove compartment.