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Rand Paul strongest GOP general election candidate in new NBC poll

Rand Paul strongest GOP general election candidate in new NBC poll

Yes, Could See Self Supporting/No, Could Not See Self Supporting

Mitt Romney ....................... 33% / 60%
Jeb Bush .......................... 31% / 57%
Rand Paul ......................... 30% / 47%
Chris Christie .................... 27% / 53%
Mike Huckabee ..................... 25% / 53%
Marco Rubio ....................... 20% / 43%
Rick Perry ........................ 19% / 52%
Ted Cruz .......................... 17% / 44%
Scott Walker ...................... 15% / 32%

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2014: The Year Propaganda Came Of Age

-- Snip --

"2014, in my eyes, has been the year of propaganda outdoing even its own very purpose, and succeeding too. We are supposed to be living in a time of the best educated people in the history of mankind, and everyone thinks (s)he’s mighty smart, but precious few have even an inkling of a clue of what transpires in the world they live in. Talk about a lost generation. Or two.

We really need to question the value of higher education, if all we get for it is a generation of people so easily duped by utter blubber. What do they teach people at our universities these days? Certainly not to think for themselves, that much is clear. And then what is the use? Why spend all that time raising an entire generation of highly educated pawns, sheep and robots? I can think of some people liking that, but for society as a whole, it’s devastating if that’s all higher education is.

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False Flagging the World towards War. The CIA Weaponizes Hollywood

By Larry Chin Global Research, December 27, 2014

Excerpt from

"This project, from the creation of The Interview to the well-orchestrated international incident, has been guided by the CIA, the Pentagon, and the State Department from the start. It is propaganda. It is a weapon of psychological warfare. It is an especially perverted example of military-intelligence manipulation of popular culture for the purpose of war.

There is nothing funny about any of it.

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Privatization of Knowledge

(Image Copyright (C) 2012 ATA Walerian Wolawski /

Guerilla Open Access Manifesto
Aaron Swartz [1986-2013]:

Information is power. But like all power, there are those who want to keep it for themselves. The world's entire scientific and cultural heritage, published over centuries in books and journals, is increasingly being digitized and locked up by a handful of private corporations. Want to read the papers featuring the most famous results of the sciences? You'll need to send enormous amounts to publishers like Reed Elsevier.

There are those struggling to change this. The Open Access Movement has fought valiantly to ensure that scientists do not sign their copyrights away but instead ensure their work is published on the Internet, under terms that allow anyone to access it. But even under the best scenarios, their work will only apply to things published in the future. Everything up until now will have been lost.

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Stephen Anderson, Ex NYPD Cop: We Planted Evidence, Framed Innocent People To Reach Quotas

by Trymaine Lee | Huffington Post

A former New York City narcotics detective testified in court that planting drugs on innocent people was common practice, a quick and easy way to boost arrest numbers.

According to the New York Daily News, the practice is known among NYPD officers as “flaking,” and officers in Brooklyn and Queens narcotics squads were doing a whole lot of it.

Stephen Anderson, the former detective, was snared along with a group of other officers for “flaking” four men in Queens back in 2008. He is now cooperating with prosecutor’s and is spilling the beans on the crooked practice of framings and false arrests, often to reach arrest quotas.

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Repeat: North Korea Was NOT Behind the Sony Hack

As reported earlier on the Daily Paul. Now multiple security experts who discredit FBI findings and reveal that a studio insider named 'Lena' may be responsible, according to the Daily Mail:

  • The FBI last week announced that they had discovered conclusive evidence proving the North Korean government was behind the Sony hack
  • President Obama then attacked the country for their behavior during a news conference, and informed them that the United States would retaliate
  • Now, the findings of the FBI are being called into question by many of the cybersecurity industry's leading experts
  • What's more, after an independent investigation, Norse has determined that they believe a woman named 'Lena' is responsible for the hack
  • Almost every expert stated that they believe the hack had to have been an inside job

By Chris Spargo | The Daily Mail
26 December 2014

The FBI just last week confirmed what many Americans already assumed to be a forgone conclusion when they revealed there was conclusive evidence that North Korea's government was behind the hacking of Sony, an attack the government bureau said was carried out as a way 'to inflict significant harm on a U.S. business and suppress the right of American citizens to express themselves.'

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New island forms South of Japan mainland - Nishinoshima Volcano grows 10X size

So, if your real estate agent tells you he has a "hot property In Japan" for you, it might be worth inquiring if the heat is volcanic or nuclear...

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If You Thought Stop-And-Frisk Was Bad, You Should Know About Jump-Outs

“I can’t tell you how many vehicles descended upon us because it all happened so fast,” she said. The cars were unmarked. But she knew it was the cops when they jumped out in black vests and hats, some with their guns drawn, she said. Some she didn’t see jump from their cars, but they appeared instead to come out of nowhere. She estimates there were 10 or 12 officers in all. Two witnesses who live on the block confirmed seeing a group of about 8 people lined up against a wall and frisked. They did not see the initial jump-out and could not confirm whether officers had their guns drawn.

Before Hadieh could take in what had happened, the officers were in their faces, touching and prodding the young men she was standing with near the corner of 14th Street NW and Parkwood Place in Washington, D.C. The men fell into line, signaling that it wasn’t their first time the police had jumped out at them. But as a light-skinned woman, it was hers.

“I knew they were ‘police’ per se, but they weren’t moving, talking or behaving in any way like police usually do,” Hadieh said. “It was highly tactical and organized, very militarized.”

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The Purge is Coming

The is a fascinating interview with Evgeny Fedorov who is active in the Russian freedom movement and a member of parliament:

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"Bad Cop" Story With A Surprise Ending

Turns out, there were good cops in that department. Poor guy, bet he never saw that coming!

To the men who booked him, THANK YOU.

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Daily Paul 2014 Year In Review

Dailypaul 2014 Year In Review

A look back through the year 2014 @ the Daily Paul. Vote totals are as of 12/25/14 and are subject to change. These range from 12/28/13-12/27/14

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