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  8. (2) Anybody think this is strange? 2 ft of hail on the equator, Columbia, 3 ft in Ecuador this month! 03/27/15
  9. (2) Fresno Deputy Police Chief Keith Foster, 5 others arrested on drug charges (video) 03/27/15
  10. (2) Lobbyist for Monsanto weed killer brand says it is safe to drink, then declines glass 03/27/15
  11. (1) Reason: Rand Paul goes hawkish, becomes less interesting 03/27/15
  12. (1) DP Reality Check: Prediction of the 2016 GOP ticket. Walker/Paul is the best we will get. 03/25/15
  13. (1) Stock market rigging is no longer a ‘conspiracy theory’ 03/27/15
  14. (1) Catherine Austin-Fitts translates the latest FOMC report into English! 03/26/15
  15. (1) Jailers Make Inmates Fight for Personal Enjoyment 03/27/15

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Stock market rigging is no longer a ‘conspiracy theory’

By John Crudele
March 25, 2015 | 9:53pm

Stock market rigging is no longer a ‘conspiracy theory’

The stock market is rigged.
When I started making that claim years ago — and provided solid evidence — people scoffed. Some called it a conspiracy theory, tinfoil hats and that sort of stuff. Most people just ignored me.
But that’s not happening anymore. The dirty secret is out.

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The Superior Man

"The superior man examines his heart, that there may be nothing wrong there, and that he may have no cause for dissatisfaction with himself.

That wherein the superior man cannot be equaled is simply this — his work, which other men cannot see."

"It is the way of the superior man to prefer the concealment of his virtue, while it daily becomes more illustrious.

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Senator Harry Reid Announces Retirement

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) will not seek re-election, he said in an interview with The New York Times published Friday. Reid has led the Senate Democrats since 2005.

The Senator released a video announcing his retirement and thanking his constituents.

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VIDEO: Senator Rand Paul Appears On Fox New's 'HANNITY' 3/24/15

Published on Mar 25, 2015
Sen. Rand Paul joins Sean Hannity to discuss Clinton hypocrisy, the future of the GOP and more.

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DP Reality Check: Prediction of the 2016 GOP ticket. Walker/Paul is the best we will get.

Walker/Paul is the best we will get out of the 2016 GOP nomination unless something out of the norm happens. I'm sure most of us noticed after the 08 and 12 runs that the establishment isn't very excited about having a liberty republican in the white house. Plus, it's very rare for a junior senator to get the nomination. Governors and VP's are the historical standards. It would be epic for the liberty movement just to get Paul into the VP slot. At least we would have a chance at the 2024 run as the top of the ticket. Think about the last time a true liberty candidate was on the GOP nomination ticket. Some would argue Reagan, but I would say it was Goldwater.

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Politico: Ron Paul Supporters Bolt Rand Paul Camp

Many are disillusioned by Rand Paul’s concessions to mainstream politics.
By Ben Schreckinger | Politico | 3/26/15

As he pulls together his expected presidential campaign in Iowa and New Hampshire, Sen. Rand Paul is confronted by defections from an unexpected quarter: the die-hard idealists whose energy powered his father’s campaigns.

That network of committed supporters was expected to convey to Paul, the natural successor to Ron Paul’s libertarian movement, providing him with a plug-and-play ground organization in the make-or-break early voting states. But instead of embracing the Kentucky senator, many of those grass-roots activists are turning their backs on him, disillusioned by the younger Paul’s concessions to mainstream politics.

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Lobbyist for Monsanto weed killer brand says it is safe to drink, then declines glass

26 MAR 2015
In a preview of an upcoming documentary on French TV, Dr. Patrick Moore tells a Canal+ interviewer that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup herbicide, was not increasing the rate of cancer in Argentina.

“You can drink a whole quart of it and it won’t hurt you,” Moore insists.

“You want to drink some?” the interviewer asks. “We have some here.”

“I’d be happy to, actually,” Moore replies, adding, “Not really. But I know it wouldn’t hurt me.”

“If you say so, I have some,” the interviewer presses.

“I’m not stupid,” Moore declares.

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I Stand With Nystrom

I have come to the conclusion, as many of you have, that we are a Republic, a Constitutional one, at that.

Being a Republic of this sort, with Article 1, Section 8, delegating the powers to the States not inferred upon the Federal gvt., we have to assume the States hold individually more power than the length of this sentence or the Federal gvt. (note I use "gvt." as opposed to the full spelling as I feel grossed-out whenever that spelling appears).


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American and Israeli military advisors were arrested while aiding Islamic State terrorists in Iraq.

American and Israeli military advisors were arrested while aiding Islamic State terrorists in Iraq.

Iraqi counter-terrorism forces arrested four foreign military advisors from the United States and Israel who were aiding the Islamic State, Iranian Tasnim News Agency reports.

ISIL is Secret American Army in Middle East – US Historian
Three of the arrested military advisors are dual citizens of the United States and Israel, while the fourth advisor is from a Persian Gulf country, Iraq’s Sarma News Agency said.

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Armed 84-Year-Old Vet Turns the Tables on Robber, Gun-Owner Gets Bad Guy Running For His Life

"I pulled out my automatic and was getting ready to ventilate him," Jandebeur explained. "Once he saw my gun, he decided it was time to leave."

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The "Science Babe" and Marc Clair discuss GMO's, Monsanto, and mandatory vaccines on the Lions of Liberty Podcast.

In this episode of the Lions of Liberty Podcast, I welcome in Yvette Guinevere, the Science Babe! Yvette begins by describing her interest in science and how her love of pumpkin spice lattes drove her to challenge the “Food Babe” on her claims about toxins in her favorite frothy beverage. Yvette explains why she began to identify as a libertarian after working on the Obama campaign. Yvette and I look at the main issues Yvette blogs about over at, including GMO’s and vaccines. We then discuss the role crony capitalism plays in scoping the public’s opinions regarding these controversial subjects, and Yvette clarifies her previous statement regarding whether vaccinations should be mandatory. As always, I have some thoughts of my own in the wrap-up rant!