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The Last Hour

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Daily Paul, member self-defense, let’s keep the site clean!

You may, may not, be aware already. Please (log in) vote up to confirm you have read and understood, or leave a comment.

When we talk about books and link to Amazon, there is a DP feature that captures the link and display the book on the "Book Talk" section. --->

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The Fourth Phase of Water: Dr. Gerald Pollack at TEDx

A deeper look at the topic I posted the other day.

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The U.S. media censored Argentina President's United Nations speech. Here it is:

She talked about Israel, IMF, and the new boogie man ISIS.

Media censor Argentina president's remarks at UN

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Ayn Rand Just Discovered! Local DK Library Up For a Challenge. What Book(s) are You Reading?

Just finished watching Ayn Rand and the Prophecy of Atlas Shrugged, 2011 documentary.

Yesterday I saw the movie Atlas shrugged part 1, and Atlas Shrugged II: The Strike.

Tomorrow im off to ask my local library to get a copy of the books:

If they don't have the books (they don't), they ask it from another library. If no other library in Denmark has it, they will buy it and add it to the pool. Last time this happened to me was when I wanted a few books from Marshall Mcluhan:

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Melissa Klein closes business, she opts to "we have the right to refuse service to anyone"

Anti-gay baker Melissa Klein cried at the Values Voter Summit last week over the closing of her business after she and her husband, Aaron, faced severe backlash from their refusal to make a cake for a lesbian couple's wedding.

In January 2013, Sweet Cakes By Melissa refused service to a lesbian couple looking for a wedding cake. The subsequent fallout included national media attention and a state investigation for anti-gay discrimination, which may be supported by the Kleins' agreeing to bake cakes for an "ex-gay" group.

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Republican Judge Orders Obamacare Defunded

Much of the Affordable Care Act must be defunded and millions of Americans must lose their health insurance, according to an opinion issued Tuesday by Judge Ronald A. White, an Oklahoma federal judge appointed to the bench by George W. Bush. White’s opinion reaches the same result reached by two Republican appeals court judges in a similar case, although that decision was later withdrawn by the full appeals court. To date, nine federal judges have considered this question of whether much of the law should be defunded. Only three — all of whom are Republicans — have agreed that it should be.

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Other People's Words Are Not Your Property

As a group, we libertarians seem to be hung up on words. Cries of "they took our word!" echo through forums and blog posts, as liberty lovers complain about how the original meaning of "liberal" meant what now has to be referred to as "classical liberal." Others worry about how the libertarian label placed around Rand's neck (he calls it an albatross) will besmirch the label with Rand's non-liberarian positions.

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Maybe I'm Missing Something

Maybe I just don' t get it. About 2,500 people in Africa, the second largest continent, have been infected with Ebola and everyone is panicking? That doesn't really sound like a plague of Biblical proportions to me. Is this another case of multitudes seeing what the fear mongers want them to see? Hmmmm.

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Individual Reality

Individual Reality

The group isn't real,
No matter what you feel,
It's nothing but absurd,
Learn the forbidden word,
It's time to break free,
From the herd mentality,
Let the collective go,
Discover your sovereign ego.

Left vs. Right,
Black vs. White,
Straight vs. Gay,
Heard every day.

The group isn't real,
No matter what you feel,
It's only you and me,
Individual reality.

You say it wasn't fair,
Though you weren't there,
That's just group philosophy,
Holier-than-thou history,
Infiltrated psychology,
Producing victimology,
It's only you and me,
Individual reality.

It's not even true,
Red vs. blue,
Us vs. Them,
Republican vs. Dem,
Blue vs. gray,
Heard every day.

Leave that flock of sheep,
Wake up from your sleep,
"You didn't build it" is a lie,
Discover your freeborn "I".

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Top 10 Flashlight Apps are Ripping Your Data - Ben Swann and Gary Miliefsky

Gary Miliefsky of spills the beans on flashlight apps and their unbelievable data collection.

Nashua NH- The makers of some of the most widely used flashlight apps for smart phones are doing more than just helping you find your lost car keys, they are geo-locating you and stealing your data. At least, that is the claim being made by Snoopwall LLC. Snoopwall is the world’s first “counterveillance” company and according the founder, Gary Miliefsky in a web exclusive interview with, the top ten flashlight apps are stealing you data.

Snoopwall has just released a THREAT ASSESSMENT REPORT

Summarizing privacy and risk Analysis of top 10 Android flashlight Apps. According to Snoopwall, all of the top 10 apps are doing more than what consumers are expecting from a flashlight. For instance, the number 1 flashlight app for Android is the “Super Bright LED Flashlight”. This app has between 100 million and 500 million installs worldwide. So what does the app actually have the ability to do?

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Atlas Mugged: Galt's Gulch Chile is Dead

By Harry Cheadle |

It was a good idea, in theory anyway. The plan was to form a sustainable community made up of people who believed in capitalism, limited government, and self-reliance. The site was already picked out: 11,000 acres of fertile land nestled in the valleys of the Chilean Andes, just an hour’s drive away from the capital of Santiago, to the east, and the Pacific Ocean, to the west. Residents could make money growing and exporting organic produce while enjoying Chile’s low taxes and temperate climate. This was no crackpot scheme to establish a micronation on a platform floating in the middle of the ocean (a common libertarian dream)—this was a serious attempt to build a refuge where free marketers and anarcho-capitalists could hole up and wait for the world’s fiat currencies to collapse. They called it “Galt’s Gulch Chile” (GGC), naming it for the fictional place where the world’s competent capitalists flee to in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged.

The project was conceived in 2012 by four men: John Cobin, an American expat living in Chile who once ran unsuccessfully for Congress in South Carolina; Jeff Berwick, the globe-trotting founder of the Dollar Vigilante, a financial newsletter that preaches the coming end of the current monetary system; Cobin’s Chilean partner; and Ken Johnson, a roving entrepreneur whose previous investment projects included real estate, wind turbines, and “water ionizers,” pseudoscientific gizmos that are advertised as being able to slow aging.

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Earth is a prison of the Universe

"Earth is a prison of the Universe" - Goethe