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Merry Christmas Daily Paul!

May Peace reign in your life.


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The Last Hour

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Lie Detector Verifies New MH17 Eyewitness Testimony

Dateline December 24, 2014

"Russian investigators have interviewed as a witness a former Ukrainian airbase employee who suggested in a newspaper interview earlier this week that flight MH17 was possibly downed by a Ukrainian air-to-air missile, Russian Investigative Committee representative said Wednesday.

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Any animal lovers on the DP

Tweet of the day for you:

Bring a loving pet into your house.
Merry Christmas & a Happy 2015!

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Urban Farming Guys Sustainable Communities

Merry Christmas, DP! A very inspiring urban farming community transformation project!

~Peace and Love

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New Edition of Orwell's 1984 Published with Illustrations and an Introduction from Alan Rusbridger

In the introduction, Guardian editor-in-chief Alan Rusbridger — who broke the Edward Snowden story in a masterwork of journalism and stood up to real-life Big Brother by refusing to hand over Snowden’s data to the government — explores the parallels, contrasts, and essential civic discourse springing from the difference between the two camps:

As the full impact of the Snowden revelations sank in, many people made the same connection, and Amazon announced a dramatic rise in sales of Nineteen Eighty-Four. To some, the young NSA analyst had revealed a world which was near-Orwellian; others thought that he had described a state of affairs that Orwell could barely have imagined. Just before Christmas 2013 a US District Judge, Richard Leon, pronounced the NSA’s surveillance capabilities to be “almost Orwellian.” Orwellian, beyond Orwellian, not-quite Orwellian. As the debate ricocheted around the world there soon developed the counter-school: not at all Orwellian. Or even, “Orwell got it wrong,” ignoring Thomas Pynchon’s caution about Nineteen Eighty-Four that “prophecy and prediction are not quite the same.” The not-Orwellians found it offensive that a book describing a totalitarian dystopia should be confused with the efforts of one of the most open, liberal democracies in the world to defend itself. And so the debate about the “Orwellian” nature of what the NSA was up to became a proxy for discussion of the issue itself.

But the book’s most important legacy, as Rusbridger suggests, lives in precisely that limbo between what Orwell got right and what he got wrong — a testament to “the unknowable question of what future purpose technology might be put to,” the darker answers to which we must at the very least acknowledge, even as we strive to offer more ennobling ones.

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Prayers needed

I'm not one to ask an online community for prayers but here I go. I found out 3 days ago I am preggos. Was not expecting that at all. My husband and I have mourned the loss of 3 babies. I was diagnosed with MTHFR which puts me at risk for clotting and miscarriages. After 3 losses I was done. Fast forward to last night. Without all the grusome details I was certain I miscarried. Went to the doctor this morning. The ultrasound showed a 6 week baby with a heartbeat. Doctor informed me I was supposed to have twins and miscarried one.

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Ben Swann: On This Christmas, Let Us Consider An “Intervention”

By: Ben Swann Dec 24, 2014

The most difficult part of journalism in our current culture is America’s “truth deficiency”. What is truth deficiency? As I have traveled the country for the past year speaking and sharing with groups about media and truth in our culture, I have reminded listeners that the group most responsible for that deficiency is not “the right wing spin machine” or “left wing progressive talking points”. The biggest problem is US. You and I are the problem with American media.

You see, you and I don’t go to media to be informed. We don’t approach media with an open mind or ready to hear facts or even to get a glimpse of truth. Rather we turn to media for one simple function… to validate the belief system we already hold.

When Fox News reports predictably on a story dealing with police protests or immigration or war, we as viewers are not turning to Fox to be informed. We turn to Fox because we already know what we believe on these subjects and the only purpose of Fox in our mind is to validate those beliefs. It happens with all media… it even happens here at

This Christmas I hope that in your conversations, family gatherings and time with loved ones, you will remember that there are NOT two sides to every story (a belief rooted in the left/right paradigm) but that there are many sides to every story. Those sides are not as simple as points of view, but those sides are usually represented by real people.

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Caffeine is just the beginning of it

Beyond addictions of caffeine, alcohol, marijuana, the internet, work, etc. exists a high level addiction.

Eckhart Tolle takes it all the way up the chain to thinking. Most of us are addicted to thinking. We're thinkaholics,

Google is trying to spell check that for me, and it does not compute. Everyone thinks The Google knows everything, but it doesn't know about the "Thinkaholic."

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Lead Bricks Painted Gold Found in Ukraine Central Bank Vault

$300,000 in gold missing from Ukraine Central Bank after swapped for lead bricks

Cunning fraudsters have conned the Ukraine Central Bank branch in Odessa into buying $300,000 worth of gold which turned out to be lead daubed with gold paint.

“A criminal case has been opened and we are now carrying out an investigation to identify those involved in the crime,” a spokesman for the Odessa police force is quoted by Vesti.

The news was first reported by Odessa’s State Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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A Perfectly Delightful Christmas Story!

This hour and seven minute film is, imho, perfect for the Daily Paul crowd. "Bernard and the Genie" is another one of my "favorite films that no one ever heard of". Bernie is like most of us here. He's a good hearted guy surrounded by a world of greed, crass commercialism and self-interests. Then something wonderful happens and by the end, we know that whenever we read the story in the Bible about the multitude who gathered to hear Jesus' message, we actually have like-minded friends in that crowd. (Synopsis:

This film was first shown by the BBC in 1991 and I was thrilled to find it on YouTube. I do hope you will take the time to watch because you're going to love the story! Anyway, here's my Christmas (and three year anniversary as a DP member) gift to all of you, my like-minded friends. Enjoy!

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Democracy And Corruption: Germany Files War Crimes Charges Against Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld And Other CIA Officials

"The European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights has filed a criminal complaint against U.S. torture program architects and members of the Bush Administration. The organization has accused CIA director George Tenet and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld of war crimes and they’ve called for a German prosecutor to conduct an immediate investigation."

I realize these men will never be sent to prison, but this ought to make them a little nervous at least.

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Gun Control PSA Advocates That Children Steal Their Parents’ Guns & Bring Them to School (Video)

Of course, they don't show the follow up that this was a single mom trying her best to raise her son safely, which is why he knew where the gun was, because she was responsible to teach him to respect it–that it is not a toy.