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G.O.A. Does It Again

Once Again, Gun Owners Like You Vanquish Reid and Obama -- Kudos go to Senators Paul, Cruz, Lee and Cornyn
“Gun Owners of America [has] blasted the bill as a ‘fake pro-gun bill designed to re-elect endangered anti-gun [Senators] up in 2014 in pro-gun states.’” -- Roll Call, July 9, 2014

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Not a GOA member yet? Make sure to join Gun Owners of America!

Earlier today, the “Harry Reid Preservation Act,” S. 2363, went down to defeat, as pro-gun Senators successfully filibustered the bill by a vote of 56-41.

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VIDEO: Police Shoot Black Lab Through Vehicle Window, Claim It Was ‘lunging’ Pit Bull

VIDEO: Police Shoot Black Lab Through Vehicle Window, Claim It Was ‘lunging’ Pit Bull

"We came outside and saw a police officer with a gun in his hand..."


According to reports, an officer with the Coeur d’Alene Police Department was called out to a local coffee shop Wednesday after the shop’s owner spotted a “suspicious” van in the parking lot. The van, owned by Craig Jones, allegedly matched the description of a vehicle in a child luring case.

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VIDEO: Breaking News - Gun Confiscation Has Begun In NY! !

VIDEO: Breaking News - Gun Confiscation Has Begun In NY!!! Must Watch!!

Nassau County man: State Police "just came to my home and took everything"


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The Genocide Escalates in Palestine. Israel Apologists in FULL Propaganda Mode.

It is sickening, I have posted a couple very innocuous articles on Facebook about the Israeli attack on the Palestinians and I have been viciously attacked within seconds by the Israeli apologists. Meanwhile, the social media pages are alight with the Israeli propaganda.

I come to the Daily Paul expecting to see some conversations going on about this civilian massacre and nothing... Is the Daily Paul being silenced as well?

9 killed while watching World Cup as Israeli missile hits Gaza beach café (VIDEO)

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GOP Congressman: ‘We Just Filed a Resolution Directing the Sergeant-at-Arms to Arrest Lois Lerner for Contempt’

Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) announced on Thursday that he has filed a resolution directing the House sergeant-at-arms to “arrest Lois Lerner for contempt of Congress” over the IRS targeting scandal.

Stockman said in a statement that asking the U.S. Department of Justice to prosecute Lerner for “admittedly illegal activity” is a “joke.” Instead, the Republican said it is up to the U.S. House to “uphold the rule of law and hold accountable those who illegally targeted American citizens for simply having different ideas than the President.”

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Abu Khdeir, Murdered Palestinian Boy Was Forced to Drink Gasoline, Then Burned to Death

This is so disgusting, I really have nothing to say. How sick.

According to Palestinian public prosecutor, the findings of the autopsy were that Abu Khdeir was struck on the head and then burned to death: there were signs of ash in his lungs showing that he was alive when his body was incinerated. The police investigation determined that the youth was forced to drink the gasoline used to set his body alight.

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Weekly Standard: Rand Paul's "revealing" reading list

A Revealing Reading List
Rand Paul’s book recommendations.

JUL 21, 2014

Rand Paul is a man of conviction. His reputation for acting on principle is the foundation on which he has begun to build the infrastructure of a presidential campaign. It is very difficult, however, for a man of conviction to adjust his image without compromising his reputation for integrity.

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Michael Medved: "Ron Paul is Doctor Demento" on 7-10-14 (at Freedom Fest no less)...Calling Reinforcements For Dr. Paul

For the 2nd time in a week, radio talk-show host and liberty-hater Michael Medved has referred to Ron Paul as "Doctor Demento."

He was broadcasting from Freedom Fest when an establishment-GOP caller mentioned Ron Paul as a nut-bag with Alzheimer's who stole 10% of the Romney's votes and causing him to lose.

That's when Medved used the slur to refer to Congressman Paul.

Michael Medved (a Ron Paul-hater from way back), has about as much business at a Freedom Fair as Joseph Stalin.

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Ron Paul: America Can Be Saved By Doing This One Simple Thing

Former Congressman Ron Paul recently gave an interview with Anthony Wile of the Daily Bell. Dr. Paul dealt with a number of questions fielded by Wile, including the question of what can be done to restore our constitutional republic.


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Ted Rall: Rand Paul can defeat Hillary and I might vote for him

Ted Rall interview w/ Steve Malzberg on NewsmaxTV - July 9, 2014

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Making No-Knock Raids Ineffective Through Innovation

In my humble opinion, the most beautiful side of promoting liberty is in the medium of innovation. By coming up with effective ways to compete with State functions, the populace can shrink the government without having to rely on the promises of politicians - the trustworthy bunch they are.

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Mass Supreme Court: Smell of unburnt marijuana cannot justify search of car

The Supreme Judicial Court Wednesday said that because voters decriminalized small amounts of marijuana in 2008, police officers in Massachusetts can no longer rely on the odor of unburnt marijuana to justify searching a person’s car.

In two unanimous rulings, the state’s highest court said they had already decided in 2011 that the odor of smoked marijuana by itself did not provide police with probable cause to stop people on the street or search the vehicles people are riding in.

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