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An Unlikely Revolution - Chronicle of the Campaign

Before we go forward to the important work ahead in the continuing fight for liberty, I thought it important that we take a breath and look at what we've accomplished. It continues to be an amazing journey, and though one campaign is ending, the battle continues.

After my time of being actively involved with the campaign ended, I sat down and penned a book about the experience. It's about two hundred pages, and I've posted An Unlikely Revolution at my website for you to read. If you were involved in any grassroots group, or a meetup, I think you'll enjoy it because it'll remind you of how much we really achieved.

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Why You Should Give

Fellow Ron Paul Supporters,

In this campaign, for as successful as our grassroots efforts have been and continue to be, we all recognize that we need to get greater media access to continue to spread Ron Paul's message as widely as possible. We start off at a huge disadvantage as we were not one of the anointed campaigns, but our popular support means that we can win. But, to do that, we need you to give as much as you can and I'm going to explain why.

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Philadelphia Rally YouTube Contest!

Hello Everyone,

As you are no doubt aware, the campaign is planning for a major rally in Philadelphia on November 10th! We're going to pack Indepedence Mall in Philadelphia, in a rally celebrating Dr. Paul's foreign policy and the service of our veterans.

I know we have been a little opaque about details, and I apologize for that as the campaign is still planning those. Having a major event takes getting many people on board, and we will be posting that information on the Ron Paul 2008 website in the upcoming days.

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Hope, History, and Hard Work

Although I usually devote this column to ways that the grassroots can organize, indulge me as this entry will be something of a departure. Sometimes, you just have to take a step back and look at what we are trying to accomplish. Earlier today, I took a step back from doing campaign work for a little while to read about our own roots. With all the challenges we face, I thought that inspiration might come from learning about the Constitutional Convention and the challenges that those men faced in their day and how they relate to us.

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More Volunteers Needed! Ron Paul NH Family Walk - September 29-30

The campaign has identified this as a very important event in their effort to bring Ron Paul to the fore in New Hampshire. As the latest polling suggests that he is at about five percent there, we need to increase visibility and make sure more voters in the Granite State learn about Ron Paul. They have asked all of the Meetups to provide as much help as they can, and I am passing that message on to you, and asking you to let the people you know, especially if you live in the Northeast, so you can help. Get involved by registering at the official campaign site.


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Organizing Your State - The Next Step

In my previous entries, I spent a good amount of time talking about strategies for making your local meetup successful, but once you begin doing that, your job has just begun. At that point, then you need to start reaching out beyond your local group and reach your friends. One of the most important things that we all have to work together to achieve is to make sure that Ron Paul has ballot access in all states and to make sure we can field as many delegates as possible to the GOP National Convention. The way to do this is through organizing your state.

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Ron Paul in Debate in Baltimore, MD on September 27 - Register!

PBS will be hosting a debate at Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD on Thursday, September 27th from 9:00 PM to 10:30 PM. Tavis Smiley will be moderating this debate and you can find more information about the debate, which will have a special emphasis on affairs concerning minority communities, in this article. This event is especially noteworthy as it marks the first debate appearance of Fred Thompson, and there is decent chance that he and Ron will end up going head to head some point during this night. I encourage as many people to attend as possible.

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A National Strategy: First Thoughts

As we head through September and into the heart of the primary campaigning season, one thing that I think about often is how we can work together to help see this campaign succeed. There have been a number of groups trying to approach this from many different angles, some more effectively than others, but we still haven't coalesced into a single purpose, and that probably needs to change.

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Tipping the Fulcrum: Time and Focus

In any campaign, the most valuable resource you have is time. People think it is money, but you can always find some money or a way of working around problems. We have all been extremely creative, and this whole campaign is a testament that there is more than one way to run for office. For instance, it was the grassroots that made the campaign become really popular rather than the other way around, and this shows that we can be adaptable. This is great.

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Herding the Angry Cats into a Pride of Lions: Communication Strategy

In reading the comments posted to my blog, I try to figure out what some of the larger concerns of people trying to operate and participate in meetups seem to be.

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Strategies for Arranging a Successful Meetup

I spent a good amount of time thinking about how to present the suggestions I wanted to put out to you about ways to organize a Meetup more effectively, and I think the most benefit can be had by going step-by-step. In our group, it was through the response to challenges we faced that we created our own solutions, and as a general principle, I think that is what you want to be: flexible and adaptable. Different places require different techniques, and please read these suggestions with that always in mind, that these are just ideas that may be helpful.

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A Poll Worth Examining

A nationwide poll conducted last week by www.grassfire.net of 39,000 conservative activists amongst a registered network of over 1,000,000 members netted some surprising and very positive results.

Thompson - 28%
Romney - 14%
Paul - 13%
Huckabee - 7%

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Start Promoting Ron Paul to Others

I want to thank Michael for opening up this blog for me. I'm actually the Organizer of the Pittsburgh Meetup, and I want to use this site as means to help share good ideas amongst groups about how to get the message out there about Ron Paul. We have been fortunate to have a good amount of success in our area, and from having spoken to a number of the Organizers, both through Meetup and Facebook, we have learned some important things.

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