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My own Youtube video

Well, I dunno what happened, but I just felt inspired and so I did my first Youtube video. I'm gonna post it here where I hope there will at least be a sympathetic ear!

Damn, when I look at it again, I think it's not too bad for a first effort.

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New Idea to Get the Word Out.

This is a pretty cool idea submitted by ronpaulfan. Check it out here:

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We Made It.

Dang, folks, this really blows my mind, and as I watch this happen, it literally has me crying for joy. When I first saw Ron Paul's campaign asking for 1/2M in the last week, I thought: "Oh, boy, NOW we'll see what these folks are made of!" and I must admit I was scared. You see, I voted for RP in 1988 when he ran for President, and it was SUCH a bummer that he got no hearing and no support. Of course, there was no Internet then and people were only hearing about him through MSM, who were completely ignoring him, so it was a complete failure.

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