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36 Hours Left to donate to a Florida State House Rep

Dear DP Friends and Patriots,
My campaign is coming to the end of it's first quarter and I am hoping you can generate some much needed support in order to allow us to experience some serious momentum.

You will find my platform is in line with the fundamentals of what we believe government should do...protect life, liberty and property...I am structuring my platform to be more effective concerning Florida legislation.

Remember, we need to take back our states before we can take back our country!

Will you help?

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Francisco "Cico" Rodriguez - Florida State House of Representatives Candidate

Dear DPers,
I'm excited to inform you that I am running for office to help take back the state of Florida (

I need your time, talent and in order to help you get the word out about me, below are a few things you might like to know:

1. My Platform
2. A To Do List (where I need help from everyone)
3. "My Freedom Story" - A Thank You Letter to Dr. Ron Paul (please email me for a copy)

Enjoy the below!

Platform for Francisco Rodriguez: found here

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Fill out Republican Survey and communicate Ron Paul's Message

Republicans are trying to sound like Ron Paul in the media, at meetings and through conversations...this survey is a way we can keep them on their toes.

#6 allows you to put comments about what Republicans should do to win me back. Here's some ideas of what I put:

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Update: Obama's Speech, Freedom Opp. Company allows posting of Constitution

Original Post here

So, it's been a few weeks since I requested the President of our company to allow postings of the Constitution of the United States and Declaration of Independence in our Cafe's. I followed up with an email to our HR department (they like being informed :). Below is my email to the HR Director:

--- Email begins---
Dear HR Director

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Obama's Speech - Freedom Opportunity... I know, it sounds crazy

Yesterday I did some of these actions to get the ball rolling for freedom after Obama's speech.

Here are my action items I recommend, more details below the action items to give you insight as to why you may want to do the same things:

- Request that your company post the Constitution and the Declaration in each Cafe'/lunch room in your offices where you work.

- Send email to the President of the Company stating that the new President's speech specifically mentioned going back to our Founding Documents and you want to honour this request by having the documents available for all our employees to read. This will build morale both in business and as Americans.

- Talk with other employees about the idea of having the Founding Documents posted as many were mezmerized by Obama's speech and will do whatever he asked.

- Can someone make a 20 second You Tube showing where Obama said we need to go back to our Founding Documents? I don't know how to do that.

Why are we doing this? At the end of the day, Obama is the President. I can complain all I want, and I still do, about how I dislike Obama for violating his oath to The Constitution, continuing the Bush tradition, keep the Federal Reserve, etc. However, the sheeple of the United States don't see that. We will fight losing battles until we get a majority in our country on level playing ground of the Constitution and the Declaration of the Independence.

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What do you use a bank for?

Dear Friends,
After a hard week in the financial industry many people don't know where to put their money. I want to ask you all a question, "What is the indirect reason for putting your money in a bank?"...I know the direct reason for putting your money in a bank, to keep it in a "safe" place. But the indirect reason you put money in a bank is so the bank can your loan money to other people. So banks are where borrowers and lenders can connect without every meeting each other...

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Tune in to "Free Software" guru Mark Shuttleworth on American Vigilance Coast to Coast

This Saturday Night (September 13) on American Vigilance Coast to Coast, Mark Shuttle will discuss his liberty ideas for software.

Mark seeks to break the stanglehold of big software companies on our ability to freely do whatever we want on our computers without having to pay homeage to our software masters.

Freedom of ideas...

That's what we hope for...

Mark Shuttleworth, unrestrained and unregulated, brings this concepts home, literally to your home computer or school computer or work computer!

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August 31st Walk for Freedom and Federal Reserve Speech - Minnesota

I'm so glad to be a part of people who believe in the message of Liberty!!



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Great Rally for the Republic T-shirts

Ron Paul - Started the Revolution
Jesse Ventura - Joined us later
Alex Jones - Promotes the Revolution

We need to make known to everyone who sees (airports, gas stations, TSA, and all of Minneapolis/St. Paul) us that the Revolution is alive and active and the Rally for the Republic will Launch us to a new level.


See you in Minneapolis!

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Tonight!! on @ 9pm!!

THIS SATURDAY July 26, 2008!!

A must hear interview….

Exclusive Interview with NAU War Room (President Founder) Howard Philips


Who is Howard Philips?
Politically active since age 11
Harvard Student Body President
Testified before Congress at age 23
Worked in the Executive Office for Richard Nixon

Find out why he left the Nixon Administration...Find out why he started

Hear It all on

American Vigilance is a proud Member and Host of Break the Matrix
And Revolution Broadcasting.

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Oh Canada! Oh Amero! Idea started in 1999

I know this news is a little old, but I think it will give historical perspecitive as to what we are facing in the fight to keep our MONETARY SOVEREIGNTY.{slash}Collection-R/LoPBdP/EB/prb999-e.htm

Make sure when you copy/paste this web page you actually add the "/" and remove the word "{slash}".

This document was established by the Parliamentary Research Branch of Canada in 1999.

The document is only 1 page so please read it and tell your friends you're not crazy ;)

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Tonight!!!! New on Break the Matrix: American Vigilance Coast-to-Coast

Please tune in to Break the Matrix tonight, Saturday July 19th from 9pm - Midnight for American Vigilance Coast-to-Coast

http://www.breakthematrix dot com/BreakTheMatrix/American-Vigilance-Debuts-on-Break-the-Matrix-This-Saturday

The Hosts:
Blake and Mike


Send this to friends and family to listen...tonight will be an amazing show!

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April 15 - Protest Where you live, For Free!!

April 15 Post Office Project Volunteers:

Truth Trooper Groups, Ron Paul Meet-ups, RTR Groups, ANY freedom movement groups, are all invited to join in TA’s Operation Stop Thief! Hundreds of groups have already signed up to go to their area’s post office that stays open late on April 15, pass out fliers to the freshly blooded tax filers and show their “What Income Tax?” and “Ron Paul 2008” signs to the public all evening.

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Call in the Reinforcements...Tell McCain the Surge is working...The Ron Paul Revolution Surge!

Dear Everyone,
In your state there are two parties that have supported Ron Paul in all of his legislative activity whose members are not actively engaged in the Revolution. We need them to be a part of the 21st Century American Revolution.

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