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Think Precinct: How Democrats are Organizing / How We Can Inspire Democrats

Warning: the following information is all about promoting Democrats. Read it at your own risk. After all, you might get influenced to the point that you might become a Democrat. If you have no such fear, then read on. Oh, and maybe you might get inspired after you have read all their stuff to contact the leaders and see if they might be open to listening to some information about Ron Paul. What if an influential Democrat leader supported Ron Paul?

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Ron Paul for President Neighborhood Organizing

I am feeling excited and hopeful about encouraging people to share in their own neighborhoods about Ron Paul. I have been doing so myself with great success, and finding that I am having deeper, more meaningful conversations with people than ever before. I also discover that Democrats and Green Party people are very concerned about issues that such as global warming, welfare, women’s rights and abortion.One of our Ron Paul Meetup members (and I found out she lives in my neighboring neighborhood!) suggested that we a have custom made cd’s and DVD’s to share with people who are passionate about certain issues. Yet even more importantly, I want to be able to educate people of every background about this point. Ron Paul is NOT going to be our king. With Ron Paul’s leadership we are all going to work together to bring about the changes we want to see happen in a free country.

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Living Simply for Ron Paul

I have chosen to live more simply than I ever have in my life since I started supporting Ron Paul's campaign. I see that there is so little time and so much to do in order to help get Ron Paul's message of freedom out to the world, and to support him in becoming president. I want to encourage people to think deeply about their choices in how they spend their money, time, and energy during this crucial time. I see it rather like fasting--perhaps I am not going to live this simply always, but for now it is a necessity.

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Hope for the best, and prepare for the worst

I woke up this morning with my mind on writing another blog called "Living Simply for Ron Paul." I got on my computer, eager to share how inspired I have been by Ron Paul's leadership and message, and how he and his supporters have motivated me to live very frugally so that I can spend more time on the campaign.

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