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Bob Barr on Antiwar Radio Tuesday Morning

There has been a lot of talk about former Congressman Bob Barr running for the Libertarian Party nomination for President. Barr recently met with Ron Paul about both of their future plans.

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Help Survive

With 100,000 visitors per day, is the most-visited libertarian site on the web. We update the news and views regarding war and peace every day of the year around the clock. Since 1995, has been campaigning for a change in U.S. foreign policy, working to unite the antiwar forces around libertarian solutions. We don't get foundation money or other big-money subsidies. Our operating budget comes from our readers, with quarterly fund drives, usually lasting a week.

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Ron Paul wins 3 National Delegates from West Virginia

At the West Virginia Republican state convention today, Ron Paul received 10% and came in fourth. He was dropped from the second ballot.

At that point, the Paul people made a deal with the Huckabee people to get 3 of the 18 national delegates if they threw their second-ballot votes to Huckabee. The strategy worked and Huckabee won 52%. Ron Paul will receive 3, and Huckabee will receive 15 of West Virginia's 18 delegates.

The Romney campaign is crying foul.

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Ron Paul at MTV/MySpace Forum

First 3 minutes have terrible audio.

Part 1

Part 2
Part 3

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Ron Paul Endorsed By Alabama Republican Assembly

The Alabama Republican Assembly endorsed Ron Paul at their state convention today in Birmingham.

The endorsement required a 2/3rd majority of registered delegates. Ron Paul received the 2/3rd on the first ballot. Mike Huckabee came in second. Convention chair Elaine Little noted that, with the crowded field, it was unusual that an endorsement would be won on the first ballot.

The group also held a straw poll that was open to the public. The winner of the straw poll was Ron Paul, with 81%.

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Online MSNBC Debate Poll

To vote for Ron Paul on your mobile phone, text message choice "4" to 622639.

Online, here.


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Wishing Ron Well

Ron Paul has been the one to inspire Hope in all our hearts. And now our good doctor, who has cured our apathy, needs a good dose of his own medicine -- he needs encouragement and prayers as never before. He needs to know that every one of is ready to follow.

The glimmering light of hope he's ignited in our hearts will not be quenched.

Please sign this:

Thanks to Chris Brunner.

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Delegate Count: MSM Gets it Wrong Again

Ron Paul came in #2 in the Nevada Presidential preference primary, with 14%, just ahead of McCain.

However, the important vote today in Nevada was for delegates to the state convention.

CNN and AP are incorrectly reporting national delegate counts based on the presidential poll, which is non-binding.

No national delegates have been chosen or allocated for Nevada. According to Tony Rosa, the nation's leading authority on state primary rules:

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Nevada GOP Caucus in Chaos

The Nevada caucuses are in complete disarray.

Many Nevada Republicans received postcards with incorrect caucus locations and the Nevada GOP website had the incorrect locations listed as late as this past Wednesday (Jan. 16).

Additionally, several counties, including Clark County (Las Vegas), have complained that they don't have enough ballots.

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Ron Paul on Old Newsletter Controversy

On CNN with Wolf Blitzer.

Part 1

Part 2

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Video: Ron Paul on Jay Leno

Part 1

Part II below:

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Wyoming Party Hacks Reject Ron Paul

Wyoming GOP county conventions gave their delegates to Romney, Thompson, McCain, and Hunter. But Ron Paul never stood a chance there.

We shouldn't have expected anything from Wyoming. Most observers didn't understand the rules.

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Rasmussen: Ron Paul Soars to 14% in NH

Today's Rasmussen tracking poll puts Ron Paul at third place for 14%:

McCain 31%
Romney 26%
Ron Paul 14%
Huckabee 11%
Giuliani 8%
Thompson 5%

Thanks to Brad Funkhouser.

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New York Times Retracts Smear Against Ron Paul

The New York Times has just issued a retraction to their piece a few days ago attemting to link Ron Paul to white supremacists. They admit that the piece "should not have been published."

I hope their retraction gets as much attention as their original post did.

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Ron Paul Named "Person of the Year" on McLaughlin Group

On the McLaughland Group's annual awards show:

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