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Time Magazine Names Ron Paul a "Person of the Year"

After Vladimir Putin, Time magazine named 30 "People Who Mattered" in their "Person of the Year" issue.

Ron Paul is profiled.

Booed by Republicans for his isolationist foreign policy views and anathema to Democrats for his anti-government philosophy, the Texas congressman was proudly out of step with both political parties. But marching to his own drummer, the grandfatherly libertarian found himself leading an online parade. Millions of dollars poured into his quixotic presidential campaign, raising an inevitable question: What's next for this free-thinking and strangely compelling grassroots crusader?

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Paul Beats McCain in Iowa; MSNBC/NW Censors Own Poll

The new MSNBC/Newsweek poll on Iowa puts Ron Paul at 8% of likely GOP caucus-goers, 2 points above McCain.

But both MSNBC and Newsweek, who commissioned the poll, have omitted Ron Paul from the analyses.

Newsweek's article on the poll analyzes it with regard to the top candidates, including McCain, but omits any mention of Ron Paul, who beats McCain in their own numbers.

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GOP Group Cancels Straw Poll After Ron Paul Supporters Pour In

Scores of Ron Paul supporters showed up to the San Francisco Republican Alliance dinner, where they were treated to an hour and a half of speeches for Fred Thompson. When Ron Paul supporters asked to speak, they were told that time had run out and they held a raffle. After the raffle, the organizers announced that the rest of the program had been cancelled.

Thanks to Dr. Michael Edelstein for this report.

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Ron Paul in 4th Place at 8% in NH, Tied With McCain in Iowa

A new CBS poll shows Ron Paul in 4th place with 8% in New Hampshire, ahead of Thompson and Huckabee.

In Iowa, Ron Paul is tied for 5th place with John McCain. Huckabee is in a surprising 2nd place, closing in on Romney.

The poll was taken between Nov. 2-12, so it only partially includes the recent surge of publicity for the campaign.

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Ron Paul on "Face the Nation" Sunday

Part I:

Part II below:

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Another record: 30,000+ donors today

An even more significant record is the number of individual donors. As the $3.1 million record was passed at 8pm Eastern time, the number of individual donors for the day passed 28,000. At an average of just over $100 per person, the day's totals are even more astounding.

Track the number of daily donors here.

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Ron Paul on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 11/2 - 10PM ET

The interview is being promoted on CNN-TV and on their website. Here is an excerpt.

The full interview will air on tonight's show, in the 10-11pm Eastern Time hour. It is conducted by Soledad O'Brien.

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NY Times on Ron Paul's Money

And how he's going to spend it.

A surprisingly positive article.

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Ron Paul: The Liberal Republicans' Choice?

You've no doubt heard by now that Ron Paul placed fourth in the prestigious New Hampshire Institute of Politics poll, with 7.4%.

The breakdown of the numbers reveals some startling data:

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Faux News Debate: Hitler vs Mother Theresa

A variation of last Sunday's Fox News debate.

Thanks to Lew Rockwell.

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Remember the 5th of November

Ron Paul's fundraising has substantially increased each week this month:

Oct Week 1: $321,054
Oct Week 2: $501,674
Oct Week 3: $676,452

One reason has been the Ron Paul "Money Bombs." Supporters have gotten together to release a "money bomb" in a brief period, spiking his contributions. These are easily tracked on a minute-by-minute basis on

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It's Official: Ron Paul Leads in Military Donations

According to a tally done by the Houston Chronicle, Ron Paul leads in military donations in either party.

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RP's Amazing Fundraising and Rally Recognized by MSNBC

MSNBC hailed the fact that Ron Paul's latest rally in New Hampshire drew over 800, more than any other candidate has drawn in the Granite State.

They go on to point out this amazing fundraising feat:

Last week, they asked supporters to raise $500,000 on the Internet. They passed that in three days, and ended up toping $1,000,000 by the end of the week.

Wired compares this to John Edwards' similar plea:

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Rappin' for Ron Paul (simply incredible!)

Music by King Solomon.

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Ron Paul Places Third in Texas Straw Poll

16.7% Ron Paul (217 votes)
41.1% Duncan Hunter (534 votes)
20.5% Fred Thompson (266 votes)
6.4% Mike Huckabee (83 votes)
6% Rudy Giuliani (78 votes)
4.7% Mitt Romney (61 votes)
.46% Sam Brownback (6 votes)
.62% John McCain (8 votes)
.46% Tom Tancredo (6 votes)
2.2% Ray McKinney (28 votes)
.23% Hugh Cort (3 votes)
.77% John Cox (10 votes)

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