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Paul v Guiliani

I do not understand how people don't care about the sources of information anymore. This is falling right into the hands of the Mainstream Media and their desire to control what you think. Let's take the debate and the issue of why we were attacked. Dr. Paul clearly asked Guiliani if he had read either the 9-11 Commission report or the fatwa that Bin Laden penned. (Forgive me for thinking it is important to know why someone wants to kill you.) Rather than debate with facts and that little used skill set anymore, critical thinking, Guiliani attacked Paul with emotional rhetoric. Let's look at the facts:

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Main Stream Media Censorship of Dr. Paul HELP!!

I am very upset at the moment. There is currently a concerted effort to censor Dr. Paul's supporter's comments on ABC news going on. Please act NOW!

Call 212-456-2700 and ask to be connected with "dot com". Talk to the gentleman there about it. Voice your concerns over the fact that Dr. Paul was missing from their recent online poll and most importantly that they are removing comments from their online comment section.

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Dr. Paul's campaign trip to Pheonix

The following is an email I received from Dr. Paul's campaign after signing up on a mailing list.

April 3, 2007

Dear friend,

I arrived in Phoenix from Washington, DC Thursday evening March 29th and was delighted to be met by a large group of supporters at the airport toting signs and placards. Friday morning began early with a 6 a.m. interview by telephone on the Dave Williams radio show in Salt Lake City.

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