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A True American

Click here to read about a true American.

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A Great Essay From Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Many of the readers of the Daily Paul are already aware of the fine work of Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. I have long admired Dr. Roberts and would like to recommend his latest essay at to all of you.

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Free Money

Do you believe in free money?

I certainly don’t, but there are millions of Americans who do.

Now, I’m not an economist, but I do know you can’t conjure up money out of thin air. Unfortunately, the federal government feels differently. For years now when the money supply gets tight they just print some more.

So what has me writing about this subject that I admittedly am not an expert on? An experience in dealing with my local government, that’s what.

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Do you believe Ron Paul can win?

Do you believe Ron Paul can win?

I do. And I know that most of you who visit this site believe it also.

Well, the TV talking heads still don’t and they won’t until it actually happens.

They are part of the big government/big media establishment and they don’t want to even think about rocking the boat. They don’t want to think about it so they don’t want to talk about. And they are certainly not going to do anything to help rock the boat.

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Ron Paul Is Opening The Door

Since the beginning of the campaign the mainstream media has done their best to ignore, dismiss and marginalize Ron Paul while those of us involved in the grassroots movement in support of Dr. Paul have seen his support spread like wildfire through the internet. But as important as the internet is, the fact of the matter is that most of America gets their news and views from the mainstream media. As such the general public has been confined to a dark room as far as information on Ron Paul goes.

The most diligent of the people in this room have caught glimpses through the keyhole or under the door when the light on Ron Paul is at its brightest, such as in the debates. But most inside the room just go bumping around cursing the dark but not really working at seeing where they are going.

But now Ron Paul is pushing open the door of the mainstream media.

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Ron Paul Can Win

I have thought from the beginning of the campaign that Dr. Paul has a chance to win the presidency. As time passes I like his chances more and more. There are signs that are making me increasingly optimistic.

One of these signs is the continued strength on the internet. The number of people visiting sites like the Daily Paul is increasing. Web based donations remain strong and I’m sure they will spike again near deadlines and million dollar increments as that is the way donations go. If there is a poll on the net Ron Paul will win it. “Google Ron Paul” is sweeping the country.

The 1960 presidential election is widely regarded as the first one dominated by television. Some time in the future we will look back and discuss the first presidential election dominated by the internet. If 2008 is to be that election, then I like Dr. Paul’s chances.

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Cold, Rain and Snow

I’m hoping for a cold and nasty winter. But one that starts off mildly. Above average temperatures through the first of the year. Then turning sharply colder with storms throughout late winter and early spring. The kind of weather that makes you want to stay in the house unless you absolutely have to go out. Blizzards and bitter cold from Wyoming to New Hampshire. Torrential rains in Florida and South Carolina.

That would be perfect Ron Paul weather.

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I Breed Prize-winning Clams.

I’m sitting in frustration; well actually I’m sitting in Pennsylvania in a state of frustration. Wait a minute, the state I’m in is Pennsylvania. But I’m frustrated because the new software I need for my business did not arrive as expected today. So I thought I’d jot down my thoughts on a few subjects for your consideration. How serious I am about these matters is up to the reader to decode. Anyway, in the wake of the success of the fundraising drive I thought I’d place my tongue in my cheek and make an attempt at some second tier levity.

There is only one man for the job of vice president in Ron Paul’s administration –

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Collateral Damage

I can not recall when I first heard the term ‘collateral damage’. I know it was years ago and that I found it to be a very callous term as it tends to dehumanize the victims of warfare.

I do recall when that term made its deepest cut into my soul. It was during a visit to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in November of 2000. I had gone to Honolulu for a basketball tournament and was spending a day visiting the various memorials to our servicemen who died in the Japanese attack of December 7, 1941.

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My Friend Larry

When I was a young boy I had a friend named Larry Harden. We were not the closest of friends, as Larry was 6 years older than me and when you are young that is a very big age difference. But I liked Larry. He was a nice and kind person who was interested in automobiles. Where many teenage boys go out of their way to act like a tough guy, especially towards younger boys, Larry always had a friendly word and a smile.

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American Foreign Policy - Ancient Influences

In examining American foreign policy, which in its current form is one of pre-emptive intervention commonly referred to as the Bush Doctrine; it is important to look at historical influences on this policy.

Seeing as how the targets of America’s foreign policy have shifted from a secular ideology in communism with the fall of the Soviet Union to a religious based adversary that is often referred to as Islamofascism it is important to look at important religious figures in a historical context.

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Current Meetup Competition Standings

Irvine, California (in Orange County, south of LA) and New York City now lead. It won't be a bad thing to have Dr. Paul visit the media centers of the country. Especially if our brethren in those areas match the grassroots efforts of other locations.

Personally, I'm still hoping for Columbus, Ohio to sneak in there. It's closer to me than any of the other leaders plus I would get to visit White Castle for some delicious hamburgers.

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Ron Paul Wins Straw Poll in Allegheny County (Pittsburgh, PA)

Ron Paul Wins Straw Poll in Allegheny County (Pittsburgh, PA)

Reported by: Tom Kawczynski

Today, I attended the Republican Committee of Allegheny County’s (Pittsburgh, PA) Annual Summer Picnic. The admission cost including lunch was $10 per person and $20 per family. Upon arriving at the event, I learned that a straw poll was being held there that was administered by the Plum Borough Republican Committee.

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American Foreign Policy - Prologue

“How did things ever get so far?” – Don Vito Corleone from The Godfather

As I sit down to write about the current state of America’s foreign policy the above line from Francis Ford Coppola’s 1972 cinematic masterpiece comes immediately to mind. As such I think farther and farther back into history to events leading up to today’s situation.

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You And I Are Ron Paul

On Sunday, August 5 I attended a baseball game at PNC Park in Pittsburgh and I wore a t-shirt asking people to Ask Me About Ron Paul. While waiting for friends outside of the ballpark a lady came up to me and asked if I’d speak to her and some others about Ron Paul and his candidacy for president.

As we walked over to where the others were gathered she, being aware that Dr. Paul had been in town to speak two days earlier but never having seen a picture of him, asked me, “Are you Ron Paul?” I smiled and said, "No", then went over to answer many good questions on a number of issues from her group.

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