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This has little to do with Ron Paul, but I was totally amazed by it and wanted to share:


It did leave me with the notion, however, that this is what free people can accomplish. Will there be Dan Dunns under the New World Order? It's just one more reason to vote for Dr. Paul.

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Alan Colmes endorses RonPaul?

I was surprised to hear an endorsement for Ron Paul by Alan Colmes (the Monday program). The interview starts at 9:40.


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Ron Paul Campaign Flyer

I made a Ron Paul flyer that can be printed and handed out inexpensively. I tried to fit as much on one page as I could and still get the message out. Feel free to download and disperse it.

Ron Paul Flyer

I thought it came out well and I'm going to hand it out at the local shopping malls.

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Out of touch

I though this article was right on target and worth reading:


I'm not the "bad guy" and I'm tired of funding these venomous
creatures. They are totally out of touch with reality. Fortunately, we
have Dr. No to fill the void created by these zombies.



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Council on Foreign Relations Information

This may be redundant, but needs to be proliferated and discussed:

[sarcasm]Yeah...I guess it's that pesky sovereignty that's keeping us down. It would sure be nice if the world were one big, happy country![/sarcasm]

Face it, folks...we're one hurricane away from King George making this a reality. I don't recall a referendum or public dabate on these issues. Are we going to let this happen?

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A letter of thanks

A letter to Dr. Ron Paul

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Quotes of the Founding Fathers

At the behest of a coworker, I've been reading a lot lately. He had been sending me daily emails for several months and trying to get me involved in and informed on many issues that he felt were threats to our liberty and sovereignty. I finally was able to sit still long enough to watch Aaron Russo's America: Freedom To Fascism. In that film I was "introduced" to Dr. Ron Paul. I was awakened by AFTF and continued reading and researching as much as I could about Dr. Paul (and other topics). I am very much

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