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Ron Paul Ranked #27 Out of 200 House GOPs

Ranking in accordance with tenure and influence as well as placement on the House Finance Committee. Put that in your pipe and smoke it old media and district #14 challenger as well as McCain who admittedly knows little about economics, Hillary who helped bring all of this about and O'Bama who has built his reputation from very short tenure in public office and a history of being present but not voting. Ineffective....ill-informed... HARDLY! Oh, wake up people...wake up before it's too late.

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David Walker Resigns

I had high hopes when I read this just out news. I had hoped he would resign and join the Ron Paul Revolution. However, he has resigned to head the Peterson Foundation. Upon reading this I still had high hopes. Then I read that Peter G. Peterson (81) had endorsed McCain and that he is a past Chairman of the CFR.

I am so disappointed in David Walker.

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HR 1955 Just Passed/6-404

Please watch this is the reason for the message, the Revolution, why we are doing this. We have to educate people.

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Thank You & Congratulations John Mappin

His beautiful song "Inner Truth" has hit #1 song/video on UTubes in the UK and has been broadcast around the world. If you have not heard it listen and then dig it. This worldwide support is going to continue to grow because of supporters like John. During Iowa, I think, he also posted a really wonderful note and poem of support. If anyone has it I wish they would repost it here as the site was moving so fast it got lost.

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NBC Evening News Blackout

....really upset me. Absolutely no mention of Ron Paul. Said Huck was in third with 9%. They showed some clips from yesterday's debate and it was obvious that they had RP positioned in such a way that they could cut him out of all camera shots. No camera was as though he was not there.

Add that to the excitement we all felt waiting for the RP event today and , then, nothing. Google RP news and very little comes up. Nothing about the Liberty Forum in old media. Nothing anywhere.

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To The Students in Iowa-Thank you!

All day today we read incredible stories about you....observations, all admirable, even from old media. The fact that we are all disappointed takes nothing away from the gratitude, respect and admiration we have for all of the foot soldiers in Iowa, but particularly the students who gave up Christmas vacations to help save our country. As a parent and mother, I would be proud to have any of you as my son or daughter.

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Jan. 6 Freedom Rally

Folks just visit this site and realize who will be in the vicinity on that day. They already have their reservations. Remember McMannus talking at the Tea Party. Look at the line-up.

Sounds to me like there is a plan...or perhaps it just fell in our laps.
This is going to be great!

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Amazed on the West Coast

I've tried to find an East Coast post as I feel sure somebody else saw the CBS evening news. It was the most amazing, positive and rather long news article on Ron Paul that I have seen on CBS. And, this is from Katie and Company who have absolutely shunned Ron in their latest Presidential Candidate features.

Did anyone else see it? Is there a clip up yet? It was so positive and made both RP and his supporters look great. Treated him as top tier. And, he looked and sounded great.

If this has already been posted, let this blog go. If not, let's find the clip!

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The Real RP Revolution

I'm sorry if this has already been posted. It needs to be read by everyone. Mass Media press does not get any better than this:

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Boston Weather Predictions

Okay, nobody wants to talk about it, but we've all seen the predictions. I'm sure that I am not alone in hoping for a reversal in the second storm predicted to come in. However, even though I live in sunny California, I know that you Patriots in Boston are accustomed to dealing with the elements. Just want to say that our prayers are with you.

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RP Article on Latest Information Clearinghouse

"Bombed if you Do, Bombed If You Don't" stacked the deck with RP article on top and several good ones under it. However, needs some very intelligent RPatriot comments right now! Go to

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Beautiful Song from England Dedicated to Ron Paul've got to watch/listen to this. What a motivator from across the ocean and what a beautiful video. I don't think it has been posted as it just came up 18 minutes ago, but 500 people have watched it.

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We are All Americans...Stereotypes Divide

We should all remember that Dr. Paul sees only individuals who happen to be Americans and want freedom. Stereotyping freedom-loving individuals into group-speak, hate-seeded rhetoric will not get Ron Paul elected.

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Discover & Imagine/Kudos RP HQ

I just noticed the headquarters site's "Discover and Imagine" ad w/click to more information on health freedom and click to donate. I think it is a super approach for major issues to target groups. Bet Dr. Mercola would put this on his site if asked and/or send it to his huge list . Dr. Mercola's list knows how serious the climate is for supplements and natural approaches to health.

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Christians Should Support Constitutional Government

...Another great Ron Paul article from Chuck Baldwin. This is dated October 30th and just came out on News With Views:

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