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Unpaid Paul Bloggers Thwart Paid-For Hillary Bloggers

Most interesting article on the net today is from NewsMax and you can find it here:

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Dr. Paul's Birthday Stand..A Defining Moment

Dr. Paul's letter today that was read at one of the press conferences held by the Coalition to Block the North American Union is receiving a great deal of press already. On this his birthday, it was a defining moment. In case you missed Kent's release, this is a portion of Dr. Paul's letter:

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August 11 RP Articles and News

Ryan Sager just blogged on the New York Sun:

He wrote "An Elephant in the Room" and obviously he is impressed with the RP presence in Ames although he is not ready yet to change his prediction. The important thing is that the very unusual nature of our campaign is being noticed. Many writer/reporters may be getting a feeling that something unprecedented is happening here!

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On The Eve Of The Straw Poll/Ron Paul

In case anyone didn't see it, this came up about an hour ago. It's an interview with Ron Paul that took place today:

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Unbelievable...People From All Over The World !

are calling the newspaper and ordering copies. The man I just talked to from the paper said he couldn't believe it. He said he just got a call from Iraq that was heartbreaking...lots of military people calling...people from countries he's never talked to....people from everywhere. I think the guy is a Ron Paul fan now. He LOVES the way the ad looks too. Said he was amazed when he got a call saying we are trying to raise the money...and we did...and now all this.

That newspaper hasn't seen so much excitement in a long time. He said the whole town is excited.

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Paulers Catchin' the Romney Bus

Independent supporters getting quite a reputation out there . Apparently they think we are a bit uh...unorthodox.

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We Shouldn't Forget August 9

This is a very sad anniversary. One we should remember as we listen to all the rhetoric about who should and shouldn't have nuclear power.
I can't entrust foreign policy to anyone but Ron Paul. This appeared on Lew's site and is worth a read today.

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Positive Ron Paul Energy

Great article on the street: Ron Paul Quietly Converting GOP Believers

And another one on

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Ron Paul Earmarks...No Pork Here

Ron Paul on Earmarks:

(Note: continue only if you are interested in my cursory research into the Ron Paul earmarks listed in a recent negative article linked at the bottom of this.)

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Can Liberty Survive-Only Ron Paul Knows History

Good article just out from Sovereign Society:

Excerpt: A Bunch of Lost Sheep

"Meanwhile, the Republicans wander around like so many lost sheep, each claiming to be the Reagan-like shepherd the distressed flock needs for salvation (at least all except my good friend, U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, with whom I had the honor to serve in the House of Representatives. Indeed, Ron Paul is the only candidate on either side who seems to know history, understand the U.S. Constitution and who is willing to apply both with sound logic)."

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Murdoch Offer For Dow Turned Down

Hope there is more than money involved as the Dow certainly should not be owned by the likes of Murdoch. Just think of how the market could be subtly controlled.....even more than it is. These "events' between now and the election definitely impact the financial climate that will be inherited by the new President. That would be Dr. Ron Paul, of course.

Read it here.

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Who Are Ron Paul Supporters?

This was just posted on the gambling site:

Unbelievable! Thank you to all of you who participated. You truly represented Ron Paul and all of us.,,in the most favorable light imaginable. Ask people at the children's shelter about Ron Paul supporters and they will tell you who we are and what we represent. They had "tears in their eyes" says the article. And a lot of children had an enlarged pantry of nutritious food, coloring books and, most importantly, a good example of the best of human nature.

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Ron Paul on SOX Today

While Edwards and Obama are out pandering to the poor this week, Ron Paul continues to deliver substance ... real substance day after day. Note the last comment under this article saying that Ron Paul is the only person in Washington who truly understands the underlying problems in our economy and foreign relations.

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Bizzare Attack on RP's Anti-War Stance

Justin takes care of it! Good article showing why Ron Paul will always look good no matter how "they" try to bring him down. Don't you love him.

Pretty much says...if you are not for Ron Paul, you are hardly libertarian.

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