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Petition: Fair Media Treatment for GOP Ron Paul

Petition: Fair Media Treatment for GOP Ron Paul

Great article posted an hour ago on Free Market News Network. Sign the petition. Read the scoop on Fred. Very interesting stuff!

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We Are The Remnant

This is an awesome article:

And, a very right on newsletter:

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Live Free or Die

That is the title of this article where the author also says:

"If the truth teller is marginalized as a fringe candidate whose presence on the stage is questioned and the demagogue who really isn't fit to lead this country is crowned the leading contender then our future can be found in Kafka's observation that "there is hope, but not for us".

If this got you, as it did me, read the rest of John Pagoda's article here.

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Ron Paul Against Foreign Aid Of Any Kind

Here's why by Ron Paul

I typed in my search engine "Foreign Aid, A travesty ...and lo and behold, there was Ron Paul. Amazing this internet .

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Best Way To Help RP-Go To The Library

I agree with: who say one of their favorite RP sites is the "virtual library" where over 700 speeches etc. can be found, fifty added in the last few days!

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The Debate!

Here it is...thanks to voteronpaul08...I just moved it up to a blog knowing if Michael wasn't at the debate he'd do that.

thank you....thank you...thank you

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Ron Paul Snubbed, But Did Great

Lew says Ron was passed over but still did great. I anticipated this as they put the top contenders in the Democratic Debate in the middle and just passed over the others. It's okay. Let the so-called top-contenders slug it out in true "I'm a politician" fashion. In such a setting, Ron Paul...the statesman comes out a winner.

I'm still searching for news...West Coast ...

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Vote MSNBC..Link Below

Here's the MSNBC link. Vote here, there and everywhere.

I'm on the West Coast searching everywhere for news. Major media is not mentioning Ron Paul. Did he get shut out? BTW, he's leading the MSNBC poll.

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Elect A Statesman, Not A Politician

Ran into a supporter today who said Ron Paul is not a politician...he is a statesman. This is my new handle for Ron Paul. He's a statesman, not a politician. Democrat or Republican...we can expect the same from either. Conservative or liberal...doesn't mean much anymore. "Politician"...bad connotation nowdays.But statesman? Ron Paul is the only candidate who can be described in that way.

web definition of statesman from is:a man who is a respected leader in national or international affairs

webnet definition of politician from same source:

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Ron Paul Wins Democratic Debate

As we are all on pins and needles about tonight's debate, it is good to lighten up and know all is well. Ron Paul has some huge supporters over on The Spoof. I thought this was funny.

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3 - 5% Higher in Polls

Good news here.

Please post any additional increase in national polls here. Let's see what happens after tonight's debate!

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How Ron Paul Became President

Great article leading in to information about the Freedomfest Conference July 5-7 where Ron Paul will be a speaker and there will be a reception honoring him.

That site may lead you to a better understand why the gold standard is important.

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Ron Paul Donations Increase Fourfold

Wasn't it just a few weeks ago that we read donations had doubled? Media spin will continue to question the number of supporters, but money talks. If everyone reading the dailypaul contributed to the campaign, we would provide the critics with yet another verifiable basis for true support that can hardly be questioned. In addition, there is no better way to show Ron Paul our support and help get his very critical message out.

Read the article here

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