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12 Places to Go if the World Goes to Hell


The Island of Guam is #3, but Saipan is better. No Income Tax, no Chemtrails, good standard of living. But come with a nest-egg, or have a degree in law or medicine. If you have other skills to sell, you'll do well.

Guam and Saipan are U.S territories in the western Pacific, not the South Seas. We're above the equator. Moving here is as easy as moving to Pennsylvania. Oh yes, no winters. No walks to shovel.

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Obama tries to exclude Fox News from the White House press pool.

Few of us at the Daily Paul care much for Fox News. It's a neo-con shill channel, with O'Reilly and Hannity leading the pack.

Yesterday, Obama (or the White House) banned Fox News from the press pool, which is made up of the five major networks: ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and FOX, organized by the White House Correspondents Organization.

This dictat meant that no administration figure would consent to be interviewed by Fox News; Fox had a glimpse of that last week when officials made the rounds of all the Sunday interview shows on all the networks except...Fox's.

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Ron Paul: The only bright star in the sky of the Republic

In watching Ron Paul in various TV shows, I got a chill. I realized that I was watching something highly unusual: a thoroughly decent, thoughtful, compassionate, tough, and yet humble man. There is no grandstanding, no bombast, no posturing, no bluffing, no attempts to mislead or conceal.

He just speaks his truth in a way that is so disarming and sensible that it leaves the corporate elites shaking their heads. And it leaves me quite moved.

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Ron Paul on The Daily Show

Great review at the top of the page. They like Ron Paul!

The interview was a bit short, but clearly Jon Stewart was waking up. This was about as good as it gets, since many people get their 'news' from Stewart.


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Obama Slammed by Washington Post

Charles Krauthammer wrote a scathing editorial blasting Obama and his lack of effectiveness.

We have known this for a while, but for the Washington Post to run with this story suggests that there is something big about to break. Obama needs a crisis, just as Bush had 9/11. And, though Krauthammer doesn't say this explicitly, he does say that only Gerald Ford was lower in the poll of popular opinion - after Ford pardoned Richard Nixon.


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The... Revolution Has Begun: Gerald Celente

The 'Second American Revolution' Has Begun
By Gerald Celente
August 12, 2009

KINGSTON, NY -- The natives are restless. The third shot of the "Second American Revolution" has been fired. History is being made. But just as with the first two shots, the third shot is not being heard.

America is seething. Not since the Civil War has anything like this happened. But the protests are either being intentionally downplayed or ignorantly misinterpreted.

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Make Ron Paul a Super-Hero! Pow! Splat!

The recent graphic of Ron Paul as Batman is just fantastic. I don't know the name of the artist, but I'll give him or her a deep bow and a hearty thanks.

It got me thinking about how Ron Paul - our super-hero - might get a little more visibility. Plus it would be fun.

Calling all artists, cartoonists, photoshop experts!

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Financials: Forecast? More Bull? More Bear?

I confess I don't know much about financial matters. I read things on the internet, watch videos by Peter Schiff and Gerald Celente and Alex Jones (Prophet of Doom). What they say is always interesting and compelling.

They say a huge collapse is coming; that the dollar will lose value; that the U.S. will go under - perhaps collapsing into a new North American Union. Riots, FEMA, Martial Law. We've all heard this stuff.

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The Need to Educate the "Tea Party" Attendees

In the Sixties, various radicals (Jerry Rubin, Abbie Hoffman, Tom Hayden and others) made it their business to instruct the protesters on civil disobedience; what to do and how to do it. There were still fights and arrests, but many of the people at sit-ins learned to link arms so the police couldn't lift them up.

That was 40 years ago and the movement was fairly successful: at least the war ended and Nixon was out. Pot remains illegal, however.

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Alarming Video, if true

I do not know who the woman is in the video, nor her companion, but if what she says is correct then this is very important information.

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The Media and the Disintegration of Society

I worked in broadcast TV for nearly 20 years. I worked at NBC most of the time, but I also worked at other networks and on many shows. I was not a producer, but either a writer or a member of the crew. I worked on Today, Weekend Today, Dateline, various talk shows and some sports programs also. And, once you are past the security guards in the lobby, you have free reign to go anywhere. I often used to go to the back of Dateline's control room and watch them 'cut' a program together. More about that later.

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Easy on the Quotes

Seems that a lot of posters to Daily Paul like to trot out a quote by Jefferson, Einstein, Ron Paul, you name it - and that is the message they post. Sometimes that is all they post. Just the quote, nothing else. Nothing about the topic or the thread. Just the quote.

If you and were having a discussion about politics, and I said, well what do you think? And you quote Jefferson. My response is, OK, that is what Jefferson thought: what do YOU think?

This is a site where people can share, discuss, grow, think, learn and argue. It's all healthy and good.

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We Still Have a Campaign to Support, Remember?

We are six months out from the convention in Minneapolis and a lot will happen between then and now. Ron Paul is still in the race, is still getting media coverage and remains a viable candidate. Long shot, yes, but he always was, and, as Newsweek states, he has hundreds of thousands of supporters--maybe the most ardent in U.S. political history. You and I are part of that.

McCain has not won, nor has anybody else. This is the time to dig in and keep the message and campaign alive.

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The Lesson of Eliot Spitzer

Public figures sometimes fall hard and fast, and nobody has faller harder or faster than Eliot Spitzer.

He was riding high one day, and bouncing off the pavement the next. It happens often; but it politics it gets the spotlight.

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George Noory asked the Ron Paul supporters to please stop sending emails. He got thousands of them, and no more are necessary.

He likes Ron Paul and has invited him to be on the show. He (and we) are hopeful that RP will accept the invitation.

So the email barrage worked. Good. No more for now.

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