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Remember the Alamo

Texans are again standing and fighting for the cause of Liberty , but we are sending out a call for reinforcements. Just as Congressman Paul has always been the defender of truth, liberty and our Constitution in the 14th Congressional District, now we have a candidate for Governor of Texas in 2010, who has been an admirer, and a supporter of Congressman Paul’s for many years. More important, she has been a student and has looked upon Congressman Paul as a mentor.

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Please Help Stop this Vicious Rumor

I just received a call from a dear friend and Ron Paul supporter. She had just received a call directly from Linda Hunnicutt of the Granny Warriors. Appearently there is a rumor that is spreading like wildfire that the Freedom Rally in Sturgis, SD has been canceled.
Linda and crew are on their way in the Freedom Wagon at this moment. If you are part of a meet up group or have any other contacts, call in shows etc. please spread the message.

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Dr. Paul Leading Romney and Giuliani

According to the Houston Chronicle http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/front/5435820.html
Dr. Paul is leading Romney and Guiliani with 17% of the votes. With returns from the first two precincts in New Hampshire already reported, McCain received 10 votes, Huckabee 5, Paul 4, Romney 3 and Giuliani 1. If this is a good indication, Dr. Paul could do far better than predicted.
Ron Paul for President in 2008!

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Iowa Goes Hollywood

I just received the following message in an e-mail. I was told it was on www.dailypaul.com but I have searched everywhere and do not find it. So I will post it again. I think this is too important for people to miss. This effort is put forth by The Freedom Message Team in LA. I have worked with Bonnie and Valerie and they are dedicated Ron Paul supporters, but even more they want to assure the public that their votes are counted honestly! Please cut and paste or just send this link to everyone in your address book. Help make this happen! THANK YOU!

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Freedom Message Unites, but RP Campaign Seems to Divide

Earlier I ran across an article on www.dailypaul.com that stated the "official" campaign had hired 99 county cordinators in Iowa.
I composed the following response , but when I went to post, the original article was gone. Maybe it will come back up, but decided to just post here anyway. I do hope there will be some response as to how other people feel about how the "official" campaign is spending our hard earned donations!

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This is a very important poll. Every vote for Ron is vital!

Please go to www.independentprimary.org and vote for Dr. Paul.
They are not showing the running count, as the results will be announced shortly before the N.H. primary. This is an effort to illustrate the power of the independent voting bloc and what better place to exhibit this strength, than just before the N.H. primary. We have an excellent record of turning out the vote on Internet polls, but this is possibly THE MOST IMPORTANT poll we will participate in this election cycle. Make sure you send this link to every Ron Paul supporter you know. I am confident we can win this if each of us is committed to spreading the word. Thanks.

Ron Paul for President 2008M

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Fantastic Debate Results

I am still so excited over how well Dr. Paul did Thursday evening in the California debates. I think this is just the beginning of good things to come. My husband and I were actually out of town Thursday and Friday, but when we got in late Friday evening, a friend had forwarded me the following link and urged me to go vote, which I did.

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Ron Paul on Fox

It was a short interview this morning, but Congressman Paul made the most of every minute. As always, he made us proud to be his supporters. I think it should embolden us that we can (and must) make a difference. It seems it was our massive e-mail drive that got noticed and caused Fox to have Congressman Paul on today. A note of thanks to Mr. Hemmer is in order at: Hemmer@foxnews.com . Right now some of us in Texas are e-mailing Glenn Beck requesting him to interview Congressman Ron Paul. If you would like to join this effort his e-mail address is: me@glennbeck.com

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