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Ben Swann talks Fourth Branch of Government, Free Speech and Delegate Chaos

Ben Swann co-anchor at WXIX Fox 19 in Cincinnati and host of Reality Check joins Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace for ‘Ben Swann talks Fourth Branch of Government, Free Speech and Delegate Chaos’ to discuss how he approaches reporting the facts of complex issues and our founding fathers emphasis on free speech, the first amendment and freedom of the press. He also discusses reporting on the delegate process and the overwhelming evidence in not counting the votes in Maine plus proceedural violations at caucuses/delegate meetings in Missouri and Georgia.

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Michael Steele interview grabs the attention of journalists

Michael Steele's interview grabs the attention of the surrounding journalists. You can listen to their comments in this behind-the-scenes look at the interview process and thereafter. You can observe the effect of Socratic interviewing on what would otherwise be a blasé audience. Furthermore, you can get a glimpse of Jan Helfeld and Michael Steele letting whatever hair they have left down. Watch Jan Helfeld working hard to bring you these interviews. The discussion with Michael Steele continues in Postmortem 2.

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We’re Only 11 Weeks into a 9 Month Primary Cycle

I know, it feels like these primaries have gone on forever, but you know what – it’s only been 11 weeks since the first in the nation caucus. I stood before three precincts in Iowa on a Tuesday night just 11 weeks ago and spoke about Ron Paul. I said some good things. Lots of people said good things about all kinds of candidates. One woman even cried as she spoke about Santorum. One man stood up and said something bad about most of the candidates. He cited lots of statistics and spoke as if he were some kind of expert on how Romney was the only electable option.

That was on January 3, 2012, before anyone in the United States had cast a ballot, even before any exit poll had been taken. Mitt Romney was nothing but a former governor who lost to the guy who lost to Barrack Obama. That doesn’t exactly scream electable.

And thirty minutes later straw poll results were tallied. Mitt Romney wasn’t really electable in that room. Ron Paul was – in all three precincts, in fact, he had the most votes in each of those three precincts (one was only a tie). It will be months before anyone will have a hunch about the all-important question “Who won Iowa?” After all, it’ll be the delegates selected at the Iowa State Republican Convention on June 16, 2012 who matter, not the results of the January 3 non-binding straw poll.

So, who won Iowa? The winner is the one who can control Iowa’s RNC delegation with his delegates, the one who the majority of the Iowa delegation is friendly to. That person is the one who will win Iowa. But the media loves an easy-to-cover horserace and the media reported differently. Lots of things can change between now and the August 27 start of the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

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WNYC New York Public Radio Covers Daily Paul!

Hello friends,

Daily Paul founder Michael Nystrom did me the honor of allowing to speak to the media on behalf of Daily Paul. WNYC was interested in the grassroots reaction to Dr. Paul's latest fundraising report and his candidacy thus far. Here is the article from their website. Please check it out.

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The Three Political Parties of America

There are three political parties in the United States today, and they are all fielding candidates for the presidency.

The parties are the Republicrats, the Scared Religionists, and the Freedom and Peace Party.

By far the largest party is the Republicrats, who have held sway with their current platform since at least the 1940s. They are offering two candidates for president in 2012: their names are Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.

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Why I Support Ron Paul

In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem. - Ronald Reagan, First Inaugural Address, January 20th, 1981

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Michael Steele, MSNBC TV commentator, gives his rejoinder. Postmortem 1

Michael Steele, MSNBC TV commentator, gives his rejoinder. Postmortem 1 .

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How Mossad Justified Its Murder of an Innocent Iranian Electrical Engineer

On July 23, 2011, a 35-year-old Iranian electrical engineering student named Darioush Rezaeinejad was gunned down as he and his wife, who was also wounded in the attack, waited for their child in front of a kindergarten in Tehran.

Israel has never denied that it was behind that assassination, and two senior US officials have confirmed to NBC news that the accusation by Ali Larijani - a senior adviser to Iran's supreme leader Ali Khamenei - that Israel's Mossad had used the Mujahideen E. Khalq (MEK) to carry out the killing of Iranian scientists was essentially accurate.

Rezaeinejad was the fourth Iranian scientist whom the Israelis had tried to assassinate, but what was different about his assassination is the subsequent effort by the Israelis to justify it after the fact. That effort casts new light not only on the larger assassination campaign, but on the way in which Israel has gone about constructing its contention that there is an active Iranian nuclear weapons program.

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Don’t Be Scammed Into Another War - 7 Ways Kony 2012 Does Exactly That

There’s a 30-minute long YouTube sensation that’s gotten more than 70 million views in just a few days.  The stated goals of the expertly produced Kony 2012 is to make an African warlord a household name and to keep U.S. military advisors in Uganda.

Because ideas presented in the documentary are stated as “something we can all agree on,” I find it important to step forward and say that I do not in the slightest agree with the idea of U.S. military advisors in Uganda.  In fact, I think that the work being done by Kony 2012 director Jason Russell and a number of organizations and activists on this topic is flat wrong.

Kony 2012 has a “power-to-the-people” feel to it and calls for action that is humanitarian in nature, making it ideal in convincing naïve, well-intentioned people about the justness of having foreign troops in Uganda.

However, my years of political involvement have shown me that people must not be judged on what they say, but on what they do.  As well-intentioned as they are couched, Russell’s actions move us toward American military involvement in Uganda under popular pressure and under a veneer of justice.  This is not an admirable goal and the talking points are familiar ones.

In fact, his techniques are so familiar that the maker of this film sounds like a neo-conservative, especially from September 10, 2001 until W’s mission accomplished speech on May 1, 2003.

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Dana Milbank, NBC Contributor, Washington Post Political Columnist

Dana Milbank, NBC Contributor, Washington Post Political Columnist, does not know which of the candidates will reduce spending the most.

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Ron Paul Senior Advisor Bruce Fein talks Impeachment Resolution and Republican Convention Outlook

Bruce Fein Senior Advisor for Ron Paul 2012 campaign and author of Congressman Walter B Jones H. CON. RES. 107M joins Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace for ‘Ron Paul Senior Advisor Bruce Fein talks Impeachment Resolution and Republican Convention Outlook’ to discuss the resolution’s purpose moving forward and the support for this legislation. He responds to the question regarding Leon Panetta’s statement of whether or not the administration would even talk to congress prior to military action in Syria as impeachable. He also talks about the no clear winner scenario at the Republican National Convention.

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David Gergen of CNN says Ron Paul has the most radical spending plans

David Gergen of CNN says Ron Paul has the most radical spending plans. He also says Ron Paul is the most outspoken candidate on spending.

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How Long Will It Be Before Mitt Romney is Doing ED Commercials?

An odd memory from my teenage years was the first time I heard the term “erectile dysfunction” mentioned on television. It was said by the man who was formerly a candidate for the highest office in the land, this was a man so well-known that he had 51% name recognition 15 months before the presidential election, the former senior senator from Kansas.

It was an awkward moment for me. Anyone who was in DC at that point understood that the lines between government and business interests had long been blurred. Many far-removed from DC, such as in my native Chicago, also understood that idea. But I had somehow missed that memo up until that point in my life and therefore was surprised to see that message broadcast on television.

The message was below the surface of the commercial: “a politician will use the goodwill he built-up talking about his values with voters in order to cash in with a corporation.” Of course, it was just a Viagra advertisement, but in retrospect – the uncomfortable topic of impotence and the idea that a trusted politician was hawking drugs on television combined disharmoniously in me and didn’t fit the mental schema I used to understand politicians and government.

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Alleged Photos of "Clean-up" at Iran's Parchin Site Lack Credibility

WASHINGTON, Mar 12, 2012 (IPS) - News stories about satellite photographs suggesting efforts by Iran to "sanitise" a military site that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has said may have been used to test nuclear weapons have added yet another layer to widely held suspicion that Iran must indeed be hiding a covert nuclear weapons programme.

But the story is suspect, in part because it is based on evidence that could only be ambiguous, at best. The claim does not reflect U.S. intelligence, and a prominent think tank that has published satellite photography related to past controversies surrounding Iran's nuclear programme has not found any photographs supporting it.

The original Parchin clean-up story by Associated Press correspondent George Jahn, published Mar. 7, reported that two unnamed diplomats from an unidentified country or countries – it was not made clear how many were involved – told him that satellite photos "appear to show trucks and earth-moving vehicles" at the site.

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Brian Doherty of talks Unbound Delegates, Brokered Convention and Ron Paul Super PACs

Brian Doherty Senior Editor of Reason Magazine joins Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace for ‘Brian Doherty of talks Unbound Delegates, Brokered Convention and Ron Paul Super PACs' to discuss his detailed breakdown of the Ron Paul Revolution's push for delegates and a brokered convention. He also talks about controversial questions surrounding the effectiveness of Ron Paul Super PACs.

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