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Live blogging at the Sun Dome

12:40 - Lew Rockwell speaking about Ron Paul challenging the IRS, Drug War "Ron position is that we the people should have all privacy and the Government should have no privacy" "Ron Paul opposes militarism and wants to bring the troops home all of them" biggest round of applause so far today.

Everyone chanting Lew as he entered and left the stage

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When Republicans Become Democrats

There are many different ways to define the differences between a republic and a democracy, but at the core is this:

A Republic is ruled by the Law, a Democracy is ruled by the Majority.

That may seem a simple explanation, but it is a core issue. Benjamin Franklin is frequently attributed to this quote and he may not have said it, but I like it:

Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.

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Ron Paul Rally next door to Oklahoma Delegation Hotel

Political Conventions are a flurry of different activities. Although business is conducted that is very serious, there are a number of events to attend for the Delegates, Alternates, and their guests. This year's GOP National Convention is no different. The big show starts off with "The Welcome Event" at Tropicana Field, billed as the "largest welcome event in the history of the Convention". This is where it gets interesting.

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An Inflation Inflection and the Best Trillion That Should Never Be Spent

In the 1960s, Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, then the French Minister of Finance, coined the term "exorbitant privilege" to refer to the special benefits enjoyed by the USA by virtue of the fact that it is the issuer of the world's reserve currency.

Most Americans remain largely unaware of what these short-term benefits are and the long-term fall for which they have set us up.

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Aimee Allen Exclusive: Brandon Raub, the NDAA tyranny and her new band The Interrupters

Aimee Allen music artist known for the Ron Paul Revolution song joins Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace for ‘Aimee Allen Exclusive: Brandon Raub, the NDAA and her new band The Interrupters’ to discuss the recent tyranny imposed by the federal government and President Obama, her appeal to Obama supporters and her appearence at the Sundome in Tampa Sunday August 26th. She also tells us about her call with Ron and Carol Paul and her new Liberty band The Interrupters.

Listen to the Interview Here!

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RNC Committee on Contests hears Oklahoma Objection

This morning, at 9 a.m. local time, the seven member Committee on Contests of the Republican National Committee (RNC) held a hearing regarding a challenge to the At-Large delegation from Oklahoma to next weeks Republican National Convention. The Contestants were represented by non-attorney representatives Porter Davis and Mike Stopp, with Qadoshyah Fish available as a witness. The Respondents were represented by legal counsel and had as witnesses Oklahoma GOP Chairman Matt Pinnell along with 2012 OK GOP Convention Chair Marc Nuttle.

Although there were many issues of dispute at the May 12th, 2012 Oklahoma GOP Convention, the Contestants decided to focus on just one: a Roll Call Vote. On July 26th, 2012, an official Statement of Grounds was filed with the Secretary of the Republican National Convention, Demetra DeMonte, along with notification to each of the challenged potential At-Large Delegates and At-Large Alternates. A challenge against improper procedures and the breaking of rules does not go against those who broke the rules, but against those who, through no fault of their own, may benefit from the actions of others. Over $600 was spent on postage of the small amount of funds raised for this challenge, mostly for registered letters - each of which cost $11.80.

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Oklahoma Challenge - 8/1/2012 Update

On Thursday, July 26th, 2012, a group of concerned Delegates and Alternates representing the Precinct, County, District, State and National levels filed a Challenge with the Committee on Contests. At this time, we have chosen not to publicize the details, nor are we seeking press, aside from informing interested parties here on the Daily Paul. Today we are filing the Statement of Position, which is basically a legal brief with supporting evidence. We were given this deadline Monday night, so time has been short.

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Dennis Kucinich on the Fed ‘What's at stake here is our liberty, our national sovereignty – Ron Paul knows that’

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) cosponsor of H.R. 459, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act joins Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace for ‘Dennis Kucinich on the Fed ’What's at stake here is our liberty, our national sovereignty – Ron Paul knows that’ to discuss the Federal Reserve Transparency Act – what are they hiding? He discusses working with Ron Paul ‘Ron Paul is a great American’. He discusses working with Dr. Paul on fighting against the wars, defending our civil liberties and the patriot act.

Listen to the Interview Here!

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Ben Swann – Facts: Clarification from the RNC rules committee, Ron Paul has 6 states

Ben Swann of Reality Check with Ben Swann and an award winning nightime news anchor at WXIX FOX 19 in Cincinnati joins Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace for ‘Facts: Clarification from the RNC rules committee, Ron Paul has 6 states' to discuss the details about his converstaions with rules committee and what that means for the many states in question regarding the nomination of Ron Paul eligibility at the RNC in Tampa. Ben also explains more regarding the unbound and bound delegates lawsuit and what a decision made prior to convention would do.

Listen to the Interview Here!

See also: Ben Swann: Three Facts About A Candidate's Name Being Placed Into Nomination at RNC

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Dana Loesch thinks Iraq was going to attack us

Dana Loesch, CNN TV commentator, was asked if she had a principle that permitted her to decide when we should go to war, and when we should not? She answered: I haven't even thought about it, implying that she didn't have a principle. When confronted with the fact that she didn't have a principle, she argued that she did have a principle and that her principle was, whenever our interests are threatened we should go to war. An examination of her principle proved that there was no principle.

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Parent Alert: A Danger At School

As a parent of four kids, two of whom are in the public school system, I am always on alert for dangers to my children from a source many may not consider - the school system. There are direct threats, that are easy to see, and there are indirect threats, which are hidden but often do more damage in the long run. We as parents put our trust in the school system. We rely on it to protect our children, while educating them.

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Steps you can take...and the case AGAINST L4RP

If party rules were violated:

READ the Rules of the Republican Party, Rules 20, 22, and 23. FILE a challenge in the correct manner with the Committee on Contests, prior to July 27th. DOCUMENT what happened and prepare your challenge.

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Charles Goyette – Could Romney’s investment secrets give Ron Paul the nomination?

Charles Goyette NY Times bestselling author of The Dollar Meltdown joins Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace for ‘Could Romney’s investment secrets give Ron Paul the nomination?’. We discuss the inflation vs. deflation mortal combat, the Robert’s decision on Obamacare and Romney's pledge to appoint someone like Roberts. Charles explains the similarity with the Soviet's constitution and Obamacare. He then suggests that Americans and the media take a hard look at how it's possible that Mitt Romney’s IRA is worth $100 million.

Listen to the Interview Here!

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Doug Wead ‘If we have a plurality of the delegation in Nebraska we can nominate Ron Paul for President’

Doug Wead Senior advisor to the Ron Paul 2012 campaign joins Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace for ‘If we have a plurality of the delegation in Nebraska we can nominate Ron Paul for President’ to discuss the fight for delegates in Nebraska and corruption in Massachusetts also the Ron Paul vs. the Federal Reserve influenced media. Doug also talks about how the Ron Paul 2012 campaign has been managed.

Listen to the Interview Here!

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Analysis of John King's interview

Analysis of John King's interview. I asked John King of CNN : do you have an opinion on whether we should have gone to war with Iraq ? He said he had no opinions, then later you said he had an opinion, but he only shared Iit with his wife and finally, he said, we would be surprised how few opinions he has because he trains himself not to have opinions.

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