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The United Slaves of America

"There is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want merely because you think it would be good for him." – Robert A. Heinlein

Today the United States Supreme Court allowed the expansion of government over not just actions but the lack of them. Going forward, not only can actions be taxed, but the lack of an action can be compelled by taxation or imprisonment. This is blatant tyranny, indeed it is slavery to the whim of Congress and the dictates of the imperial Presidency. Let me re-phrase that:

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Ron Paul Blimp, Tampa And The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

In Dr. Seuss's famous Christmas classic, "How The Grinch Stole Christmas", the main character of the film (the Grinch) steals all the presents from the Christmas loving "Whos" in the nearby town of Whoville, on Christmas eve. But on Christmas day the Whos do something unexpected. Without any presents they gather in the middle of their town and celebrate Christmas with just as much vim and vigor as any Christmas past. The Grinch is taken aback, and as the story goes, he is touched so deeply by the Whos love for Christmas, he finally sees that there is something more to it than he had previously realized. His heart grows three times its size, he returns all the presents to the Whos and celebrates Christmas with them from that day forward. The end.

Aren't we just a bit like the Whos of Whoville? Isn't the message of liberty something beautiful we hold within our hearts? And, haven't we (largely) had our election stolen from us by the GOP establishment and the mainstream media?

When the Whos faced hard times they got together and sang songs and celebrated what they loved most anyway, because they weren't going to let anyone or anything discourage them. It didn't matter that they didn't have any presents, or geese to feast on, or star capped Christmas trees - because that wasn't what Christmas was about. They went ahead and celebrated Christmas because celebrating Christmas was who they were and what they believed in.

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Daily Paul Exclusive with Jerry Doyle

Jerry Doyle host of nationally syndicated talk radio show The Jerry Doyle Show and author of Have You Seen My Country Lately?: America's Wake-Up Call joins Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace for ‘Daily Paul Exclusive with Jerry Doyle’ to discuss his endorsement of Ron Paul, the liberty movement and his direct criticisms of 'conservative' media pundits - Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly.

Listen to the Interview Here!

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Choices and Actions

It is quite apparent there is a national pattern of “problems” when it comes to those who support Ron Paul exercising their right to participate in the Republican Party. More reports this weekend from Oregon and Massachusetts only add to the litany of grievances to date. My home state of Oklahoma saw significant rules violations that have been well documented elsewhere. I will not recount the state by state list, but it is safe to say naming the states following the rules is a shorter list than the violators. The question being asked by the Liberty-loving core of the Republican Party is:

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John King of CNN says he has no opinions.

I asked John King of CNN : do you have an opinion on whether we should have gone to war with Iraq ? He said he had no opinions, then later you said he had an opinion, but he only shared it with his wife and finally, he said, we would be surprised how few opinions he has because he trains himself not to have opinions.

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Gold - A Most Civilized Investment

On Friday last, Warren Buffett's right-hand man and Berkshire Hathaway's vice chairman, Charles Munger, told CNBC, "Gold is a great thing to sew into your garments if you're a Jewish family in Vienna in 1939," "but I think civilized people don't buy gold; they invest in productive businesses."

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Ron Paul’s Revolution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired by Brian Doherty

Brian Doherty author of Ron Paul's Revolution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired and Senior Editor of Reason Magazine  joins Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace for ‘Ron Paul's Revolution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired by Brian Doherty' to discuss his new book on the history of Ron Paul and the Liberty Movement inspired by Dr. Paul's message and example.

Mr. Doherty documents the history of Ron Paul's revolution with an emphasis on the people inspired by the message of Liberty. Ron Paul's Revolution is a must read for anyone on our journey. It will make you laugh and cry. This book will be read by future generations to understand how we made history in a special and unique way - that the manifestation of the liberty movement was and is creative, passionate and spontaneous.

Listen to the Interview Here!

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Same day Analysis of Candy Crowley's State of Union show June 3rd

I am planning to do same day analysis of the Sunday talk shows. I will critique the shows explaining what's wrong with them and occasionally what's right, why the American people cannot understand the issues as presented by the mainstream media and what they should have done instead . I will identify the solutions and principles involved.
This show June 3rd Show is a good example of what's wrong.

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The Liberty Movement, the New Middle, and the End of the Beginning

Last week, Ron Paul sent an email to supporters that indicated that he doesn’t expect to have enough delegates to win the GOP nomination. Subsequently, Rand Paul has endorsed Mitt Romney.

Today, some of Ron Paul’s supporters are hurting, frustrated, demoralized.

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Rand Paul Answers; The Daily Paul Interview

Senator Rand Paul joins Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace for ‘Rand Paul Answers; The Daily Paul Interview’ to discuss his endorsement of Mitt Romney and to answers the questions submitted by The Daily Paul community.
Listen Here!
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Dinesh D'Sousa is in favor of some redistribution of wealth.

Bright conservative thinker and author Dinesh D'Sousa is in favor of some redistribution of wealth even though he thinks Government should be limited to protecting the citizens and agrees that the government is not protecting the citizens when it redistributes their wealth but he still favors some redistribtion; he favors redistribution of wealth even though he agrees it creates a perverse incentive and is morally wrong. Go figure.

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Exclusive Daily Paul interview scheduled with Rand Paul - submit your questions

Daily Paul,

I contacted the Senate office over the weekend to request an interview with Rand Paul for Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace. I promptly got a call this morning that Senator Paul has agreed to do the interview. I asked that they give me at least 24 hours to get your questions for Senator Rand Paul, submit your questions below.

Read full article about the upcoming interview here

Be a Leader in Liberty!
Kurt Wallace

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Government Control and Market Intervention

It is, without doubt, possible to overlook or simply ignore those things which are not very obvious in our daily lives, it is this fact that makes many of the actions of our government possible. Actions of government in the area of economic markets, which, must include the primary economic medium of exchange: money, will always, without exception, create interference within the forces that normally function within the market.

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Open Thread: Where does the Daily Paul go from here? (I'm going to China)

I know this sounds funny, but I am literally packing my bags right now for China. It is not what you think. My wife, who is a neuroscientist, is presenting a paper at the Human Brain Mapping conference in Beijing. I'm just going along for the ride ;)

I was hoping to be able to slip out the back door and take a little break from the DP for the next 10 days or so, and let the moderators run the show.

But in light of the recent news - Ron Paul's email, and now Rand endorsing Romney - I realize it is incredibly unfair to the moderators, who do such wonderful work with such a thankless task. So expect a little chaos on the site over the next couple of days. The front page might not get updated as much. A lively and spirited debate is likely to ensue. But a little chaos is good, every once in a while.

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I'll Never Quit For Ron Paul

Hi friends, I have been meaning to write this for some time. Michael at the Daily Paul keeps asking me, so here it is. My name is Erik Petroni and I wanted to open up on who I am and what motivated me to create the Super Brochure...and, the NEVER QUIT story.

It started with my father. I grew up in the Canal Zone where my father was a Panama Canal Ships pilot. During the illegal giveaway of the Panama Canal by the Jimmy Carter administration, I learned the "behind the scenes" of the Rockefellers and the Federal Reserve who were behind the giveaway. A part of this was the knowledge that the world bankers needed to take the control of the Canal from the American people and put it under UN control, and they did. I was so hurt by this giveaway that I intently studied all the behind the scenes players. The book that opened my understanding was called: The Unseen Hand.

We were forced to leave the Canal Zone in 2000 and for the next 8 years I traveled the world filming and shooting campaigns and coaching my sister in surfing. She became the #1 American female surfer in 2008.

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