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Crisis, Levithan, and the 4th Turning

Our host has reviewed the book The Fourth Turning on his site and I would suggest everyone read it.

It is one reason, that except it might be slightly early, that a Ron Paul presidency is a certainty.

The part of the cycle we are about to encounter is the Kondratieff winter, or what the authors of the 4th turning call "Crisis". It happens every 4th generation, and was the origin of our revolutionary war (tax and regulation), the civil war, the great depression through WW2, and now.

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Polling Methodology and Politics

Really great article explaining polling by Rick Fisk now up on

When anyone asks any of us why Ron Paul is still so low on polls, we are becoming armed with a wealth of logical responses.

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Ron Paul Presidential Campaign, Self-organizing Complex System

Great article just out on :

The author, Dr. Richard L. Sanders lives in The Netherlands and is a Visiting Professor at the Institute of Economic Research at Lund University in Sweden. His major research interest is understanding how to bring "complexity thinking" into the business community. He is a big Ron Paul fan and has been studying for years exactly the type of phenomenon that is happening now with this campaign.

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First Read: The Day in Politics

From NBC's Mark Murray
Our friends at Hotline made this excellent point: We all know by now that Paul has more cash on hand than McCain. But he also has more cash on hand than seven other presidential hopefuls combined (Tancredo, Brownback, Huckabee, Kucinich, Hunter, T. Thompson, and Gravel).

The only thing I didn't like was the title: Ron Paul's Warchest!

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Ron Paul Just Mentioned on PBS' NewsHour

On the 7 pm PBS NewsHour a few minutes ago, Gwen Infill was interviewing a couple of political analyst types about second quarter contributions raised by the Presidential candidates. Both analysts stuck to the so-called top tier candidates.

Gwen is a good person and it seemed to me that she began structuring her questions in order to get a Ron Paul mention from either of them. Over and over I thought NOW they will HAVE to mention Ron Paul. They did not.

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Ron Paul LEADS GOP Candidates in Military Donations

52.53% of military donations to GOP candidates went to Ron Paul. It may be only $23,000, but I think it is very significant. As a mother, it almost makes me cry. They want to come home. Their families want them home. I would imagine these are primarily grassroots small individual contributions. I think they are huge.

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Reason Magazine on the Ron Paul Movement

From Reason Magazine
by Jesse Walker | July 16, 2007

Among the other firsts of his campaign, Ron Paul is probably the only presidential contender to be compared to a Samuel L. Jackson movie. The Texas congressman, a dark horse candidate for the Republican nomination, was being lightly grilled by Kevin Pereira, a host on the videogame-oriented cable channel G4. "Young people online, they were really psyched about Snakes on a Plane, but that didn't translate into big ticket sales for Sam Jackson," Pereira said. "Are you worried that page views on a MySpace page might not translate to primary votes?"

The reference was to the Internet sensation of 2006, an action movie whose cheesy title and premise had sparked a burst of online creativity: mash-ups, mock trailers, parody films, blogger in-jokes. Hollywood interpreted this activity as "buzz," and New Line Cinema inflated its hopes for the movie's box office take. When the film instead did about as well as you'd expect from a picture called Snakes on a Plane, the keepers of the conventional wisdom declared that this was proof of the great gulf between what's popular on the Internet and what sells in the material world.

Ron Paul is popular on the Internet, too, with more YouTube subscribers than any other candidate, the fastest-growing political presence in MySpace, a constant perch atop the Technorati rankings, and a near-Olympian record at winning unscientific Web polls. Like Snakes, he is the subject of scads of homemade videos and passionate blog posts. When Pereira mentioned the movie, he was making a clear comparison: Yes, your online fans are noisy, but will their enthusiasm actually translate into electoral success?

Continue reading at Reason Magazine

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Pajamas Media Drops Ron Paul (Again)

Here's Pajamas Media explanation of why they dropped Ron Paul from their polling: (Thanks Patrick.)

Following the established rules of the Pajamas Media Straw Poll, Ron Paul, winner of the twenty-fifth week among the Republican candidates, has been dropped from the poll for the forthcoming period. Paul did not make the required minimum number of one percent on the most recent USA Today/Gallup Poll.

Despite heavy support from Internet groups for some time, the Texas Congressman continues not to make a dent on national polls. While our evidence is only anecdotal (many email complaints), Pajamas Media editors suspect that targeted voting by Paul supporters on this and other open polls may even be hurting their candidate because the public is turned off by his supporters’ behavior.

Interesting. What it looks like to me is that we have a showdown between old and new media. Comments anyone?

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Look Who's On Cover/Foreign Affairs Newsletter

No comment. Make signs. Get the word out.

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Kansas City Billboard


This is an amazing effort by private citizens. Hey everyone - you can do it, too! Thank you, Kansas City!

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Ron Paul Gets Props for His Surge

In the latest Associated Press article on the Presidential fundraising race, the first half is about the Democrats. But before talking about any other Republicans, Ron Paul gets more than the usual attention:

Among Republicans filing Sunday, Ron Paul, the Texas congressman running a long-shot campaign, reported raising nearly $2.4 million from April through June and ended the quarter with a similar amount in the bank.

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100 Days, 100 Signs - Mauston, WI

Ken Van Doren of Mauston, WI organized a local RP sign making project to make 100 signs in 100 days.

This is amazing, and an inspiration to us all!!! Thank you!

See how they did it, in the additional photo links below:

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Weekend Watching: The Liberty Dollar

When news came out last week that Liberty Dollar started minting the Ron Paul Liberty Dollar, I signed up right away.

What is it? Back in 1974, a little company called Fed Ex started competing with the government monopoly known as the Post Office, which was plagued by inflation, poor service, and surly counter help. Fed Ex became a huge success, and the competition forced the PO to shape up. In 1998, the Liberty Dollar was launched to compete with another quasi-governmental monopoly, the Federal Reserve. The Fed prints money like it is going out of style, causing inflation; its currency is backed by nothing. The Liberty Dollar is real money - backed by gold and silver - that is designed to compete with Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs).

I signed up as a Liberty Dollar Associate, and my package arrived yesterday (sadly, the Ron Paul dollars are so popular that they're on back order). There was a great DVD included (actually three DVDs), including this snip from the Learning Channel that does an excellent job explaining just what the Liberty Dollar is. More to come on how to beat the Fed by using our own money. Enjoy:

Become a Liberty Dollar Associate, too.

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Help Ron Paul Raise $10 Million

There is a pledge going around to raise $10 million for Ron Paul by September 16th:

Raise 10 Million for Ron Paul

The goal is for 10,000 people to donate $1,000. When I first saw it, I was skeptical. A thousand bucks is a lot of money, and 10,000 - is a lot of people.

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Overflow Crowds at Google Hear Ron Paul

Ron Paul's day at Google was a great success, with 250 employees filling the room to hear him and another 100 in an overflow room to watch him on closed-circuit TV.

His reception from Google employees was enthusiastic. Many wore Ron Paul t-shirts, like Vijay Boyapati, an Indian immigrant who gained citizenship last year. Boyapati flew from Google's Seattle office just to hear him in person.

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