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Ron Paul Rally - June 30 Iowa

From the campaign:

In Iowa: Ron Paul to Celebrate Life and Liberty
Posted on June 23, 2007

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul will celebrate life and liberty at a rally in Des Moines, Iowa on Saturday, June 30th.

Dr. Paul will share his message of freedom, peace and prosperity at the Hy-Vee Hall, Room C, Iowa Events Center, 730 Third Street, Des Moines, Iowa. The rally will start immediately following the conclusion of the Presidential Candidates Forum sponsored by Iowans for Tax Relief and Iowa Christian Alliance at approximately 4:30 p.m.

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Weekend Watching - Why We Fight

As I have said before, this is as much an educational campaign as it is a presidential campaign. There is a lot of background we need to understand in order really understand how important the message is.

This week, take a look at the BBC documentary, "Why We Fight." Dr. Paul is not in this video, but many of the ideas he speaks of are. The whole film is about the military-industrial complex. In the first six minutes of the video, you'll hear Chalmers Johnson, explain what Blowback really is.

(Note - this is just part 1 of 4. For the remaining parts, see here)

Chalmers Johnson: "Blowback - it's a CIA term. Blowback does not simply mean the unintended consequences of foreign operations. It means the unintended consequences of foreign operations that were deliberately kept secret from the American public. So that when the retaliation comes, the American public is not able to put it in context - is not able to put cause and effect together. And they then come up with questions like, "Why do they hate us?""

For more information on blowback from US policy in Iran, see this excellent video

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Help Iowa Get 30,000 Ron Paul DVDs!

This comes by way of the Ron Paul Forums:

Jeff Lins writes:

For the last few weeks, I have been working on a project to get a Ron Paul DVD made that we can distribute in Iowa. This DVD will come in a regular box case with a full color cover and full color printing on the disc. It is being professionally done in a factory and so will look just like a DVD you would get from the store. The title is "The Revolution Has Begun".

Once people hear the Ron Paul message, they get hooked. Ron Paul on video is an incredibly powerful thing. Distributing this many DVDs has the potential to win us the straw poll here in Iowa. In fact, it is the main focus of the DVD. The Iowa straw poll is one of the most significant political events that happens in America. So significant that it gets worldwide media coverage. Whoever wins the Iowa straw poll usually goes on to win the caucus and since Iowa is one of the first states to hold their caucus (a.k.a. primary), it has a lot of weight.

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Ron Paul Gets the 'Colbert Bump'

Thursday night Stephen Colbert demonstrated that Ron Paul had gotten an incredible "Colbert Bump." A wonderfully entertaining clip!

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Hundreds Meeting in Iowa: Moving Outside the Internet Box

My friend the Constitutional Cat (one of them at least - you've heard their music) writes:

"I think its important that we represent that we are out of the "Internet Box" that they are trying to put us in. We need to put some fear into the press at this point. They want to contain us on "the Internet" like we are some little subculture. We will not be undermined. We are THEY! We are the Conspiracy of Good, ready to bring the Constitution back to the United States.

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Way To Go Kansas City!

Great news from Kansas City...standing ovations...huge crowd...and KC
Meet-up had 700 enthusiastic folks out. Am sure the KC people will be sending their first hand info, but this is from the Ron Paul main site. (Be sure to look at the pictures!)

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What's Wrong with Ethanol?

John Stossel tells us:

Among some of the points made in this 5 minute piece:

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Terrorized by the "War on Terror"

How a Three-Word Mantra Has Undermined America

By Zbigniew Brzezinski
The Washington Post
Sunday, March 25, 2007; Page B01

The "war on terror" has created a culture of fear in America. The Bush administration's elevation of these three words into a national mantra since the horrific events of 9/11 has had a pernicious impact on American democracy, on America's psyche and on U.S. standing in the world. Using this phrase has actually undermined our ability to effectively confront the real challenges we face from fanatics who may use terrorism against us.

Continue reading...

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Friday Morning Funny

I don't want anyone to take offense at this little 30 second video - it is all in good fun. As far as I'm concerned the punch lined could be

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Kings of Fiat

I received this great email tonight from Colin Elliott who is a musician in a band:

I'm 24 and a huge fan of Ron Paul in Eugene, Oregon. This song has been popular locally whenever my band plays it. I never thought of submitting it to you, but I think it has a relevant message in light of Dr. Paul's campaign. It's about the Federal Reserve and called "Kings of Fiat".

We have to remember that it was the final separation of the dollar from gold that caused Dr. Paul to enter congress in the first place. The song discusses the nature of the Fed, everything from its shady history to the idea that we, the people, need to be doing all we can to fight it. The Fed's ability to print money out of thin air is the reason we have the runaway entitlement spending and military adventurism we do. It all goes back to them. Thank goodness Ron Paul is brave enough to fight them!

It may seem impossible to write a coherent song about monetary policy - but it has been done! People hear this song and actually listen to the words - they get very excited. Anyway, here is a YouTube of it being played live and the album version which was recorded a few months ago. I hope you enjoy it.

This is the currency, the specie which you trade
It bears the name of those who fund this masquerade

It's not worth a thing!
For me or for you

There was a simple time when this a receipt
It was backed by gold and valuable but now it's just deceit

Trade it in for liberty
Stop the Fed and be set free

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Ron Paul Yesterday on Iran

One of the most disturbing items in recent news is the US posturing toward Iran and threats of US using nuclear power. Here is what Dr, Paul said yesterday on the floor of the house:

That is the voice of reason I want speaking for me. Here is H.ConRes21, who introduced it and who has signed on to it at this point. Interesting to note the dates by names.

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Iowa Farmers Look to Ron Paul to Legalize Hemp Production

“Plans are afoot for a great expansion of the hemp industry.” So proclaimed the Department of Agriculture in its rousing 1942 movie, “Hemp for Victory”, which urged farmers to rally to the cause.

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I just got off the phone with John Northdurft of and he has reported that the Americans for Fair Tax has sent a letter to the Iowans for Tax Relief, Attn: Mr. Ed Failor stating that they believe all candidates should be invited to the Iowa Forum.


Mr. Northdurft said that they will not pull out of the forum because they believe the answers the candidates will give are important to the members of FairTax.


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Chicago Sun-Times Letter

Ted Bodine sent me the following message:

Dear DailyPaul,
I recently got my "letter to the editor" published in the Chicago Sun-Times, and they even put a medium sized picture of Ron Paul next to the letter. I was very pleased to learn of this. The link to my letter can be found here.

I just thought you guys might want to know! I view this as a decent breakthrough in getting attention from major publications.

-Ted Bodine

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