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Friday Morning Funny

I don't want anyone to take offense at this little 30 second video - it is all in good fun. As far as I'm concerned the punch lined could be

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Kings of Fiat

I received this great email tonight from Colin Elliott who is a musician in a band:

I'm 24 and a huge fan of Ron Paul in Eugene, Oregon. This song has been popular locally whenever my band plays it. I never thought of submitting it to you, but I think it has a relevant message in light of Dr. Paul's campaign. It's about the Federal Reserve and called "Kings of Fiat".

We have to remember that it was the final separation of the dollar from gold that caused Dr. Paul to enter congress in the first place. The song discusses the nature of the Fed, everything from its shady history to the idea that we, the people, need to be doing all we can to fight it. The Fed's ability to print money out of thin air is the reason we have the runaway entitlement spending and military adventurism we do. It all goes back to them. Thank goodness Ron Paul is brave enough to fight them!

It may seem impossible to write a coherent song about monetary policy - but it has been done! People hear this song and actually listen to the words - they get very excited. Anyway, here is a YouTube of it being played live and the album version which was recorded a few months ago. I hope you enjoy it.

This is the currency, the specie which you trade
It bears the name of those who fund this masquerade

It's not worth a thing!
For me or for you

There was a simple time when this a receipt
It was backed by gold and valuable but now it's just deceit

Trade it in for liberty
Stop the Fed and be set free

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Ron Paul Yesterday on Iran

One of the most disturbing items in recent news is the US posturing toward Iran and threats of US using nuclear power. Here is what Dr, Paul said yesterday on the floor of the house:

That is the voice of reason I want speaking for me. Here is H.ConRes21, who introduced it and who has signed on to it at this point. Interesting to note the dates by names.

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Iowa Farmers Look to Ron Paul to Legalize Hemp Production

“Plans are afoot for a great expansion of the hemp industry.” So proclaimed the Department of Agriculture in its rousing 1942 movie, “Hemp for Victory”, which urged farmers to rally to the cause.

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I just got off the phone with John Northdurft of and he has reported that the Americans for Fair Tax has sent a letter to the Iowans for Tax Relief, Attn: Mr. Ed Failor stating that they believe all candidates should be invited to the Iowa Forum.


Mr. Northdurft said that they will not pull out of the forum because they believe the answers the candidates will give are important to the members of FairTax.


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Chicago Sun-Times Letter

Ted Bodine sent me the following message:

Dear DailyPaul,
I recently got my "letter to the editor" published in the Chicago Sun-Times, and they even put a medium sized picture of Ron Paul next to the letter. I was very pleased to learn of this. The link to my letter can be found here.

I just thought you guys might want to know! I view this as a decent breakthrough in getting attention from major publications.

-Ted Bodine

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Candidate's Exclusion from Forum Criticized


June 21, 2007

The decision by a tax watchdog group in Iowa to keep some presidential candidates from attending its political forum in Des Moines next week has led to a barrage of angry responses from supporters of U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, one of the Republicans seeking the GOP nomination.

Paul, a Texas congressman, will not be among the six GOP candidates scheduled to speak at the June 30 event in Des Moines. The forum at Hy-Vee Hall is jointly sponsored by the Iowa Christian Alliance.

Officials of Iowans for Tax Relief said the decision not to invite Paul had to do with his scant campaign organization in the state and his low ranking in Iowa polls.

Participating in the event will be former governors Mike Huckabee of Arkansas, Mitt Romney of Massachusetts and Tommy Thompson of Wisconsin, along with U.S. Sen. Sam Brownback of Kansas and U.S. Reps. Duncan Hunter of California and Tom Tancredo of Colorado.

But Paul - like John Cox and Mark Klein, two other Republican candidates - was not invited because the invitations only went to those candidates who are "credible," said Ed Failor Jr., vice president of Iowans for Tax Relief.

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Help Dr. Paul - Answer your phone!

I was dismayed to hear a Democrat strategist who was being interviewed on Wednesday night's O'Reilly Factor say that there was "no anti-war candidate on the Republican side."
This my friends is a blatant form of censorship. Certainly someone calling herself a Democrat strategist who is called on to speak on national TV, cannot be that ignorant of the facts.
Sadly, we have seen some questionable behavior in both the mainstream media and with certain individuals in Dr. Paul's own party who have tried to exclude Ron Paul from debates, forums, and polls.

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Conversation with Mr. Gopal Krishna, Krishna Consulting, Sponsor

I was probably one of many folks who called Krishna Consulting and spoke to Mr. Gopal Krishna. He was polite and took time to speak with me in a lengthy conversation. The motivation of sponsoring this forum, according to Mr. Gopal, is that their group can be in on asking questions of the candidates with the goal of exposing any weaknesses in a candidates position on the major issues.

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Contact Iowa Christian Alliance Over Blocking Ron Paul

The second primary sponsor of the Iowa forum that is blocking Ron Paul from participation is the Iowa Christian Alliance.

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Ron Paul on the House Floor Today

Ron Paul made the following opening statement today for the Committee on Financial Services Paulsen Hearing:

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Ron Paul on MSNBC 'Super Tuesday'

Ron Paul on MSNBC's "Super Tuesday" yesterday. He has interviewed by Chris Jansing (earlier was reported as Chris Matthews).

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On Returning to the Gold Standard

by Michael Nystrom
June 20, 2007

This article also appeared on Bull! Not bull 

There were a couple of interesting pieces yesterday on about the possibility of a return to the gold standard. The article: Ditch the Fed, Go Back to Gold made the front page, and embedded within the article was a link to a video interview with the author, Simon Constable. Gold has obviously come a long way in the last decade in terms of public awareness. Rising inflation has generated considerable interest in the so-called “barbaric metal.”

At first blush, both the article and the interview appear to give the gold standard a fair hearing, but both ultimately reject the idea as unworkable. This rejection is based on some faulty underlying assumptions as well as some muddled thinking. In an attempt to clarify the some of these issues, I have transcribed the interview and interjected some of my own comments from my vantage point here in the peanut gallery. I wasn’t invited to the interview, but that won’t stop me from participating in it on behalf of gold bugs everywhere!

You can view the video by clicking here.

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Excluding Ron Paul by Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

The Iowa Christian Alliance and Iowans for Tax Relief are co-sponsoring a Republican candidates’ forum for June 30. The event will feature Mitt Romney, Tommy Thompson, Sam Brownback, Jim Gilmore, Mike Huckabee, and Tom Tancredo.

Ron Paul, however, is to be excluded.

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