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It is Very Easy to be Generous with Taxpayer's Money

Ron Paul was one of Ronald Reagan's earliest supporters. So why on earth would he vote against awarding a Congressional Gold Medal to Ronald and Nancy Reagan? Read what Dr. Paul himself said and I think that whatever your political persuasion, you will agree with him.

The following is Dr. Paul's statement:

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Kevin in NYC Preparing for Colbert Report

Kevin, who runs the excellent Ron Paul 2008 NYC Blog put the above video together on what he's doing to prepare for the rally today at the Colbert Report Studios. Great stuff Kevin! Take a look - if Kevin can do it, we all can do it!

The technology of the internet really does change the playing field

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The next CRITICAL hurdle - Iowa 8/11 Straw Poll

Friday, Pat Buchanan wrote an article,

about Rudy and John not wanting to be in Iowa's 8/11 straw poll. Two months from now. What if Ron Paul had a strong showing? What will it take? If he gets strong support here, I think he will just build on the momentum. And there should be enough Iowans annoyed at the GrinOP to help. Any suggestions?


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Ron Paul Places 2nd in Utah GOP State Convention Straw Poll

At the Utah State Republican Convention this past weekend, Ron Paul came in second place with 5.66%.  Mitt Romney carried 81% in the Mormon state.

What is significant is that, unlike online polls, GOP convention straw polls are closely controlled.

According to Ivan Dubois of the Utah State GOP HQ, only registered elected delegates to the convention were able to vote.  No "stacking" of votes can take place, since only elected party activists voted.

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Ron Paul at FFF Conference

Ron Paul's speech at the Future Freedom Forum right before the last debate is up on UTUBES. It is a six-parter...a must listen.

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Putting Our Money Where Our Mouths (and Hearts) Are

Until I wrote out that check that you see above about ten minutes ago, I haven't donated any money to the campaign. I figured that running this website was my donation. But I changed my mind over the weekend.

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Petition for Fair and Equal Treatment in the Media of Dr Ron Paul

Another way you can help is to sign the Petition for Fair and Equal Treatment in the Media of Dr Ron Paul's Presidential Election Campaign. Click here to sign the petition, and spread the word!

The petition currently has 3,674 signers, and the goal is for 10,000. This site gets about 2,800 visitors per day. Let's see if we can get the number of signers up to 5,000 by the end of the day.

More info on the petition here

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Ron Paul Photos

I have been trying to gather and post as many photos as possible to the NH TV station site as well as FLICKR on Ron's official site.

I am not sure if these two sites are linked right now but hope they will be if not.

The WMUR slide show takes longer to get posted as they must be approved, but there are some different ones there as well starting with the first fundraiser at the houseparty in Pembroke.

Slideshow here

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Council on Foreign Relations Information

This may be redundant, but needs to be proliferated and discussed:

[sarcasm]Yeah...I guess it's that pesky sovereignty that's keeping us down. It would sure be nice if the world were one big, happy country![/sarcasm]

Face it, folks...we're one hurricane away from King George making this a reality. I don't recall a referendum or public dabate on these issues. Are we going to let this happen?

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One Million RP Supporters Online

Analyst predicts there will be one million RP supporters online by 2008.
Read here:

We the people are going to win this thing in the most unique, historical manner. Now, how do we insure that the polls, voting machines are not rigged?

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Petition: Fair Media Treatment for GOP Ron Paul

Petition: Fair Media Treatment for GOP Ron Paul

Great article posted an hour ago on Free Market News Network. Sign the petition. Read the scoop on Fred. Very interesting stuff!

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Ron Paul on Quinn and Cantara Show, Manchester NH

I got this interview audio file by special request. It is Ron on the Quinn and Cantara show. However, since posting it last week, my server has reached its bandwidth allowance! (Hmmm, can't imagine why!)

So, if you'd like to make this file available, please email me and I will get it to you to post and thus it will take the burden off one server alone.


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Sharing the Ron Paul Experience!

Dear Friends,

Even if you do not live in NH where Ron will be doing heavy campaigning or one of the other early states and thus cannot get to meet Ron, we want you to live vicariously through us!

Thus I invite everyone and anyone who has photos to upload them to Ron's space on FLICKR as well as the NH television station's website for Ron, WMUR-TV where the locals who don't know about Ron can see his events.

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