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Ron Paul Against Foreign Aid Of Any Kind

Here's why by Ron Paul

I typed in my search engine "Foreign Aid, A travesty ...and lo and behold, there was Ron Paul. Amazing this internet .

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Ron Paul on MSNBC's "Tucker"

Ron Paul was fantastic (as usual) on MSNBC's "Tucker" today.

Tucker Carlson told Ron he wanted to have him back regularly to teach the viewers about freedom.

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Video and Photos of Ron Paul Events

If you have video or audio of any of these events, please post.

Tuesay, June 5 - Ron on NHPR's 'Exchange' Show with Laura Knoy:

This was a fantastic hour-long interview..Great job Laura!

Tuesay, June 5 - Ron at the NH GOP debates and Murphy's Taproom afterward. - If you have any video or photos of the rally or reception afterward, please consider posting to Ron's page on WMUR:

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Best Way To Help RP-Go To The Library

I agree with: who say one of their favorite RP sites is the "virtual library" where over 700 speeches etc. can be found, fifty added in the last few days!

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Young Voters for Ron Paul TV Ads!

"Ron Paul Junkie" Rachel Mills is preparing the first Ron Paul TV ads to keep the campaign momentum going after the New Hampshire debate. You may remember Rachel from her popular YouTube video.

Check out the rough draft.

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The Modern Day Boston Tea-V Party

Ron Paul is being glossed over by the main stream media as being the 'fringe', 'second-tier', 'non-electable' candidate. We know that's not true. So, let's have a Boston Tea-V Party. The plan...set a date nationwide (4th. of July). Pick up every used TV you can, at garage sales, second hand stores, etc. In the spirit of the Boston Tea Party, set up a staged event where the Ron Paul Patriots come together in one high-profile place and 'dump' all these Tea-V's into one massive heaping pile.

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There is something happening here

I just checked ABC News' online poll and it had 24,000 of the 27,000 votes cast for Paul.

You could argue that there is someone fixing the result, but whatever the case, it's clear that Dr. Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate generating excitement among young people.

I watched the debate last night with the Meet Up group in New York City, and you could feel the excitement. Watching the debate it was clear to me that:

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Major GOP Candidates Lack Ability to Follow Simple CNN Rules

A simple observation... GOP candidates at the CNN debate were given some simple instructions to follow to keep the debate on a 'level playing field'. The rules were so blatantly over-looked and disregarded by the so-called 'major' candidates, one can only wonder what other rules they'll blatantly disregard if ever given the power that comes with the Presidency of the U.S.A. As usual, Congressman Paul, the statesman and gentleman, showed America what "Presidential" really is. Dr.'re our modern day hero -

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The Debate!

Here it is...thanks to voteronpaul08...I just moved it up to a blog knowing if Michael wasn't at the debate he'd do that.

thank you....thank you...thank you

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Ron Paul Snubbed, But Did Great

Lew says Ron was passed over but still did great. I anticipated this as they put the top contenders in the Democratic Debate in the middle and just passed over the others. It's okay. Let the so-called top-contenders slug it out in true "I'm a politician" fashion. In such a setting, Ron Paul...the statesman comes out a winner.

I'm still searching for news...West Coast ...

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Vote MSNBC..Link Below

Here's the MSNBC link. Vote here, there and everywhere.

I'm on the West Coast searching everywhere for news. Major media is not mentioning Ron Paul. Did he get shut out? BTW, he's leading the MSNBC poll.

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Elect A Statesman, Not A Politician

Ran into a supporter today who said Ron Paul is not a politician...he is a statesman. This is my new handle for Ron Paul. He's a statesman, not a politician. Democrat or Republican...we can expect the same from either. Conservative or liberal...doesn't mean much anymore. "Politician"...bad connotation nowdays.But statesman? Ron Paul is the only candidate who can be described in that way.

web definition of statesman from is:a man who is a respected leader in national or international affairs

webnet definition of politician from same source:

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Ron Paul Wins Democratic Debate

As we are all on pins and needles about tonight's debate, it is good to lighten up and know all is well. Ron Paul has some huge supporters over on The Spoof. I thought this was funny.

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3 - 5% Higher in Polls

Good news here.

Please post any additional increase in national polls here. Let's see what happens after tonight's debate!

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