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Ron Paul Snubbed, But Did Great

Lew says Ron was passed over but still did great. I anticipated this as they put the top contenders in the Democratic Debate in the middle and just passed over the others. It's okay. Let the so-called top-contenders slug it out in true "I'm a politician" fashion. In such a setting, Ron Paul...the statesman comes out a winner.

I'm still searching for news...West Coast ...

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Vote MSNBC..Link Below

Here's the MSNBC link. Vote here, there and everywhere.

I'm on the West Coast searching everywhere for news. Major media is not mentioning Ron Paul. Did he get shut out? BTW, he's leading the MSNBC poll.

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Elect A Statesman, Not A Politician

Ran into a supporter today who said Ron Paul is not a politician...he is a statesman. This is my new handle for Ron Paul. He's a statesman, not a politician. Democrat or Republican...we can expect the same from either. Conservative or liberal...doesn't mean much anymore. "Politician"...bad connotation nowdays.But statesman? Ron Paul is the only candidate who can be described in that way.

web definition of statesman from is:a man who is a respected leader in national or international affairs

webnet definition of politician from same source:

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Ron Paul Wins Democratic Debate

As we are all on pins and needles about tonight's debate, it is good to lighten up and know all is well. Ron Paul has some huge supporters over on The Spoof. I thought this was funny.

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3 - 5% Higher in Polls

Good news here.

Please post any additional increase in national polls here. Let's see what happens after tonight's debate!

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Ron Paul on The Daily Show


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How Ron Paul Became President

Great article leading in to information about the Freedomfest Conference July 5-7 where Ron Paul will be a speaker and there will be a reception honoring him.

That site may lead you to a better understand why the gold standard is important.

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Ron Paul Donations Increase Fourfold

Wasn't it just a few weeks ago that we read donations had doubled? Media spin will continue to question the number of supporters, but money talks. If everyone reading the dailypaul contributed to the campaign, we would provide the critics with yet another verifiable basis for true support that can hardly be questioned. In addition, there is no better way to show Ron Paul our support and help get his very critical message out.

Read the article here

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Wouldn't it be nice to carry clean water for the GOP?

Vox Day asks Rush to endorse Paul

Vox puts it better than I. Maybe Rush will listen and act instead of complaining about how bad his "friends" are.

Put simply, ought you endorse someone who says they agree with you but is also agreeable with the enemy every time it matters, or someone who you agree with 90% but has principles and has never violated them? In the former, we've been lucky to get 20% on the stuff we agree on.

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Ron Paul TV Ads: Help Rachel Spread the Word

"Ron Paul Junkie" Rachel Mills is preparing the first Ron Paul TV ads to keep the campaign momentum going after the New Hampshire debate. You probably remember Rachel from her popular YouTube video.

Check out the rough draft.

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A letter of thanks

A letter to Dr. Ron Paul

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Quotes of the Founding Fathers

At the behest of a coworker, I've been reading a lot lately. He had been sending me daily emails for several months and trying to get me involved in and informed on many issues that he felt were threats to our liberty and sovereignty. I finally was able to sit still long enough to watch Aaron Russo's America: Freedom To Fascism. In that film I was "introduced" to Dr. Ron Paul. I was awakened by AFTF and continued reading and researching as much as I could about Dr. Paul (and other topics). I am very much

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Ron Paul - Events and Demands

I am going to try to post all events as I hear of them, on Ron's space on Eventful and hope you will too. This is for all states.

If you know of an event in NH where he could appear, add it to your DEMANDS for Ron. See if the city is already there and then add it. If it's already there and you can attend, VOTE for it.

Events so far for NH where Ron is concentrating:

Monday June 4th: Quinn & Cantara on WGIR 101.1FM airs from 7PM - 11 PM and I'm not sure what time Ron will appear. Not sure if they archive their shows either.

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Ron Paul in NH: Debate Rally Heating Up

The NH debate rally is shaping up to be a success and I am looking forward to meeting many new Ron Paul supporters. C'mon up!

We have many other possible venues for Ron that are listed on Eventful's website.

This is where we would like to see Ron next as NH is such an important State so please help us demand these events!

June 4 - NH Reagan Network Dinner - Manchester

June 6 - NH GOP Presidential Gala Dinner - Manchester

June 17 - NH Liberty Alliance Dinner - Concord

June 21 - Bedford Republican Committee Picnic - Bedford

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