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Educating Rudy with CIA's Michael Sheuer plus bonus interview!

Here is the controversial press conference with CIAs Sheuer and Ron explaining what Ron meant when he had his little tiff with Rudy.

We demand that this be TELEVISED on mainstream media. Is it too controversial?

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Confessions of a Ron Paul Junkie

More Rachel!

Hat tip to Gene Berkman.

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Can Rudy be Educated?

Probably not, Rudy is an old dog.

Ron Paul appeared at a news conference with Michael Scheuer, the former head of the CIA's bin Laden Unit, to give it a try.

From the Washington Post/Reuters:

U.S. candidate Paul assigns reading to Giuliani

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The First Family ???

I got an email through and the writer referred to our family potentially as “The First Family.” The writer also said they wanted to know more about us and our extended family. I thought I would provide a little information about us. It is wild that people care to know about us, and it is certainly exciting.

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More buzz

1. Where's the mass of cyber-puffer-fish for Tancredo, Thompson, Hunter, whomever. Paul is well on the radar like a thunderhead.

2. Where it will matter will be in Iowa, Arizona, and New Hampshire. The Bushbots will show up at the polls and caucuses, but they are visible and part of the party machine. Paul's supporters are grass-roots. They haven't figured out they are fighting an insurgency. A distributed system. Something hard to count. There's plenty of time to get organized to do a surprise in the early races.

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Ron Paul to Appear On Bill Maher ... AGAIN !

Bill Maher has called and offered Ron Paul another spot on the show. This came after Maher announced that Paul was his new hero.

He has asked that my grandfather fly to California to appear on the show live from the studio !!!

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Ron Paul on C-SPAN

Ron Paul will be on C-SPAN from the House Floor around 8pm Central. He will be on for nearly 1 hour....

Tune in....I just got the call from my grandmother Carol Paul with the news.

Edit - The House of Representatives called the office and said it might be earlier so it might be around 7:45 Central.

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Ron Paul Fundraiser with Jimmie Vaughn - May 20th

May 20th Fundraiser with Jimmie Vaughn:

More below...

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How to win support for Ron Paul

I have just compiled a list of 'teaching' videos, that is, videos you can use for people who say, 'Who is Ron Paul and what does he stand for' or, 'Is Ron healthy enough' or 'What is Ron's voting record' etc. There is something here for all the issues just about, to let Democrats, Republicans, and Independents see for themselves. Just copy this list of videos. I did all the work so you don't have to.

First, Ron on the debates:

FOX and MSNBC polls ARE correct truer random samplings of the people:

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Ron Paul - 'We need greater tax cuts'

In this pre-debate video, Cavuto was almost expecting to pigeonhole Ron with the whining liberals who are always complaining about the Bush 'tax cuts for the rich'.

When Cavuto asks him if he would rescind those tax cuts, here Ron tells him what he would do. He says if Ron expresses his views in the debates, he will create fireworks...

Let's hope Ron will be allowed to talk about his voting record with regard to tax cuts on June 5th.

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Let's have a Ron Paul debate

Here is a petition to demand that Rudy debate Ron Paul ONE ON ONE on the issue of what so qualifies Rudy to be a security expert and what does Rudy know, or not know about foreign policy.

I suspect Rudy's foreign policy knowledge is lacking and just having been mayor at the time of the WTC attacks does NOT make him presidential material.

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Frontrunner Ron Paul, 100% Republican and here to stay!

I hope this video with a message from Ron at the end will explain why giving that insignificant flea in the MI GOP any more blogtime is useless and unproductive.

Ron is 120% Republican, and according to FOX and MNSBC his post debate support was great and growing. He is #1 on YouTube of either party's candidates. Note that since the second debate, RG's mainstream polling points have dropped like a rock since (11% to be exact) and JMcC's points are at an all-time low. Ron has nowhere to go but UP.

Please do not waste anymore time on the man from the MI GOP!

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Saul issues a "correction"

Ron Paul's supporters have asked me to make a "correction". I replayed the tape and what he actually said versus what many (including myself) perceived he said is different. Here is an excerpt from their letter:

If he truly stands by his original post - that it wasn't about Paul but about the field being too large, let him submit a new petition asking everyone in this most recent poll who is getting 1% or less to not be allowed in.

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