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Ron Paul Interview on CBN's "The Brody File" from 5/24/2007

I haven't seen this posted yet - here's a link to an interview done with Dr. Paul by CBN Senior National Correspondent, David Brody, on the same day of the 'Educating Rudy' press conference.

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Will Giuliani Debate Paul One-on-One?

The annual FreedomFest conference, has issued a debate invitation to GOP Presidential candidates Rudy Giuliani and Ron Paul to use FreedomFest ‘07 as a debate venue to further explore their fundamental differences in foreign policy and the war in Iraq that were highlighted in the Columbia, SC debate.

Mark Skousen, producer of the debate issued the invitation to both candidates this week. FreedomFest will be held in Las Vegas July 5-7.

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Ron Paul on CNN 5/27

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Paul Supporters Put Howard Kurtz in His Place

Last week, on CNN's Reliable Sources, host Howard Kurtz used Ron Paul as a foil to whip up support for the media favorite, Rudy Giuliani.

But we begin by turning our critical lens on the Republican presidential debate on FOX News. The most replayed sound bite by far was of Giuliani responding to Texas' congressman Ron Paul's declaration that we, the U.S., brought on the 9/11 attacks by bombing Iraq for a decade. (He then plays the tape of Giuliani's response without Paul's comments.)

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Support Ron Paul on June 5th at the NH Debate

Please join us as we rally outside Sullivan Arena for Ron Paul when he appears in the debate at St. Anselm's College in Manchester, NH. Meet us in the lot in front of Joan of Arc hall.

A map of the campus is here: Campus Map

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Ron Paul in Mandarin

I was sitting in a cafe on Friday afternoon reading the newspaper with my wife. My wife hails from Taiwan, so she was reading a paper published in Mandarin. Suddenly I heard her exclaim, "Hey! Ron Paul!" and she showed me the article that scanned and reproduced above. This is a translation of a Reuters story, and the headline reads something like, "Divided Opinions on Terrorism in the Presidential Debate: Paul Advises Giuliani to Read More."

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The YouTube Factor

In the past week, YouTube viewership of Ron Paul videos has increased by about 600% and is accelerating.

TechPresident tracks the numbers, updated daily. Here are the current stats:

The Washington Post's Jeff Jarvis highlights Ron Paul's performance.

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Ron Paul



To find out more about Ron Paul's campaign for the presidency, visit .

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Ron Paul Touted on The McLaughlin Group

On tonight's McLaughlin Group, panelist Eleanor Clift brought up Ron Paul favorably.

During a discussion on the conservative movement, started as a discussion of the death of Jerry Falwell, Clift named Ron Paul as Barry Goldwater's heir:

Barry Goldwater's heir in the current Republican field is Texas Congressman Ron Paul, who is a libertarian, and who is really striking a chord. He's not going to win the nomination or the Presidency, but he is speaking to a lot of people who think the Republican Party has gone way too far into the bedrooms of American people, and too far...

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Ronaldus Magnus II

Come on Rush, you know you want to endorse him. You must be tired of the big spending mushy liberals (no, !'m a moderate!) you have to grudgingly defend. If you want someone you can be support without compromise, simply endorse someone who has never compromised.

Remembering back to the FIRST debate at the Ronald Reagan Library, who is the most Reagan like? Someone with the same first name. Who believes in America first. Who believes in smaller government and less taxes.

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Educating Rudy with CIA's Michael Sheuer plus bonus interview!

Here is the controversial press conference with CIAs Sheuer and Ron explaining what Ron meant when he had his little tiff with Rudy.

We demand that this be TELEVISED on mainstream media. Is it too controversial?

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Confessions of a Ron Paul Junkie

More Rachel!

Hat tip to Gene Berkman.

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Can Rudy be Educated?

Probably not, Rudy is an old dog.

Ron Paul appeared at a news conference with Michael Scheuer, the former head of the CIA's bin Laden Unit, to give it a try.

From the Washington Post/Reuters:

U.S. candidate Paul assigns reading to Giuliani

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