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517 487 5413 is being answered at the MIGOP HQ.

I spoke to a woman who denied they want Paul out of the debates. I reminded her that the MIGOP blog entry by Saul called for it, and it was not Saul, the private citizen, but Saul the state party chairman calling for it.

She said she would forward my comment.

I also called my county GOP office, and they denied knowledge.

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Nothing in Sauls blog post today on his Paul Call

He posts around 8am daily.

Wednesday he called for Paul's ejection from the debates.
Thursday he said he was getting positive response.
Today, nothing about it.

Lets make sure he and the Michigan GOP realize we won't go away without a response, and that if anyone doesn't belong in the debates, it is those who aren't for the republic, nor for anything remotely republican.

I wonder if their fax machine is out of paper (since the other means of contact seem to be disconnected).

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New Podcast Episode Posted

Episode 5 of the Support Ron Paul podcast has now been posted at so please download it and check it out. The easiest way is to subscribe using iTunes or similar software -- the show is usually the first thing which comes up when you do a search for Ron Paul, but if not you can manually enter this as the feed:

In this episode I talk about Rush Limbaugh's comments, a Hillary vs RP presidential race, internet activism, and what it really means to support the troops. Send comments to

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Saul's assistant email

From that is also following the mysterious telecom problems in Michigan:

Thanks to Allan Juranek, who recommends this archived link for sending email to the Michigan GOP. You can also email Saul's right-hand man (Saul himself being out of town) at

The archived link (which isn't active in this copy but is at the original site) is merely a different cache so should be disabled (the submit will go to an page unavailable message) like my google cache link.

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Call Saul

Call Saul Anuzis Home/Office: 517-394-9940 and politely let him know your views.

Let us know if anyone answers and what they say...

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Demand (MI GOP Chair) Saul Anuzis Resign!, if you can

(Contact Links revised II Below) He called to bar Ron Paul from the debates. They never call to bar big-spenders, abortion holocaust supporters, guestapo-your-papers-please republicans, but want to bar the only honest, uncorrupt politician in Congress. Anuzis should resign. Or be thrown out. I will actively do everything I can to stop anyone from contributing to ANY republican campaign except Ron Paul's until this idiot is ejected from the party, and you should do so too. (I was neutral on the GOP before this, but if they tolerate him, I can no longer tolerate them).

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Take Action NOW!

The Drudge Report is currently carrying an article about the attempt to keep Ron Paul out of futre GOP debates.

This is a petition that will be sent directly to the RNC to oppose banning Paul from the debate.

Sign it and let America know that Ron Paul's message needs heard.

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The wrong question

There were two moments in the debate, and both belonged to Ron Paul.

The first was Rudy's grandstanding. No solution, no information, just some "we're right no matter what" stuff ignoring reality. That has been commented on and will act like a trebuchet to bring Ron Paul into view.

Let them laugh, when you hear the whole exchange, you know who knows foreign policy and who is utterly clueless.

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Ron Paul on Wolf Blitzer

Ron Paul will be on The Situation Room with Wolf 5/16 at either 4pm Central or 5pm Central. My mom just talked with Ron and he said 5pm, but he was in Washington, D.C. (he didn't want to miss a vote, so he flew back at 5am) so that could mean Eastern Time.

Dunno....tune in.

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Debate Challenge to Rudy G.

This website is one that has been set up to challenge Rudy to debate Ron Paul. Sign the petition!

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Blame America First? Who are you kidding?!

In Tuesday’s GOP debate Ron Paul pointed out the obvious when he said: “They attack us because we've been over there. We've been bombing Iraq for 10 years.”

Dr. Paul is no doubt speaking of the wildy-unsuccessful Iraqi sanctions and the Clinton bombings of Iraq during the 1990’s.

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Just a few of the reasons to support Dr. Paul

There are quite a few reasons to support Ron Paul.

1) He is in two nationally-televised debates. Do you think anyone with a remotely anti-government message will be in any future debates? EVER? This is a truly rare moment when someone with capitalist views has time to speak freely.

2) He has credibility. He has a perfect voting record and well-written articles to back him up. Just drawing attention to this can be very eye-opening to a lot people.

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Every once in a while, an opportunity comes by that is too great to pass up. Supporting Ron Paul is one of these opportunities.

By now you’ve probably seen and heard that Dr. Ron Paul did outstanding in last Thursday’s GOP debate. How often does a true libertarian/conservative get to take part in nationally-televised debates? Truthfully speaking, this chance might not ever happen again.

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Et tu, Mr. Puplava? I thought you weren't part of the MSM

In this week's (5/21) Big Picture (24 minutes in) he has a q-call about Ron Paul - he responded: (24:50)

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Ron Paul on WMUR TV's Blog

WMUR-TV is the major NH television station that will cover and carry the June 5th New Hampshire GOP debate at St. Anselm's College.

I have started a group there and hope we can get NH residents and others to sign up and support Ron.

Here is the URL:
The name of the group is NH 4 Ron Paul

We need NH photos, videos and articles for Ron's political page here:

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