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Your Turn to Update the Daily Paul

Dear Friends,

I will be away from the computer for most of the weekend, so it is up to you to keep the site updated! Anyone who registers to the site can post to the Forums section. I have set up a new 'events' forum so that anyone can post notices of upcoming events that they would like to see publicized.

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Reader's Digest Needs Our Help!

Thanks Susan for the following: Reader's Digest has a feature called "Grade the Candidates" that only offers 6 choices - McCain, Edwards, Obama, Romney, Clinton, & Giuliani. They do ask, "Do you think more candidates should be included in our tool?. . .Tell us your top write-in choice for President!"


I just did my duty. You know what to do.

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Ron Paul Speaks for Me

Thanks Jeff.

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Ron Paul - One Voice

Tarey writes: Please check-out new Helena Montana Meetup Member Eric's YouTube Video (no Group in Great Falls yet, so he joined Helena).

Great video!!! BTW, Barry Manilow is a Ron Paul supporter. Now let's get to work.

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Lifelong Democrat Now for Republican Ron Paul

It's not just young people that support Ron Paul! Thanks Joseph!

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Ron Paul People

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The Fed Panics!

Although the initial reaction is one of euphoria, today's surprise discount rate cut by the Federal Reserve may have unintended consequences. In fact, it will likely be the trigger for the next leg down in the unfolding bear market.

For one thing, the move suggests that policymakers are worried -- really worried -- about the state of the economy, despite repeated assertions to the contrary. That is likely to force a rethink by nervous bulls in corporate America and elsewhere who have reluctantly accepted the party line that all is well.

Continue reading at Financial Armageddon

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Wanted: Ron Paul

This poster comes from Michael G. Franklin, the who wrote the poem Building Blocks of Freedom, that can be found elsewhere on this site.

You can download the .pdf here to copy & redistribute as you please.

Thank you, Michael!

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Ron Paul Online Rally Update

Hi Folks,

There's a few things I thought I'd pass on today.

1) New Grass Roots Mailing List.

First and foremost, I'd like to tell you about a new mailing list I have
created, and that anyone can join:


This is a low volume, moderated list intended to disseminate important announcements about various projects to *anyone* interested in grassroots efforts and "action on the ground" -- especially Meetup group leaders.

Meetup.com has proven itself ineffective for distributing important
announcements to the 600+ meetup groups. Indeed Meetup.com actively prohibits any member from contacting more than 25 groups in one day, and these must be done individually. It is hoped that leaders or members from each of those groups will join this list and then pass the information on to the list for each respective group, if relevant.

It is vital that we improve our communications channels if we hope to organize effectively in support of Dr. Paul.

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Ron Paul on Randi Rhodes Show - Air America 8/16

Michael S writes: Ron Paul will be on the Randi Rhodes Show tomorrow 8/16 on Air America. KLSD's Stacey Taylor is filling in for Randi. Check local listings for times. Pass it on!

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Why I Don’t Believe In Conspiracy Theories, and Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul!

by Barry Day

There are some who are convinced that Ron Paul cannot win because there is a massive, centralized conspiracy against him and his message of a Constitutional federal government and individual liberties. I assert, however, that there is no conspiracy — only pessimism that doesn’t believe a groundswell of concerned citizens can change the trajectory of our nation at this critical time.

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Comedy Central Needs Our Help

I received the following email from Comedy Central. I pass it along to you all, since Comedy Central - between the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and the Colbert Report - has been very fair and positive with Dr. Paul. They are looking for votes for a funny caption a Ron Paul photo. Please go vote. Some of the captions aren't too flattering, but the one that is currently winning is great!

Click here to see the photo and vote. Currently the caption, Mr. Paul, it's Mike Gravel. He says you're giving loony fringe candidates a bad name by making more sense than the other candidates in your field.

Take a look at the email below:

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Ron Paul Speech Prior to the Iowa Straw Poll

Part I:

Part II:

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