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Come Home - An Ode To Our Founders And Ron Paul

By Jordan Lapides

Gathered ‘round eternal light.
Our Fathers reminisced.
Of Battle cries, of victories won.
To bring the agelessness.

Of freedom to all living men.
A Constitution forged.
Of shackles loosed by virtues heart.
A nation had been born.

Although our Fathers made their mark.
And freedom won the day.
Like dark sands through an hour glass.
Their child lost it’s way.

Adams wept, Thomas cried.
None could still their mourning.
The child seduced by blackened hearts.
Failed heed the Father’s warnings.

Franklin grieved and George bemoaned.

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Ron Paul's Amazing International Support - Paris

Beautiful! Photographed by Matthieu Moreau, brought to the attention of the Daily Paul by Emmanuel, Ron Paul France.

More at the Ron Paul France blog.

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GOP Debate Reminder - ABC News, Sunday 8/5 Morning

This Sunday, a live 90-minute debate with the Republican Presidential contenders on a special edition of ABC's "This Week With George Stephanopoulos."

Check your local listings for the exact time. Tune in, and tell your friends to listen to Ron Paul!!!

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ABC News Taking Video Upload Questions for Aug 5 Debate

Thanks to Dave (foofighter20x) for passing this along:

What do YOU want to ask?
On Sunday August 5, George Stephanopoulos will moderate the GOP 2008 Presidential Candidates Debate. Submit video questions for the candidates now, or email us your text questions.

Click here to see the site and watch the videos

In particular, watch and vote on Dave's question for the G-man here. Great work Dave!!!

Spread the word everyone, and vote!!!

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Tracking Face Time of Candidates on TV News

Here is a link to a graphic from the NY Times. It shows:

Presidential candidates ranked by time spend being interviewd on news programs on six major cable and network channels this year through July 15. The rankings do not include appearances in news report or as part of a panel.

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Online Ron Paul Rally Video

This from Dan Libby at the amazing Ron Paul Online Rally

I just wanted to let you know that I have posted a music video slideshow to YouTube starring... YOU! All 1300+ of you, to be precise.

This video includes a photo and message of support for Ron Paul from every rally participant. The photos are in a totally random order, and due to the large number of photos (yeah!) only the first 100 or so display for long enough to read the person's message.

More from Dan below:

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Antwerp Belgium Supports Ron Paul!

This is an excellent, amazing video that shows how far and wide Dr. Paul's influence and popularity extend. You have to watch all the way to the end for the kicker! Dr. Paul's campaign is not just about 'Hope for America' but 'Hope for the World!'

Thank you Tuur from Antwerp, Belgium for the great video.

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No End in Sight

This is the trailer to a new documentary called "No End in Sight." See more details at the website - No End in Sight.

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Tuesday Links

Lauxa writes:

Jim says there's a good article here on National Review Online that dreams of what a Ron Paul presidency would look like.

There are some new videos from the San Antonio rally and fundraiser at RonPaulAustin.com

Ronald would like to encourage us to vote in this online straw poll at Freedomworks.com

And DuffOMelia sends along that he (?) has recently set upthis site showing Meetup & YouTube Stats. Guess who's ahead?

And finally, this amazing video: Calling out Rudy and Mitt. Not your standard fare, and don't watch if you're offended by profanity. But he makes some great points - e.g. "Republicans don't want to participate in the YouTube debates because they're scared - they only want Fox News & Wolf Blitzer to ask them easy questions that will make them look good," and "If [Republicans] don't want to participate in the YouTube debates and answer questions from the public, then how will they treat the American people once they become president?" But the real reason? "The real reason they’re scared is because they don’t want to face Ron Paul."

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Don't Forget about the Hardball Video Challenge

Hardball says:

If you've got an idea for the next great viral video ad, pick up your camera! Hardball's campaign ad challenge is looking the most creative entries about your favorite presidential candidate or the candidate you like the least.

Our panel of all-stars will name the winner in August.

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Ron Paul and the Path Back from the Brink

Here is an excellent essay by Glen Allport at Strike the Root:

Read it here.

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Boston Meetup in Harvard Square

Last Saturday night one of the members of the Boston meetup group organized a public showing of Ron Paul DVDs in Harvard Square. He brought a huge screen, hooked up a projector and a laptop to a quiet portable generator, and we had a movie showing right there for all the passersby. It was great! Lots of people stopped to watch - including a cop - and we handed out lots of brochures & literature. Here is a sbg (simple but great) video that Michelle took of the event:

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Ron Paul, George and Ringo

It's been years since there was a rock
star running for president named Paul.

The full article is at NPR. It is a decent article, but if you're a Ron Paul junkie, you won't learn much new. Mainly I liked the title, pictures and the quote (all already pictured above).

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Peter Schiff Endorses Ron Paul

Walter writes:

Hi, Peter Schiff is an economist/investment adviser that recently endorsed Ron Paul and encouraged the listeners of Financial Sense newshour to send him some cash.

http://www.financialsense... (July 28, 2007 broadcast 1st hour) The segment with Schiff starts at the 17 min mark, and endorsement comes approx at the 27 mark.

Great news, Walter. Thank you. Peter Schiff recently wrote a book called Crash Proof that gives his views on a coming economic collapse. I reviewed that book on my other site, Bull! Not bull, back in March. I've reproduced it below:

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Beyond Bearish

Editor's note: the author of this piece argues for, and explains why a widespread credit collapse is a near inevitability.

Excerpted from:
The Elliott Wave Theorist, May 2007 Issue
by Robert Prechter

Reprinted with permission

I am not just bearish. It goes much further than that. The pyramid of debt, the extremity of optimism and the b‑wave label of the advance since 2002 all portend an all‑out collapse of investment prices in wave c. The decline in social mood during that wave will engender a crushing deflation in the galaxy‑sized bubble of outstanding credit and ultimately a disastrous depression. Few of us will be able to side‑step the effects of the depression, but we can all avoid the effects of falling financial prices and the deflation of the debt bubble by following the recommendations in Conquer the Crash.

Investors Are Buying More with IOUs Than Money
When I wrote Conquer the Crash, outstanding dollar‑denominated debt was $30 trillion. Just five years later it is $43 trillion, and most of the increase has gone into housing, financial investments and buying goods from abroad. This is a meticulously constructed Biltmore House of cards, and one wonders whether it can stand the addition of a single deuce. Its size and grandeur are no argument against the ultimate outcome; they are an argument for it.

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