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Ron Paul on Tucker Carlson - May 3, 2007

Patrick writes:

Hi I did a quick search of your weblog but could not find a post of the following interview. It is older than most, dating back to May 3. I think it is an excellent interview. There are a few Ron Paul Zingers in it - like when he says the neo-conservatives aren't really conservatives, they are really far left wing democrats!

Indeed Patrick, you are right. It is a great interview, and it explains Tucker Carlson's sympathetic stance to the good Doctor - he voted for him in 1988!

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Ron Paul Txt Msg Updates - 80108.com

80108 is a Boston-based "mobile media company that creates and distributes timely, bite-sized local mobile content." In other words, they provide text message updates delivered directly to your cell phone. They've just started a new Ron Paul channel for the 2008 presidential campaign, and they asked me to write it!

To sign up for updates click here. Be patient - this slow loading link, but it is not broken! Enter your mobile phone number and you're done - it just takes a second. You'll get 2 - 3 short messages each week that keep you updated on Ron Paul's campaign.

Yet another piece of evidence that Ron Paul is now in the top tier:

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Proof that Ron Paul is in the Top Tier

The University of Nevada, Reno is holding a debate on August 20th. The Brookings Institution and ABC News are cosponsors of the event. They've only invited four Republican candidates, the so-called, media anointed 'big 3' (you know who they are), and Ron Paul.

Way to go Dr. Paul! Now let's see if Rudy, Romney and McCain have the courage to show up. It looks like neither Rudy nor Romney like the idea of the YouTube debate. They'd have to actually answer questions from the people. Clearly they're too powerful and important to have to do that!

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Fox 26 Houston on Ron Paul

Great video!

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Why We Support Ron Paul

A great video, and a reminder of why we're doing what we're doing:

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Send Money For Iowa Now

If you haven't heard, I ended up selling my copy of Freedom Under Siege on eBay for $152.50. I'm donating all of that money, plus a little more for a July total of $201:

I tack the extra dollar on the end, and hope everyone will do the same. If Dr. Paul has a million supporters, that extra dollar means an additional million bucks, at a very small sacrifice! Also, for $35, I also adopted an Iowan. You can donate $35 through your PayPal account to help an Iowan get in and vote in the straw poll on August 11. This is separate from the official campaign, and doesn't count towards your $2,300 limit. Details here: Adopt an Iowan Thanks to Kevin in NYC - who also adopted an Iowan - for the tip.

Get your donations in now! Dr. Paul needs the money for his big push!


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Pat Buchanan: The Contest for #2 in Iowa is the One to Watch

Thanks Tom for the link:

Pat Buchanan: First Preseason Game -- Aug. 11

Buchanan says:

Analysts have downgraded its importance since McCain and Rudy dropped out. They are mistaken. The McCain-Giuliani forfeiture of the straw poll already testifies to its importance -- and to their weaknesses.

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One Listen is All it Takes

An awakening is occurring across this land. One listen is all it takes. Spread the word.

Found here

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TheStreet.com on Ron Paul and the Gold Standard

In the past, Simon Constable from TheStreet.com has done some mildly positive, mildly misleading stories/articles on Ron Paul and his idea of "returning to the gold standard." I critiqued one of his earlier articles here, and did a followup critique here.

The gist of my criticism is this: Mr. Constable tries to make it appear that Ron Paul wants to "go back" to an inflexible system that was abandoned in the 19th century. Nothing could be further from the truth. Dr. Paul himself has said there were flaws with the past system, and he would in fact like to move forward to a new, commodity-based, honest money system. A 100% reserve gold standard has never, in fact, existed in the United States.

After my first critique, Mr. Constable emailed me, thanking me for my interesting perspective. Recently, he again emailed me with a link to a new video/story that he's done on Ron Paul and the gold standard. In this new video, Mr. Constable interviews random people in front of the New York Stock Exchange. The first question he poses is whether they know what the gold standard is. Woefully, no one does. He then goes on to ask the same ignorant people, "Presidential candidate Ron Paul wants to abolish the Fed and reintroduce the gold standard. Do you think that is a good idea?"

Certainly, there is no point in asking ignorant people for advice on a topic, and certainly Mr. Constable knows that such advice worthless. So why ask it?

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First Read - First Positve MSM Article on Ron Paul

Wolfe sends along the following: We have been promoted from spammers to grass roots activists, and Ron Paul has been promoted to Dark Horse in this honest portrayal of us and him! Please post this. Thanks.

This is from MSNBC's First read:

As First Read noted last week, GOP dark horse candidate Ron Paul now has more cash on hand than once-supposed frontrunner John McCain. While the Texas congressman hasn’t held nearly as financially demanding nationwide schedule as McCain, he has developed a grassroots following that aids in spreading name recognition and raising money. We, at the NBC Political Unit, were interested in Paul’s grassroot support -- which has been dubbed “The Ron Paul Revolution” -- and decided to attend an organizational meeting/pizza party here in Washington to see how the group operates.

Continue reading here.

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Readers Respond to NYT's Ron Paul For President Article

Read the letters at Editor & Publisher. Most are sympathetic to Dr. Paul. Some samples:

  • It is inappropriate for a responsible publication or a serious journalist to make ad hominem attacks on a political candidate -- or that candidate's supporters.

  • Ron Paul sounds like just the man we need.

  • It's so nice how our media has determined for us who will and will not be President of the United States. (Sarcasm intended)!

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