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Romney Scales Down Iowa Plans

There is an article out in the Boston Globe this morning that starts out:

ALGONA, Iowa -- Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney said yesterday he has scaled back plans for a straw poll in Iowa next month that two chief rivals are bypassing.

He said he hopes to do well, but "we're not trying to overshoot dramatically." That means reducing the budget for the straw poll Aug. 11 in Ames and the number of supporters his campaign plans to bus in to the event.

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Ron Paul is the Man! - Open Thread

For part two, see further down the page...

I will be away from the computer for most of the day. Please feel to party on without me...Post your comments, discussion & links below.

Thank you all and have a great day.
Michael Nystrom

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Money is Also Destroyed

by Michael Nystrom, MBA
July 20, 2007

This article was originally posted at Bull! Not bull

If money can be created from thin air, the opposite is also true: it can be destroyed as well. Usually it is the Federal Reserve System that does the creating, but the destruction comes by other means. Bear Stearns’ hedge fund investors have found this out the hard way. Two of its funds recently went belly up, taking 100% of investors’ capital with them. One of the funds, the Bear Stearns High-Grade Structured Credit Strategies Enhanced Leverage fund, reported $638 million of investor capital in the first quarter. Today nothing remains.

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Student Ambushes Hannity

This comes from our friends at Students for Ron Paul:

In a delightful exchange, our very own Kylan (who also blogs [at Students for Ron Paul]) called into Sean Hannity's show to point out the fact that Ron Paul is the most popular Republican candidate in our military, at least according to donation statistics (article by Kylan). Congratulations to Kylan on getting heard!

Listen to the exchange here. It is great, and it shows how closed Hannity is. His mind is shut like a trap.

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Ron Paul, By the Numbers

From Time's Blog. See the original for links.

$2,300: Amount of donation received from Barry Manilow

$2.4 million: Amount of cash on hand

#2: Rank of "web design and hosting" among disbursements in the Ron Paul campaign (#1: Salaries.)

#1: Rank of Paul among candidates receiving donations from members of the armed service.

14 out of 25: Number of times that Paul has come in either first (10) or second (4) in the Pajama Media GOP primary straw poll.

9 out of 25: Number of times Paul was not included in the Pajama Media GOP primary straw poll.

#2: Rank at which Patrick Ruffini thinks Paul will finish in the Ames Straw Poll

280: Percent increase in the stock of "Paul to win GOP nomination" stock at Intrade. (McCain-to-win stock has dropped 680*85%.)

That was fun. Suggests for what candidate to cherry pick data about next?

*UPDATE: Uhm, duh. Thanks.

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A Couple Polls

I'm going to be away for most of the day. Before I go, let me leave you with a few things to investigate:

1) Poll at the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Place your vote for who you feel is the best candidate. (Thanks Stewart)

2) An AOL poll. Ron Paul is -gasp- third! That's not right.

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Boston Meetup Report

I went to my first Meetup last night in Boston. There were a lot of us - I'd say about 30, which was great! Its nice to see so many Ron Paul supporters in one place. The downside was that it was difficult to talk to everyone since we were all sitting at one long table in a big noisy pub.

Some observations: As Dr. Paul always says, there were LOTS of young people - especially down at my end of the table.

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For Ron Paul, The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same - Great 1988 Interview

Thank you Mark for this great, refreshing video from Dr. Paul's 1988 campaign. Amazing! No one can ever accuse Dr. Paul of being a flip-flopper! This is the same, steady, rock solid message that he's talking about today:

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Help Ron Paul Raise $10 Million - Redux

So far, 138 people have signed up for the pledge to help raise $10 million for Ron Paul's campaign. The pledge calls for 10,000 people to donate $1000 each. I know it is a lot of money, and at this rate, the pledge is not going to make it.

So how about trying out this idea from Caroline:

What if every Meetup group took the pledge and pledged as a group? It might not seem so costly to those who can't afford the entire $1,000 themselves?

Yeah!!! What a great idea. Look at how many Meetup groups there are:

And as luck would have it, I'm going to my first Meetup tonight in Boston. I'm excited and I'm going to propose it to the group. If you're a member of a Meetup, tell the group, and help spread the word. Meetups can do all kinds of fund raising activities, and together, we can certainly raise $10M.

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We've Already Had One Bloody Revolution in this Country

by Michael Nystrom
July 18, 2007

This sign, commemorating the Battle of Menotomy is less than a mile from my house, in Arlington, MA.

Whenever I walk by this sign and look at the peaceful green in which it stands, I pay silent tribute to the Patriots who sacrificed their lives for us so many years ago. They fought and died so that we could enjoy the freedoms and liberty that we have today. It is our job to protect those liberties.

We've already had one bloody revolution in this nation's history. Let's not wait until another one is required to restore the liberty and freedom that is gradually slipping away from us. There is still time to avert such a fate.

Please support Ron Paul.

Michael Nystrom

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Father of Internet Warns Against 'Net Neutrality'

Robert Kahn, the most senior figure in the development of the internet, has delivered a strong warning against "Net Neutrality" legislation.

Speaking to an audience at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California at an event held in his honour, Kahn warned against legislation that inhibited experimentation and innovation where it was needed.

Kahn rejected the term "Net Neutrality", calling it "a slogan". He cautioned against dogmatic views of network architecture, saying the need for experimentation at the edges shouldn't come at the expense of improvements elsewhere in the network.

(Kahn gently reminded his audience that the internet was really about interconnecting networks, a point often lost today).

Continue reading here

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Ron Paul @Google Video Most Viewed Ever

Thanks to Tex MacRae at Lew Rockwell's blog for this amazing nugget:

Of all the videos of talks at Google to date, Ron Paul's is by far the most popular - after being on the net for only three (3) days!. The next closest is Hillary's talk, after being up for over four months, followed by John McCain (two months). That, ladies and gentlemen is wide appeal.

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Three New Websites

1) Ron Paul has got an all new, tricked-out MySpace page. Check it out - very impressive!

2) He's also got a new website devoted to his foreign policy and his latest book,
A Foreign Policy of Freedom.

3) Finally, here is an independently produced research site called the Ron Paul Database, by Jake Orlowitz, Vail, CO. Jake says, "It's
called the Ron Paul database, and it's really what it sounds like: a full, tagged, searchable index of Ron Paul sites, ideas, groups and supporters, and other resources.


Check them out and help spread the word.


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Reason Magazine on the Ron Paul Movement

From Reason Magazine
by Jesse Walker | July 16, 2007

Among the other firsts of his campaign, Ron Paul is probably the only presidential contender to be compared to a Samuel L. Jackson movie. The Texas congressman, a dark horse candidate for the Republican nomination, was being lightly grilled by Kevin Pereira, a host on the videogame-oriented cable channel G4. "Young people online, they were really psyched about Snakes on a Plane, but that didn't translate into big ticket sales for Sam Jackson," Pereira said. "Are you worried that page views on a MySpace page might not translate to primary votes?"

The reference was to the Internet sensation of 2006, an action movie whose cheesy title and premise had sparked a burst of online creativity: mash-ups, mock trailers, parody films, blogger in-jokes. Hollywood interpreted this activity as "buzz," and New Line Cinema inflated its hopes for the movie's box office take. When the film instead did about as well as you'd expect from a picture called Snakes on a Plane, the keepers of the conventional wisdom declared that this was proof of the great gulf between what's popular on the Internet and what sells in the material world.

Ron Paul is popular on the Internet, too, with more YouTube subscribers than any other candidate, the fastest-growing political presence in MySpace, a constant perch atop the Technorati rankings, and a near-Olympian record at winning unscientific Web polls. Like Snakes, he is the subject of scads of homemade videos and passionate blog posts. When Pereira mentioned the movie, he was making a clear comparison: Yes, your online fans are noisy, but will their enthusiasm actually translate into electoral success?

Continue reading at Reason Magazine

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Pajamas Media Drops Ron Paul (Again)

Here's Pajamas Media explanation of why they dropped Ron Paul from their polling: (Thanks Patrick.)

Following the established rules of the Pajamas Media Straw Poll, Ron Paul, winner of the twenty-fifth week among the Republican candidates, has been dropped from the poll for the forthcoming period. Paul did not make the required minimum number of one percent on the most recent USA Today/Gallup Poll.

Despite heavy support from Internet groups for some time, the Texas Congressman continues not to make a dent on national polls. While our evidence is only anecdotal (many email complaints), Pajamas Media editors suspect that targeted voting by Paul supporters on this and other open polls may even be hurting their candidate because the public is turned off by his supporters’ behavior.

Interesting. What it looks like to me is that we have a showdown between old and new media. Comments anyone?

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