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Kansas City Billboard


This is an amazing effort by private citizens. Hey everyone - you can do it, too! Thank you, Kansas City!

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100 Days, 100 Signs - Mauston, WI

Ken Van Doren of Mauston, WI organized a local RP sign making project to make 100 signs in 100 days.

This is amazing, and an inspiration to us all!!! Thank you!

See how they did it, in the additional photo links below:

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Weekend Watching: The Liberty Dollar

When news came out last week that Liberty Dollar started minting the Ron Paul Liberty Dollar, I signed up right away.

What is it? Back in 1974, a little company called Fed Ex started competing with the government monopoly known as the Post Office, which was plagued by inflation, poor service, and surly counter help. Fed Ex became a huge success, and the competition forced the PO to shape up. In 1998, the Liberty Dollar was launched to compete with another quasi-governmental monopoly, the Federal Reserve. The Fed prints money like it is going out of style, causing inflation; its currency is backed by nothing. The Liberty Dollar is real money - backed by gold and silver - that is designed to compete with Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs).

I signed up as a Liberty Dollar Associate, and my package arrived yesterday (sadly, the Ron Paul dollars are so popular that they're on back order). There was a great DVD included (actually three DVDs), including this snip from the Learning Channel that does an excellent job explaining just what the Liberty Dollar is. More to come on how to beat the Fed by using our own money. Enjoy:

Become a Liberty Dollar Associate, too.

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Help Ron Paul Raise $10 Million

There is a pledge going around to raise $10 million for Ron Paul by September 16th:

Raise 10 Million for Ron Paul

The goal is for 10,000 people to donate $1,000. When I first saw it, I was skeptical. A thousand bucks is a lot of money, and 10,000 - is a lot of people.

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Dr. Paul Revives the Constitution!

Thanks to Paul for passing along this illustration, which was originally spotted at Rense.com, but created by David Dees, of Dees Illustration.

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Petition for a Fair ABC News Republican Presidential Forum

Taking a cue from MikekChicago who writes,

If I am not mistaken there is Aug. 5 ABC Tv debate just week before Straw Poll. I can imagine that those who intend to vote in Straw Poll will be watching the debate. I think there is action required before the debate. We've got a choice: Whine that our candidate didn't have enough time in the debate, or strongly demand from ABC to give equal time to Ron Paul as to "First Tier Candidates."

We should start very soon, if not now. Let's do it Iowa Taxpayers style.

That's such a great idea, and since there is no time like the Now, I started this petition:

For a Fair ABC News Republican Presidential Forum

Please read it, sign it, and spread the word!

Michael Nystrom

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How About One of These for Your Car?

Want one? Visit u8x.com to get one - $155, delivered!

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Blogosphere Has High Predictive Value for the Belgian Elections

Thanks to Tuur for passing along this interesting nugget from Boonbloggle

Quite an astonishing press release this week in Belgium. Our friends at Attentio did a blogtracking research in the Belgian blogosphere and concluded that there's a major correlation between the number of conversations about politicians in the Belgian blogosphere on the one hand and electoral success on the other hand. The more conversations about a politician, the higher his success. For foreign readers of this blog: there was quite a controversy around last months elections around the fact that the polls didn't predict the massive loss for the Socialist Party and the relative lost for the reigning Liberal Party.

Some opinion makers even stated that polls have a steering power: people start voting in a strategic way, according to rules of thumb such as: "they don't need my vote, because they are doing well. I'll just give an extra vote to those poor bastards that are being bashed in the polls".  

We talked about this predictive value in the past in the post "conversation tracking and what brands can learn from it".


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Ron Paul Revolution, Memphis Style

Way to go Memphis!!!

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Charleston Voice - First Ron Paul Meetup Recap

I'm on the email list of the Charleston Voice, an "editorial repository for unflinching Americanism." Yesterday's the editor sent this note around:

Subject: Off to My First Ron Paul "Meet-Up" tonight @7:00PM

Body: Never before done this - go to a political event before. I figure this is the last peaceful opportunity to change things. At least in my lifetime. I earn 'whining rights' if all fails. These Ron Paul Meet-Ups are nationwide and in nearly every community.

Today came the report, which I'm sure all Ron Paul fans will be happy to read (the picture above was posted at the end of the email).

Subject: Ron Paul Meetup Recap

Body: Let me begin by pointing out that having been a John Bircher for many years in my 'earlier' life, I discovered at the Meetup that I had at last 'graduated' to the ranks of the silver foxes. There were but a handful present, several young professionals, one Citadel cadet, and the local Paul Meetup supervisor. All, but the supervisor were under 30. The Citadel cadet was a US history major, and the young professionals were libertarian ideologues. Very well informed. We met in a local restaurant bar which provided a gayful ambiance.

All present bubbled with enthusiasm. A couple of the young gals even passed out Paul brochures to the unaffected patrons at the bar. Much to our dismay (but not surprised) none had heard of Ron Paul. Shortly, there arose chants for "Ron Paul!, Ron Paul!, Ron Paul!" coming from the bar led by the bartenders. The Elitist Establishment must be trembling at the growing reality that there will be a Ron Paul victory. Tory-Republicans, Be Gone!

A couple of observations -

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Positive Comments from Jan Mickelson, Des Moines

Albert sends this along:

Jan Mickelson of Des Moines and WHO1040 radio became our hero when he interviewed that Failor guy at Iowa Tax Reform (misnomer). Three minutes into today's (July 11, 2007) program, Jan's guest, Thomas Woods, made very positive observations about Ron Paul.

Ron Paul is making friends wherever he goes. Here's the link for the Ron Paul junkies. If you log on, his website counter will surge and he'll get the message that positive stories about Ron Paul drives traffic. Being in Iowa, we need plenty of exposure in the state.


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Update from Clearwater, Florida

Paul Bourgeis sends this update from Florida:

Thank you, Paul!

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How You Can Help Ron Paul

Thanks to the stranger for passing this along. Jay Taylor, a New York based investment adviser, sent this around to his subscribers yesterday:

Dear Subscriber,

I suggested in an earlier message today that you should do what you can to help Ron Paul win his bid for the Presidency. Then later this day, I received an email from John Cliffton, who heads a group of people here in NYC who are working hard for Ron.

Many of the ways suggested to help Ron are directed here in New York City and update New York. However, there were a number of activities that are appropriate from all around the country. I am passing those particular ideas along to you in the hope that some of you will be willing and able to do your little part to help this champion of liberty and our Constitution. By the way, the man who is heading up this effort here in Queens New York where your editor lives is a wonderful guy named John Cliffton. John ran for Governor of the State of New York as a libertarian in the last election. John can be reached at mrjclifton@yahoo.com. In any event here are ways you can help Ron:

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The Roots of Consumerism

The following story illustrates one of the deeper causes of the endless quest for growth that underpins our modern consumer society. The story and adapted comments are from the book The Future of Money (pp. 50 – 53) by Bernard Lietar. Your thoughts, comments and discussion are welcomed and appreciated.


The Eleventh Round

Once upon a time, in a small village in the Outback, people used to barter for all their transactions. On every market day, people walked around with chickens, eggs, hams and breads, and engaged in prolonged negotiations among themselves to exchange what they needed. At key periods of the year, like harvests or whenever someone’s barn needed repairs after a big storm, people recalled the tradition of helping each other out that they had brought from the old country. They knew that if they had a problem some day, others would aid them in return.

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I'm Selling Ron Paul's Book on Ebay to Benefit the Campaign

Ladies and Gentleman, Friends and Supporters,

I've listed my copy of the book "Freedom Under Siege" on Ebay. I originally bought this book used on Amazon and used it to scan in for the electronic version that is available on this site, here. The starting bid for the book is $100.

My purpose for doing this is to increase my cash contribution to the campaign. I will donate ALL proceeds from the sale (less Ebay transactions costs) to the campaign. I'll post a copy of my check online when the deal is done.

The Ebay listing for the book is here

Who would be interested in this book?

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