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Song: The Last American Statesman

This is a new song by my friend the stranger

Click here to listen

Don't need rose-colored glasses
With a brand new wide-screen TV
Coup d'etat now in syndication
Coup de grace for a pole marquee

Congressional shadows, marionette
Executives out of control
Silverware stolen, now its war eternal
And a gallon of gas for your soul

Lyres, Lawyers, psychos and thieves
Zombies just dance to the spin
Crowd is chanting, "Barabas! Barabas!"
Not that again

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Ron Paul can win if...Register Republican!

July 9, 2007

by Michael Nystrom

Bloggers and webmasters: Please reproduce and circulate widely.

I am still fuming over George Stephanopoulos’s comment at the end of an otherwise excellent interview. “That's not going to happen,” he stated flatly to Ron Paul's assertion that he could win.

Excuse me, but who is it that anointed Mr. Stephanopoulos’s as the arbiter of who can and cannot win the US Presidential election? Don’t forget that “they” said the same thing about his old boss, Bill Clinton back in 1991.

The days of the mainstream media (MSM) dictating to the American people who can and cannot be elected are over. John McCain was once an MSM darling, one of the media’s anointed “Big Three,” but in the final end it didn’t help him one bit. The people are smarter than that.

As I’ve said many times, more important than money, Ron Paul has the genuine support of the people who will ultimately cast the votes. That kind of support cannot be bought, and more importantly, it cannot be sold. Even if Rudy Romneyson go on to spend hundreds of millions of dollars advertising their muddled neo-con messages in the MSM, they're going to find it very difficult to compete with the simple, quiet message of liberty and freedom.

The MSM has got a problem on its hands:

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Seattleites for Ron Paul

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Good Morning New York!

Justin writes:

I'm a total Ron Paul freak, so when I looked out the window this morning, I was thrilled to see support of my man RP in the form of three huge banners.

It's like a Christmas lights battle, now I've got to get my sign up too!

Thanks to our friend below for pointing out that this was the work of our friend Kevin out in NYC! Great work Kevin & gang!!!

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Signs of the Times for Ron Paul

From our good friend Jive Dadson (not Davidson - I misspelled it earlier. Sorry!)

Great work Jive!

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Jacksonville Meetup Group Report - 7/7/07

Our friend the Constitutional Cat writes the following:

I was able to get a zinger question in to Rudy Giuliani today. He was in Jacksonville for a conference, and he got jeers from the fair tax group here in town. The full story is here.

My question for him was as follows:

Sir Rudy Giuliani, (Sir because of your knighthood from the Queen of ngland), as you stated, I can respect you, however I do disagree with you about some things.

In 1972 we bombed Cambodia without the knowledge of most Americans, and killed 750000 Cambodians. King Sihonauk was the leader, who was replaced by Lom Nal in a coup that involved US involvement by the CIA. This leader was defeated by Pol Pot in 1975, which led to the deaths of 1.5 million in Cambodia. Due to the destructive nature of what happened in this example of interventionist policy gone bad, how can you justify interventionist foreign policy? You worked for Reagan. However Reagan said "we do not understand the irrationality of Middle Eastern Politics."

Talking about the reading assignment on foreign policy, what four books have you read regarding foreign policy?

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Ron Paul Money News Hits Drudge Front Page

Ron Paul finally made the front page of Drudge with a story that is accurate, instead of a smear!

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Three Shoes Posse Reggae Ringtone

You remember the Three Shoes Posse and their great Reggae Tune, 'Ron Paul is Here!'

Well, now you can get the song as a ringtone for your cellphone. Click here.

Thanks to Alexander for the tip.

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Speaking of Iowa...

So, there is going to be this big bicycle ride coming up in Iowa, July 21-28, called RAGBRAI. According to the website, RAGBRAI is the longest, largest and oldest touring bicycle ride in the world. People come from all over the country to participate in it. Including Everett from Texas, who sent me this email:

Hello from Texas!

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Ron Paul's Speech in Iowa

Thanks to the Constitutional Cat for the video link.

Comments welcome from those who were there below. How was it?!!!

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Ron Paul: Freedom is Popular!

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Silicon Valley Rally - July 14

Thanks to Jive Davidson for the info on the upcoming Rally in Silicon Valley!

Saturday, July 14th starting at 10:00 am SHARP. Charleston Park, next door to Google, near Shoreline Park. 1665 Charleston Road, Mountain View, CA 94043

For more info on the rally:

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Saturday Iowa Rally Grassroots Game Plan

Meet at the Iowa Events Center Parking Lot, Noon Saturday.

For the map and full details see this post at Josh's RonPaulForums.com

Have fun everyone!


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The Amazing Growth of the Daily Paul

Thank you, everyone for your continued support of Ron Paul and the DailyPaul.com. For the first time ever, last week the site passed 4,000 visitors in one day, and not two days later passed 5,000. Yesterday, thanks in part to the bump from the Wired News article that mentioned the site, we hit an all time high of 5236 visitors in one day. This is 100% growth since the end of May, and tremendous growth from back in February, when Ron Paul's grandson Matt Pyeatt started blogging on the site. Back then, 400 visitors was a good day!

Of course these figures are just reflecting the larger trend moving through society. There is a hunger for truth that is not being fulfilled by MSM and the current political leadership. Ron Paul just passed 18,000 YouTube subscribers. This is tops, by far, of any of the candidates.

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