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It's Different This Time

There are some noticeable changes in the 2012 Republican primary for President. The differences are very noticeable, but the uphill battle continues. For me, the biggest difference is that we are starting half-way up the hill.

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Keep Ron Paul in Congress No Matter What!

To the liberty loving Ron Paul supporters across America:

While my grandfather is working very hard to become the Republican nominee for President, he is also up against an opponent in the Republican primary in his congressional race in the 14th district of Texas.

Yes, there is a neo-con who supports the United States' attempt to police the world and spend money that the government does not have that wants to take the place of the most conservative member of Congress.

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The GOP Race: My Grandfather, The Patriot

by Matt Pyeatt

With interesting surprises in the last 24 hours, we have seen the Republican field for the nominee of president whittled down even further with the departure of Rudy Giuliani after his disappointing finish in Florida. While I cannot say that I was thrilled about my grandfather’s results, this was not our battle to win nor was it the battleground to fight.

The battleground for victory begins tonight, January 30, 2008, in Simi Valley, California at the CNN/Politico debate that will, once again, be held at the Ronald Reagan Library. We will truly begin to see that the only logical candidate for conservative Republicans who believe in limited government and freedom is my grandfather, Ron Paul.

We are looking ahead to the debate tonight, Maine’s caucus process this weekend, and the upcoming excitement that surrounds Super Tuesday. I was thrilled to see that more and more ads have been purchased and my grandfather is continuing to travel around this nation to spread his message that is so very simple: liberty.

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Generation Liberty on RPR Radio - 7 Central

Hey Guys,
As some of you many know, my friend Dr. Ryan Osborne and I have a wonderful show on Ron Paul Revolution Radio where we talk about my grandfather's campaign and other topics concerning our fight for liberty, freedom, and limited government.

Tune in tonight at 7 Central at We are going to be addressing the issue of college kids on fire for freedom and what they will do to spread the message over Christmas Break as they return home.

If you missed it, we had a great show Monday where Michael Nystrom (founder of and Steve Dore (Early Songs of the Great Ron Paul Revoution) were both guests on our program.
Call in: 512-646-2008. We would love to hear from you.

Matt Pyeatt
Ron's Grandson

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Ron Paul Revolution Radio

Ron Paul Revolution Radio is up and running...

I will be co-hosting a show with my good friend Dr. Ryan Osborne, who has known my grandfather for years.

Our show, Generation Liberty, will open tonight! Friday December 14, 2007 at 7p.m. Central

Unfortunately, I will not be on until Monday December 17, 2007. My real job calls this Friday, but please tune in to our show at:

Matt Pyeatt

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Thought You Might Like Some of Our New Family Pics

by Matt Pyeatt

I thought it was time for DailyPaul to have some exclusive pictures that were just taken of my grandparents, my family, and Ron and his first great-grandson (my son Collin.)

Again, I want to thank Michael for creating this site because it has been a home base for all of us in getting the latest, greatest Ron Paul information. (Click read more to see more pictures)

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Can You Hear Us Now?

For so long, we have been ignored. We have been laughed at and ridiculed. For the most part, this has not stopped nor do I sense that it will stop soon. However, the people that stand behind my grandfather’s campaign have let it be known LOUD and CLEAR that we are not an army of invisible and mindless spammers. We are American citizens that believe it is time for change. Apparently, we also have quite a bit of that declining paper fiat money too!

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My Grandfather's Campaign and Nov. 5

I have seen a major shift in the momentum of my grandfather’s campaign recently. It has certainly been amazing to watch as scores of people from around the country are made aware of a candidate who stands for honesty, integrity, and small government. It has been refreshing to see news articles from all around the country that are proof that people are beginning to wake up and notice the campaign. More importantly than noticing us, they have begun to cover us in the most unusual places: the mainstream media.

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CNN Reports Ron Paul Raises $5mil in Q3

I know that the third quarter, and especially the million in a week, has been a pleasant surprise for my grandfather and our entire family.

We are very grateful to the people who are donating money in the name of liberty, freedom, and limited government. The time is now to take back our nation from neo-con republicans and war-mongering policy makers...

Keep up the great work!

Matt Pyeatt

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Iowa, my grandmother, and more...

First, I want to thank all of the Ron Paul supporters in Iowa for showing up and voting in the straw poll. I believe the results were very good for the Paul campaign. Like many have said, we are polling around 2% in traditional land line polls around the country. The Ron Paul supporters showed up in Ames and gave Ron nearly 10% of the vote. This is a wonderful start. Remember that, this is a start. This campaign is just getting started and we have a long way to go. We have thousands more to persuade and convince that liberty, limited government, and freedom can still be saved for our nation.

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Let's Keep This Thing Going...

It is amazing to see this presidential campaign headed in the direction it is in now. I have always had hope that my grandfather would get a chance to share his message with the entire nation. It is happening!

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How do you start a rEVOLution?

As an American History teacher, I have had the opportunity to teach my perspective on the American Revolution for over five years now. As I leave the classroom and enter the administration aspect of education, I am forced to reflect on the comparisons between the American Revolution that we learn about in school, and the rEVOLution that is taking place in our nation today with the presidential election of 2008.

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A Good Read...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I ran across this blog sent to Ron Paul's MySpace and I could not help but post it here on


Why I support Ron Paul
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I do not profess to know the scope of human history, nor do I understand the intricacies of economics, sociology, political intrigue, the machination of government, the intent of man, or the will of God.

But I do know that all of these things have a Champion, and his Name is Ron Paul.

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Help! More Room Needed

June 26, 2007

Good news (actually, great news): The Ron Paul 2008 campaign is growing!

Bad news: We’ve run out of space to work.

The Ron Paul 2008 campaign started in the corner of a one-bedroom apartment. It then moved to a small office of 348 square feet, which is where we are now. But our present office has become too small to accommodate the fast-growing campaign...and we need your help to expand.

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I just got off the phone with John Northdurft of and he has reported that the Americans for Fair Tax has sent a letter to the Iowans for Tax Relief, Attn: Mr. Ed Failor stating that they believe all candidates should be invited to the Iowa Forum.


Mr. Northdurft said that they will not pull out of the forum because they believe the answers the candidates will give are important to the members of FairTax.


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