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Ron Paul: Victory in Iowa Straw Poll

A good laugh from our friends over at The Spoof...

Congressman Ron Paul declared victory tonight after his 5th place finish in the straw poll at Ames, Iowa. While the candidate finished behind Mitt Romney and four others, three of the top four are not serious candidates, and Romney spent ridiculous money.

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Paul ‘pretty pleased’ with straw poll finish

Internet insurgent candidate Rep. Ron Paul (Texas) is not disappointed with his fifth-place finish in Saturday’s Ames, Iowa, Republican straw poll.

Though Paul ended up behind fellow long-shot Rep. Tom Tancredo (Colo.), Paul communications director Jesse Benton told The Hill on Monday that Paul was “pretty pleased” with the results considering how little the candidate has been on the ground in Iowa and how little money he spent to win more than 1,300 of the 14,000-plus votes cast.

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The Ron Paul Revolution Will Be in the Newspaper

Haven't seen anything like this since the Common Sense pamphlets way back in the days of the early media.

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The Ron Paul Revolution Will Be Televised

Featured August 12th on WJXT Channel 4 in Jacksonville, FL. Over the course of the weekend, 30 people put up 300 signs (approx. 10 each).

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Doing the Most With the Least

Ron Paul did the most with the least in the Iowa Straw Poll.

Ron Paul received nearly 77 votes for every event he organized in Iowa, the best of all other candidates. Fred Thompson came in second with 50.75 votes received for every event.

The worst performers were, Sam Brownback of Kansas who organized 115 events in Iowa and only received 19 votes per event, and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani who actually spent more time there than Ron Paul, but only received about 7 votes for every event in Iowa.

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The Fast Lane of Freedom

Tommy Thompson traveled to each of Iowa's 99 counties in an Iowa-made Winnebago running on corn-based ethanol. Every speech, in every town he visited was off-the-cuff. He held three or four events in Iowa a week. A very respectable endeavor, especially for somebody wishing to win over Iowans at the Straw Poll. I thought a lot higher and empathetic of Thompson after finding this out.

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Final Copy of Ad to Appear in Saturday Ames Tribune

(click the image for a larger view)

Done by Lord Xar from the Ron Paul Forums, starring us! Absolutely amazing! Great job to everyone who made this possible. If it is true that the Ames Straw Poll is a test of each campaign's organizational skills then we have already won. I am so impressed.

Good night and good luck to Dr. Paul this Saturday!

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Ron Paul on MSNBC Super Tuesday

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The Ballad of Ron Paul

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2 Messages from the National Campaign on Iowa

Building Momentum

The purpose of a political campaign is to win. To do that, you have to constantly build momentum and reach top speed on Election Day. The Ron Paul 2008 campaign is now shifting to a higher gear. The next stop: Iowa straw poll this Saturday.

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Is 2008 The New 1964? Why Paul will change the face of politics

There's a Pro-Ron-Paul meme going around, to the effect that 2008 is the new 1964; i.e. that on the premise—debatable in itself, of course—that the GOP has no chance of winning the presidency next year, conservatives should run a Goldwater-style insurgency to remind the party we're here & set up some influence for 2012. Bruce Bartlett floated the meme here.

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Iowa GOP Extorting Ron Paul Campaign

Director of communications for the Ron Paul Campaign, Jesse Benton, stated today that the Iowa GOP would charge the Paul camp $184,000 if they wanted to verify a paper count of the coming Iowa straw poll. Today, on the Dale Williams radio show, Mr. Benton said there will be a manual electronic count of the Iowa poll results. What Mr. Benton did not explain, as exposed in a previous National Expositor Article, “it is commonly known that this manual count” with Diebold machines “would only consist of spot checks of the voting machines for device calibration purposes.

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Ron Paul Now has 30,000 Registered Volunteers

Last week, the National Expositor revealed the Paul camp had more than 20,000 registered volunteers. Today, on the Dale Williams Radio show, Jesse Benton, director of communications for Dr. Paul’s Campaign stated there are now more than 30,000 registered volunteers. In less than one week the Paul Campaign has added and additional 10,000 volunteers. This extraordinary ground swell of support has never been seen in a U.S. Presidential election. No other presidential candidate even comes close to that number of volunteers.

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Ron Paul's 1st TV Ad!

In circulation in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, and Sioux City since Tuesday.

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A Time for Choosing

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