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We Are Ron Paul - Help Place this Ad in the Ames Tribune

UPDATE: Enough money has been pledged for a full-page advertisement! If you've made a pledge to donate then please send your payment to PayPal: If you haven't pledged you are still more than welcome to contribute to the cause!

Visit the Ron Paul Forums thread for more information.

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On the Road in Iowa

From the official campaign:

Dr. Paul's batteries were well charged from Sunday night's enthusiastic rally in Fairfield, giving him a much needed boost for a busy day. Traveling with his wife Carol and a team of four staffers, Dr. Paul was on the road at 7:00 am to Iowa City for an editorial board interview with the Iowa Press-Citizen. Dr. Paul then headed to Cedar Rapids for an interview with the Gazette, several local radio interviews, and lunch with supporters.

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Hope For America Day Coming Up

It will be on August 20th, the Doctor's birthday.

It is a day of planned community service around the country in which RP supporters make clear they don't need big government meddling in their lives. It is a way to actively celebrate Ron's birthday and to show him how full of hope we actually are.

Get involved with your meet up groups and make this happen! The federal government isn't the only thing that will change during the presidency of Ron Paul!

More information?

0 votes Gives Up Tax Exempt Status To Keep Fighting for Ron

Simply amazing! I awe at their integrity.


Look, Blumert," the lawyer told me. "There's nothing complex here. Ron Paul is a big problem for you people." So I responded:

BLUMERT: You can’t imagine how strange that sounds. Ron is a problem only to the moribund political establishment, and their cowardly media. At (LRC) we revere Ron Paul and regard him as a modern day Thomas Jefferson. Indeed, Ron’s even more principled than Jefferson, and he knows Austrian economics as well.

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Iowa 8/5 Debate Video

Part 1 of 3 (click read more to view more)

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Wouldn't it be great?

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Echoes of Liberty

This is a video I saw awhile ago. It is one of my personal favorites. While each President talks about freedom, they are in fact marking a move closer towards totalitarianism. That is until the end.

Speak From The Heart '08

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Ron Paul Excelling in FreedomWorks Straw Poll

Out of over 11,000 votes cast the good doctor himself has 7983 (55.2 %). There is currently a 5,000 vote gap between him and second place. As the voting ends tonight, it looks like FreedomWorks will say Yes to Dr. No. (See the Straw Poll in Action)

What does this mean?

FreedomWorks has full-time staff in 10 states and has over 800,000 grassroot volunteers across the country, effectively making it the of the right... (Click read more)

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National Ron Paul Meet Up Conference Going On Right Now

"PLEASE PRESS *2 to MUTE, once you enter this call.

To All Ron Paul Meet Up Organizers and Members,
(please share with your local members)

National Ron Paul Meet Up Conference Call Thursday 8-2-07

605-475-8500 code-5092984 (9pm eastern) (8pm central) (7pm mountain) (6pm pacific)

Please join us today. The 1st GOP Straw Pole in Georgetown had Ron Paul beating out all of the official contenders and losing only to Fred Thompson who is not yet an official candidate.

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Top Google Search Trends in Iowa

Gold = Fred Thomson
Green = John McCain
Red = Mitt Romney
Purple = Rudy Guliani
And you guessed it... Blue = Ron Paul

Check it out for yourself!

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Volunteers Needed in Iowa ASAP has 2,000 DVDs left to distribute out of an original 13,000. Amazing!

Even so, they could definitely use more help on the ground. Let's face it. Iowa isn't going to be a picnic. We got one huge brawl ahead of us, and it ain't gonna be pretty.

If you'd like to join the ground force in Iowa contact their out-of-state coordinator (volunteer information for the Straw Poll is also featured in the immediate column to the right):

Jen Solt
cell: 312-927-8326

Click here for a schedule!

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