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Historic Presidential Debate - October 23

Don’t miss this historic Presidential debate, moderated by Larry King, broadcast online, and via satellite worldwide!

This debate is the only 2012 Presidential debate where the top six Presidential candidates have been invited to participate. Confirmed candidates include:

Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party | Jill Stein, Green Party | Virgil Goode, Constitution Party | Rocky Anderson, Justice Party

Unlike the “debates” between Romney and Obama, these candidates aren’t afraid to provide more than rehearsed talking points for answers. Our debate is sure to feature some heated exchanges and a wide array of viewpoints.

Please click here to RSVP to watch the live stream of the debate right now!

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Fahrenheit 2012: Suppressing Dissent in the 21st Century

May 1, 2012 | The Corbett Report

The ease with which political and governmental bodies have been able to block the publication of books that are uncomfortable to the Washington elite, and even to destroy entire print runs of tell-all whistleblower stories, has greatly increased. Simultaneously, books that fulfill a social function of rallying the populace around the flag and supporting the dominant narratives of our time, from the war on terror to the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, are given copious attention by a fawning lapdog press.

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A Primer on Gold: Independent vs. Fiat Money

Questions and comments will be entertained in the section below.

The above video is a sequel to this one:

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If you have a problem...

by Matthew J. Sullivan | The Daily Paul
January 19, 2012

If you have a problem with the direction that the United States is heading, then vote for Ron Paul.

If you have a problem with the way the US government currently functions (or lack thereof), then vote for Ron Paul.

If you have a problem with the Orwellian expansion of the US government’s powers, then vote for Ron Paul.

If you have a problem with the perpetual growth of the military-industrial complex and the corporations that benefit from it, then vote for Ron Paul.

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Iowa Businessman Recalls his Awakening to Ron Paul

My Conservative Awakening
by Derek B. Balsley
November 15, 2011

I remember the day. I remember the moment. The moment in time where everything I had learned in my life about politics, about right vs. wrong, about left vs. right fell flat right in front of my eyes. On that day, the president I had supported through thick and thin uttered the words which shook me to my core and pulled the blindfold from my brow. On December 16th, 2008 as his presidency waned and the country braced as the largest financial collapse since the great depression reared it’s ugly head, George W. Bush said “I've abandoned free market principles to save the free market system.”

As President Bush prepared to abandon his principles and spend billions bailing out big wall street banks, in almost that one instant - with one simple phrase, George W. Bush had helped what I imagine was millions of conservative Republicans like myself realize that no one in Washington was watching out for us anymore. We had let it slide when President Bush signed the largest increase in the Federal Education budget in history with ‘No Child Left Behind’, we brushed it aside when this ‘compassionate conservative’ passed the huge and completely unfunded Senior Prescription Drug Program. He had been growing government under our noses for 8 years and we said nothing... but enough was enough!

Due in large part to the bailouts, the Tea Party was formed and grew organically across the country as millions of us promised to hold our weak-kneed Republican politicans’ feet to the fire. The truth though, is that the anger and frustration so clearly demonstrated in the Tea Party movement was born not out of the actions of one man, but out of years and years, decades even, of being hung out to dry by our entire government. We knew where the Democrats stood in regards to big government, but it was our party that was supposed to stand for limited government which doubled the military budget between 2000 and 2008. It wasn’t the Democrats alone who doubled the size of the Department of Education in 2001 and bailed out the banks in 2008... it was us, the Republicans, the so called limited-government Fiscal Conservatives.

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Richard Maybury: The War that Will Kill the Dollar

Source: JT Long of The Gold Report 11/7/11 Richard  Maybury

A war-mongering U.S. government could be less than 18 months away from decimating the last 5% of value left in the dollar, says Richard Maybury, the author of the U.S. & World Early Warning Report. Until some new exchange-traded-fund-like basket of natural resources provides a store of value, this "juris naturalist" has some advice about how to protect your wealth during the coming collapse.

The Gold Report: Richard, last month, you made a presentation at the Casey Research/Sprott Inc. "When Money Dies" Summit entitled "The War that Will Kill the Dollar." You explained that the corrupting influence of power had sent our country's leaders shopping for war, disregarding Westphalian respect for sovereignty and hastening the collapse of society. What are the signs that we are reaching a critical point? And, is there any way we can change course?

Richard Maybury: You can see the signs very clearly in the Middle East and North Africa. The Federal government is involved in several wars there that have nothing to do with America. One of the best examples is Libya. U.S. officials are taking credit for Moammar Gadhafi's death just a year after they were bragging about having tamed the threat. Now Libya is a mess. It will very likely be taken over by some sort of Islamic government that isn't going to be very friendly to America.

TGR: Why do we, as a country, do this? If it's not going to end well for us, what's the economic or political reason to get involved?

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