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Legalizing Marijuana More Popular Than Obama, Health Reform, and the War on Terror

From the California Independent Voter Network:

You read that right. Legalizing marijuana for recreational use by adults has more widespread support than President Obama's administration. Pot legalization is also more popular than the recent health care bill that passed in Congress and has higher approval ratings than our handling of the Global War on Terror...

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Fantasy Government

This article was written exclusively for The Daily Paul by: Wes Messamore


With all the talk of March Madness brackets and fantasy football leagues, I had a totally awesome idea to design a fantasy government with all my favorite picks to fill its many seats and offices. (Yes I realize that's actually pretty lame and that it says a lot about me that I'm literally salivating at the idea.)

So the following is a rough sketch of how it might look:

My fantasy government would include President Gary Johnson, a Republican Governor who radically transformed the State of New Mexico for his eight year, two-term tenure in the 1990s. He vetoed over 750 pieces of legislation (that does not include line items, which go into the thousands)! That's morethan the vetoes of all 49 other states' governors over the same period combined. He never signed a tax increase into law, he didn't add a single government employee, and he cut the rate of government growth in half- all this with a Democratic state legislature hell-bent on growing government and blocking Johnson's agenda of privatization.

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The Next Ron Paul

...is Gary Johnson.

Talk is cheap. Every politician says what most Americans want to hear, that he/she is going to spend responsibly, fight corruption, keep America out of open-ended wars, rise above partisanship, and choose principle over party. Even Bush and Obama said they'd do all those things.

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The Truth About Rand Paul

Especially in the aftermath of the recent controversy over Guantanamo Bay (but even before that), I have seen comments by a few of Ron Paul's supporters around the Internet like at RonPaulForums.com or on my own blog, that go along the lines of this comment someone recently left on my website:

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