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How would you describe "waking up" or being "awake"...

So there I was the other night, harvesting my first ever brew of kombucha, when I realized, "I haven't been this excited in years." I mean,I really had no business being that giddy. Later, it had me thinking about my life and the several stages I have been through, and wondered what the future would hold. I started feeling grateful because I was so happy I became "awake" early in life.

I got to thinking about what it ment to be awake and had a hard time figuring it out. Is it simply a perception "shift"? Is it diet related? Is it just a human trate that activates at adulthood?

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Need help identifying Itty Bitty Silver and Gold Round

While recently going through a box of old family photos a tiny leather sleeve fell out from among the photos and I investigated the contents. Turns out my father had saved a tiny silver and gold round that I was unaware of and it has now landed in my possession without knowledge as to its origin.

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Does your state charge sales tax for precious metals?

Washington State has a sales tax but does not impose it on the purchase of precious metals.

This is quite interesting and it supports the argument that gold and silver are indeed money.

But several states do charge sales tax on precious metals.

How about yours? Thanks for any information you offer.

If I get enough good information from the various states I will post how each state operates regarding precious metals sales.

~~~~~~~~Interesting Side Note~~~~~~~~~

A few years ago in a committee meeting, Dr. Paul asked Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke if gold was money.

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Firearms and US residents?

Hey guys, just curious about the legal firearm 'rights' of poeple in the US who may not be citizens?

First of all, I guess I'm not clear on if there is a legal status of 'resident' that is separate from citizen, or being on some sort of visa.

In any case, is there a 'resident' status for poeple in the US, and if so, what, if any, firearm freedom do they have when it comes to ownership and/or carrying?

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Someone Please Explain This (The FED) to me?

Someone please help me!?

The FED come out today to tell everyone exactly what we all knew they would say: "WE need to print more... There is no Inflation....".

Immediately following, the US dollar jumps in value against every other pair. Literally, values are still increasing.

On September 4th the Bank of England said they were going to mimic the federal reserves bond buying project and their value dropped significantly against the USD (What you might expect). This goes against all logical sense to me and i do not understand.

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Can anyone read Russian?

Got this bottle. Don't know what it is.
Supposed to be 25 or so years old.
Just curious what it says.
Any help would be appreciated.

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Will there be any live coverage of the Scottish Referendum Thursday night on U.S. TV or online?

I'd really like to watch the results unfold live as it happens, but will such coverage be available on any U.S. TV channel or online?

Here's hoping that Scotland votes YES for independence on the 18th!

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What is your favorite quote?

Over the years on the Daily Paul I saw many cool "what is your favorite song" posts.
How about favorite educational quotes?

Today while searching for some material to post on Twitter I came across this great quote that moved me so much when I was growing up as a teen in at the time Communist Poland:

"In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
- George Orwell

So what is your favorite quote/s?


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How Can I Keep My Wealth

I have a chunk that I'm trying to build to invest in a home, either here or in Mongolia, and/or start a business here or in Mongolia. I have three years I think before I can build enough to begin, because I don't want to start with debt. Debt will be incurred either through moving or through running a business, therefore I have to start with zero.

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Should the Free State Project create a smaller pledge to get 5k people to move now?

I think it's going to be a while before the Free State Project hits the goal of 20,000 pledges. My guess is the earliest we might expect to hit the mark would be 2018 based on the information I will include below.

With this in mind, does it make sense for the Free state project to put out a smaller pledge (now) where it asks (e.g.) if 5,000 people will move to NH in the next two years if a goal of 5,000 pledges is reached? So it would basically be a mini Free State Project within the Free State Project.

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Please Take Part in my Rand Paul Poll!

We all know Rand isn't Ron. There are several things we as Libertarians take issue with that Rand advocates. Support for Israel, limited military action, endorsement of Mitt Romney (ouch). Whatever, you get the idea.

Yes, he's cozied up to Cory Booker, Mitch McConnel, and some other folks that we on the DP wouldn't necessarily like to rub shoulders with.

HOWEVER, IF the election were today and you had to vote, would YOU vote for him? Let's assume for argument's sake that Rand is the Republican candidate going up against a Democrat.

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What should I do with this Piece of Rural Land?

There are a lot of smart entrepreneurs here. I have 10 acres of land on the Nevada/Utah border. It is semi-arid, has no utilities, is 15 miles from the nearest human outpost, and is next to a dirt road about 5 miles off the highway. What on earth do I do with it? It is just dirt and grass. No one really lives out there. It is too small to legally build a home on it but trailers are okay. Any ideas?

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Anyone Else Excited by Year-Low Silver?

My wife and I just bought 200 ounces two days ago. Now it appears that silver is at the low for the year! I've never seen it drop below $18 something for the past couple years so... maybe I need to get another 100 while it is still on sale. Is anyone else excited to stack this week?

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I disavow fear this 9/11!

I want to simply ask for your up vote and a corresponding response saying why you will join me in disavowing fear this 11th day of September, 2014. The greatest vice in the growth of terrorism is the response that fear demands: retaliatory and perpetual killing. This day has become the day of the demoralized, the guilty, the hateful, the disillusioned and the forever frightened. Express yourselves in disavowing fear and those who continue to perpetuate it at thirteen years since 9/11/2001. What about a petition? Let’s make this 9/11 one of change in ending fear!

Peace and Love to all.

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Trailer / Tiny Living

My Family and I have just purchased a travel trailer and we are fixing it up now so that we can live in it. At the same time we are looking for a place to park it. I am finding that it is very difficult to find a place to park a camper full time and not pay out of the nose. Mobile home parks around Richmond VA are prohibited from allowing campers to rent a lot space. Most campgrounds are not open year round, and those that are charge over $600 a month!

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