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Have A Question For Rand Paul? Here's Your Chance!

This just came across my Twitter feed (I follow Rand):

Retweeted by Senator Rand Paul
Brian Kilmeade ‏@kilmeade 13m

.@SenRandPaul joins me on radio at 11:20. listen live @ & tweet me ur questions

For those of you with Twitter accounts, tweet your questions @kilmeade and see if he asks them!

Ed in Phoenix

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Is it libertarian or anarchist to cross the border "illegally"?

I would really appreciate any thoughts on whether it is libertarian or anarchist to cross the border "illegally". Especially since the immigrants are being touted as future democrats. It sounds more like these immigrants are more anarchist than progressives based on the assumptuon they crossed the border without following the law with the intent to provide cheap labor without paying taxes. I look forward to your thoughts.

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Should it be ok to quarantine a person with a highly contagious / deadly virus or force them into treatment?

Should it be ok for people who are highly contagious with a deadly virus to be forcefully quarantined or forced into treatment?

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This 16 year old girl is Tweeting from Gaza, under the bombs.

"Guess what" (@Farah_Gazan)

‏طريق واحد يمر من فوهة البندقية


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Any Alternatives to LegalZoom?

Hey Everyone. I am having a heap-load of trouble finding an entity to act as my Registered Agent for my DMCA Policy on my website. I decided to use LegalZoom, because they are a big enough name and have someone decent reviews.

Until I found out LegalZoom is owned by former Monsanto CEO and Bilderberg veteran Robert Shapiro. Was disgusting to hear, do not trust my privacy in his hands.

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What is most important to you?

An open ended question seeking open ended answers:

What is most important to you?

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Need good ideas for healthy breakfast

I'm tired of eating gluten-free granola for breakfast. It doesn't taste very good and I've come to believe the grains are rough on my system and make it difficult to absorb minerals. Does anyone have any good healthy suggestions for a gluten-free breakfast? Ideally, something simple to prepare and not over the top expensive.

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Border Videos on the Front Page - Propaganda?

With respect to the Watch These Two Videos About The Border post adorning the Front Page, I noticed the shameless plug for Little Bonanza Productions. So, I Startpaged them. What did I find?

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No New Laws

If the Congress passes a law, or the POTuS issues an executive order, why is anyone obliged to follow it?

If I make a law, would you follow it?

If you make a law, do suppose others would follow it?

What makes them any better than you or me?

I never signed the Constitution. Did you?

Just like I never signed up for the KKK.

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At My Wits End, So Much Red Tape, DMCA Policy

Hey everyone. For the last couple months my friend and I have been racking our brains trying to figure out a way to legally create a news blog type site with a forum for our localized area. We were thinking of trying to get a community posting their troubles and concerns about what is going on in certain areas. Aiming to qualify for "safe harbor" protections.

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Rand Paul-Sheep In Wolf's Clothing?

We all have been noticing how Rand has been making some decisions and doing some things that are annoying us. He is saying and doing things that go against what his dad preached and what the liberty movement seems to be about. On the other hand he sometimes says and does things that make me think "he gets it"

My question is, Do you think Rand Paul is trying to play politics to win the white house rather than have a principled stand?

I think he might be, and I'm not sure its a bad thing. See his father took the principled stand. Thats why I fell in love with him. "He cured my apathy" but Ron's goals were different. I'm not sure he was ever playing to win, he was playing to change the conversation, and spread the message. He did a fantastic job. If he made compromises like Rand he wouldn't have been successful. Rand has different objectives then his father does. It appears that he has been interested in the white house ever since he joined the senate. He has been essentially in campaign mode since he took the senate seat. I wonder if he is doing what it takes to get to the white house, and when there can efforce a principled stance. He can impliment his libertarian idology once preseident.

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Michigan Primary

My Michigan absentee ballot for the primary has arrived. Having been in the UK for a quarter century now (yes, I am indeed in Nigel Farage territory), I have no idea if anyone on the ballot is libertarian/constitutional-leaning or not. There are no third party candidates listed.

Any advice, O Mighty DPers?

Cheers in advance.

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Commerce / Government / Profit

Can the government be run like a business?

Right now it seems all we export is death. We farm illness and human misery for profit. A government hell bent on having it all. Complete control. No exceptions. Death and Extortion pay very well.

So what's the next step? What should a limited government look like?

How should things like education and food safety be handled?

What does the new "Liberty" product line look like?

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Is the GOP of Illinois Really This Stupid?

I got the following e-mail from the Libertarian National Campaign Committee describing how the GOP of Illinois is trying to stop voters from having the option to vote for Libertarian candidates.

What kind of campaign strategy relies on cheating the voters? Anybody familiar with this tactic?

Either they despise the voters, or their gubernatorial candidate doesn't care about anything beyond his own campaign, because I would imagine Libertarians in Illinois will remember this and never vote for a Republican, again, even in those races where no Libertarian is running. How is that a good idea?

Here's the letter:

The Illinois Republican party, and their billionaire gubernatorial candidate, have declared war on Libertarian candidates.

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