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Whatever happened with Bitcoin?

You don't hear much about it anymore. It used to be all everyone ever talked about. Did everyone get rich or something?

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Money and Law?

Are laws now conjured as a means to continue printing money? You can't continue printing it unless you are spending it. How much longer can we go on printing? What is the cap on debt?

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Tax Day ask DP: who has tried to calculate their total annual tax burden?

Its complicated (not a lump sum) for a reason...

What about the tax burden for the average middle class american?

I have a friend who complained today about their income tax. I was trying to convince them that the income tax constitutes a portion of their total annual tax burden. I found a thread with a list of taxes. Help me roughly quantify:

Right now I have 6-8% sales tax on just about every purchase. Ss and medicare + employers contribution 8%. 2% per year on all valuable property. Gas tax ~10% in my state. Inflation tax ?%

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Fire ants have moved into the worm bed - Help!

We just noticed last weekend that fire ants have moved into our fairly large worm bed. YIKES! What can we do to get rid of the fire ants without killing the worms or poisoning their home/our garden compost? Any worm gurus out there? Thanks y'all.

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Will Federal Agents Use Reconnaissance Drones If They Raid the Bundy Ranch?

I would assume they would. What do you think?

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FoxNews: why did they jump on the Bundy ranch wagon so fast?

We know the agenda is carefully controlled and scripted. Why did they jump on this so fast?

What little I see reposted suggests FoxNews took a kinda supportive as in not hostile attitude with this issue and they were on it FAST. Local outlets were reporting but in the big MSM? Mostly FoxNews from what I see.

So first, is that what you guys were seeing?

If so, I have an explanation. It's called "getting ahead of the herd" first off (great moment for a pun) but they get one AUTOMATIC PAYOFF from putting it up on FoxNews:

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Bundy Ranch - ALL hands on board please!

Liberty Nation,

what is happening in Bunkerville, Nevada right now is what our fight is all about. It is the front line of our fight for freedom, justice and respect for our god given rights. THIS IS WHERE ALL OUR ENERGIE AND FOCUS NEEDS TO BE IN ORDER TO SUCCEED IN KICKING THE BLM THUGS OUT OF STATES.

The BLM is a militarized federal gov. thug that is the muscle for profiteering of insider politicians (Harry Reid) and their corporate connections (NEE Solar) running under a mascarade of environmental protection.

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When do you suppose TPTB are going to start tossing some politicians to the wolves?

It's clear that their legitimacy is fading fast. The talking heads in DC better pay heed. Do they really think they're in some anointed position and immune from what is certainly coming their way?

There's a reason why the Bankers finance both sides of wars. They could give a plopper less about the slime on the Hill.

An attempt at damage control is coming.

What else might bide time, besides fabricating the illusion that the State has "learned its lesson" and has decided to begin holding individuals within its ranks accountable?

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What is Rand's position on Cliven Bundy?

Has he given an official response?

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What's Going To Happen With/To Harry Reid? Taking all bets!

So it seems there's compelling evidence that Harry Reid is involved in criminal activity (maybe even treasonous activity) with the whole ENN/BLM/Rory Reid/Bundy Ranch scandal...

I'm curious to find out what (if anything) will happen with regard to this situation.

I really think he walks away from this with no charges, no arrest, nothing... he'll probably have to resign his seat... but that's it. I don't think there will be any long-term consequences at all... and they'll still end up stealing Bundy's land and sealing the solar deal.

What do you think will happen?

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Super Koch Bros

After listening to Scott Horton's show, he floated the idea that the Koch Bros political organisation (What Lew Rockwell calls the "Kochtopus") is attempting a takeover of liberty groups (Student for Liberty, CATO, etc.).

However, the Koch's are whipping boys for the establishment, while Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are idolized.

So are the Koch Bros a threat to the liberty movement?

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Liberty representatives...Where are they concerning Cliven Bundy?

What Cliven Bundy and his family are going through with the BLM is definitely a HUGE liberty issue, a tyranny vs. freedom issue. Where is Rand Paul, Justin Amash, Thomas Massie et et in the media denouncing what the BLM is doing and how it could most definitely lead to bloodshed?

Hell, Rand wrote a book titled "Government Bullies"!!!!

Where are these guys?! This kind of issue is EXACTLY the kind of issue these guys should be speaking out loudly about.

Where are they?!

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What is a "First Amendment Area"?

This a picture of a sign, put up by the BLM, to dictate where "protest" and "free speech" were allowed.

When the government "regulates" your freedom of speech, they are actually taking it away.

Do you agree? If not, then what is a "First Amendment Zone"?

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Shouldn't DP also? ____Why We Post Our IPv4 Address_____

Should DP consider taking a similar approach as that of the below website to ensure its up and accessible? What about having a DP internet address book of the most important sites with their IPv4 addresses in addition to the regular domain name addresses?


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"Sustainable Development" -What do you think?

I just got done watching the recently posted agenda 21 video which I think is definitely worth the time:

I despise the war on rural areas. I would say the solution to many problems is to get people out of the cities and back to smaller towns, back on the land where people can get back to work and grow there own food. To me that is “sustainable development.”

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