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Does anyone else miss DPer Sophron?

Well then, call him back with flutes and verse, he loves it. Be terse and true, or the worse for you, little boy or girl.

This is Sophron speaking to you from beyond the wall of separation, out here in the waste where minds are measured by their cactus nature. Can they thrive out here, where moisture is scarce and the sun scorches? No man or beast makes his home here where the pitiless sun beats down, but little truths hide under sand from the sun in the root of oases.

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Website issue, no sound on youtube videos

Is anyone else have the same issue with YouTube videos having no sound? Is it because the switch from flash player? Thanks

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Law and Gold

My question is whether there is a law, in the United States (Federal law or State law), or in other "Western" countries, that prohibits the exchange of a product or service for gold or silver?
In other words, if I have a couch for sale, is there a law that prohibits the buyer from making an offer or making payment in gold or silver? Or is there a law that prohibits the seller from denominating the price of the couch in gold or silver?

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Hypothetically, would you stop someone from killing themselves?

The reason I'm asking the question is because I believe it could reveal if we have a Right to intervene in someone choices over there own bodies since they are the only apparent victim. It also might help reveal the moral conundrums with Euthanasia.

Here are 3 scenarios of people who are about to kill themselves. Would you stop all of them, none of them or other. Please explain why? Does it change your thinking about the "Right" to Kill yourself? Do you truly own your body or is it morally wrong to harm or do violence even to yourself?

Scenario 1.

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Let's talk about Vaccines. Who feels strongly about this?

Hey guys,

I would probably agree with at least 90% of you 90% of the time on political topics. That is my guess anyway. Something that I have been confused on though is vaccines. It is pretty easy to be suspicious of a fluid that the government wants me to inject into my small children but my wife doesn't understand it.

My wife sees vaccines this way.

"The creation of vaccines has...

A. Killed millions
B. Made children autistic
C. Mind controlled the population
D. Been a globalist plot to summon in aliens to kill us all

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Daily Paul! Ask me anything and get it answered on the Lions of Liberty Podcast!

To my DP Family:

As many of you know I host and produce the Lions of Liberty Podcast and run the website Lions of Liberty with several like-minded friends. I've received so much great encouragement from people on the Daily Paul and I want to give you all a chance to contribute.

Ask me anything here - about liberty, politics, or just something you're curious about. I will compile questions and answer them on air for a future edition of the show.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Thou Shalt Not Covet

Take 24 hours and come back and see if you have coveted anything and if so post it here. And what do you think is behind this commandment?

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Can someone please address these political memes praising Obama?

After the SOTU, social media is flooded with these political memes praising Obama. If you google "this is what a successful presidency looks like" and click images, you will see them pop up.

I don't even want to link to pages with these memes posted up because I don't want them to get more traffic, so I will break down the points and comparisons being made.

When Obama first took office:

DOW JONES: 7,949


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Why Fight for Liberty & Justice?

If life is ultimately meaningless why fight for concepts such as Liberty & Justice?

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Anyone watch America Unearthed?

So America Unearthed had a recent episode involving 3 obelisk's forming Orion's Belt in NYC. I have done some reading on the subject, but what do you guys think this means?

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YOUR Greatest Hits

If the site is going to be archived, what posts or comments have YOU made that stand out in YOUR mind as the most important? Let's see Your Greatest Hits. Think of it as your personal epitaph on the late great Daily Paul.

I'm not going to put my own list up here in the introduction to this thread -- I'll post it down below as a comment -- because this thread isn't about me. It's about you. It's about all of us; what we tried to accomplish here, what we thought was important, and how well we expressed ourselves, at our very best.

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Swiss move unleashes "economic tsunami"

(Reuters) - Switzerland's franc soared by almost 30 percent in value against the euro on Thursday after the Swiss National Bank abandoned its three-year old cap at 1.20 francs per euro.

In a chaotic few minutes on markets after the SNB's announcement, the franc broke past parity against the euro to trade at 0.8052 francs per euro before trimming those gains to stand at 1.0350 francs.

It also gained 25 percent against the dollar to trade at 0.8900 francs per dollar.

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Seeds - Green Leafy Vegetable (GLV)s

Where I can buy the organic seeds of GLVs? Kindly suggest some websites. I can google it, but expecting links of sites which DPers have used with trust.

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Is there a concerted effort to discredit Ron Paul and non-interventionist libertarians

Are you a non-interventionist libertarian? If yes, have you been called Putinist yet? Have you noticed an increase in activity by fellow libertarians who do not share your non-interventionist views, in bashing and discrediting Ron Paul and anyone else who dares to point out American hypocrisy in wars in Middle East, Ukraine?

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On The 2001 Aumf

I wanted to discuss the 2001 AUMF for which Dr. Paul voted, because I still am having trouble with consistency. Some questions I have are these:

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