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Any animal lovers on the DP

Tweet of the day for you:

Bring a loving pet into your house.
Merry Christmas & a Happy 2015!

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What is your favorite Ron Paul video?

Friends in Liberty!

What is your favorite Ron Paul video?
I got touched by many Ron Paul videos since the spring of 2007.
Today I watched one that totally "melted me" inside... not ashamed to say I cried like a newborn baby.

Enjoy & Merry Christmas!

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What is a radical? What is a terrorist?

I'm as close to a radical, a terrorist as would be realized if my children were no more my living grace and grace in living. We bomb children! We accept the deaths of those we would die of heartbreak for in our own in order that the boogieman exhausts his latest costume.

Me, a terrorist? Yes, if you kill my children in the name of resource, property, money and thought control.

Peace and Love to even those incapable of giving it.

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What is your holiday tradition?

Merry Christmas Dp'ers and for every other holiday that I do not celebrate, may they bring the best out in all of you who do. I wanted to post a quick thread regarding holiday traditions in order to give you all a chance to share any that you may employ around this time of year. My wife and I have for the second year now let the kids decorate ornaments with paint, glitter, handprints, footprints or any other medium they might choose. We have decided that gifts from the heart and those with given with the efforts of wonderment are the best...and the family who receives them would agree.

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If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

I'm making a plan. If its Jeb vs. Hillary, I'm leaving the U.S.

Where would you go and why?

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Another question for the DP economics buffs!

As most of you know, Janet Yellen came out today saying during the FOMC minutes that the Fed Funds Rate is going to be held constant between 0-0.25% for another 6 months. If any of you have helped me with questions before, you'll know that I don't buy anything she says, but my colleagues at our investment firm call me a conspiracy theorist for even questioning the validity of her statements.

So, my questions are:

-Does keeping rates constant imply active Open Market Operations?
-If so, does that imply the buying or selling of gov't securities?

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Do Muslims Really Believe Jesus Christ Was Just A Prophet?

Do Muslims Really Believe Jesus Christ Was Just A Prophet?

Seemed strange to me when I asked myself this question. If someone lies and says things that are not true, (their belief) about Jesus, how could you call him a prophet?

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Really want help with a new web news feed site

I come to you humbly, hoping to make a decent start on a new website. I need all the input I can get. On the other hand, I'm asking for something kinda one-sided. You contribute your ideas to me, and I'll just take them for free! (-:

I live in Winchester, VA. I have a few things I believe in, and as a nerdy guy, I always feel the need to run out and register a domain name for this great new idea that I presume I've had. Well, most recently, I was motivated to make a new site called

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If it ends up being Hillary vs Jeb

What should we do?

I vote for moving.

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Government Shutdown to cover economic implosion?

So this "unexpected" potential government shutdown tonight smells funny to me. Do you think this is just to create a cover for the major drop in oil and other areas? Or is there a provision on money for Israel in there? something else which is gumming this up?

why is this suddenly a media focal point? what's holding this up? or from what is it they're distracting us with this "issue"?


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Liberty Defined

How is Liberty defined? How would you define Liberty?

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Asbestos, Old Houses and DIY-You

I was browsing some videos on Youtube and came across this one titled, ASBESTOS DANGERS DURING HOME RENOVATIONS, where a guy inspects an old abandoned house and identifies suspect areas of asbestos materials. Asbestos, of course, is an old building material that was discovered to be carcinogenic relatively recently.

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Question: Why do people live in cities?

Why do people live in cities? And how (in "city planning" terms) might a liberty-minded area of population look like?

I know very well that most city planning is centralised and not quite liberty-friendly. What I'd like to know is, what would a liberty-friendly version look like?

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How did you wake up?

Friends in Liberty!

How did you wake up?

For me it was reading Bill Cooper's book - Behold a Pale Horse.

I see back into my life.
That day in 1997 in Vancouver's Chapters.
Once I grabbed that book I never let it go.

I saw darkness for what it is in our lives.
The evil machine creating wars... artificially created wars.

How did you wake up?

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December 6, 2014 - the spirit is in me...

Tonight I sit here, alone. Yet I feel so alive. This place gives me life and takes it viciously. Yet, I always come back to give it again.

Do you come here to give?

Peace and Love.

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