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In a time when we near a major Christian holiday, I find myself doubting the faith. With the NAP I don't need dogma to define, or control who I am as a person.

I grow weary living a comfortable lie in some ways, and on many levels.

Sometimes I have visions of a different me, a more polished upgraded version.

How do I find that guy? I'm not really sure where to start.

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The fascist "tobacco free" movement

I recently graduated college with a master's degree in engineering. I have recently discovered that many of the places I have been hoping to work for have recently become "tobacco free", meaning no smoking on the premises. The irony is that the tobacco free clause is usually included in the same policy section with the equal opportunity and anti-discrimination clauses. Unfortunately, my experience and interest is in research and development, but this seems to be the area most affected by these policies.

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Please Help: My Cat CAN'T Urinate and Defecate

1) 7:08 p.m. Thanksgiving Day in comments section
2) pending

Hello, DPers,

Quickly I'm coming upon emergency for my cat Hopper.

I have a two and a half year old male cat who was in healthy until a week and a half ago when he didn't so much eat but devoured a bird. Thirty minutes after Hopper ate the bird, he threw it up. I cleaned up bones, feathers and the bird. He threw up a few more times where each time he did there was small yellow puddles of liquid.

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Any recommendations on how to sell physical silver and gold?

HI DPers,

I want to find out which online stores and/or physical dealers do you recommend to use to sell some of my silver and gold coins?
I've tried and they seem to give me a low price for my items.

I'm located in the North East New Jersey...

Any advise/help is highly appreciated.


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Are Proposed Regulations To Make Fake Guns Brightly Colored Going To Stop Cops From Shooting Kids?

Are Proposed Regulations To Make Fake Guns Brightly Colored Going To Stop Cops From Shooting Kids?

Here's my take from today's Morning Roar at Lions of Liberty:

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Occult Symbolism in "I Pet Goat 2"

I just seen the movie "I Pet Goat 2" and I can't believe the amount of symbolism within this movie. Anyone who has studied the Illuminati, the Occult, Bible Scripture etc. Will find this really interesting.

There are Many videos on Youtube about it. To save everyone some time, I was going to see if anyone who is interested could post the video they find is the best, or most accurate... as a group we could up-vote the video's posted by others to make it easier to find/view the best ones per the up-votes.

Any and all help is much appreciated!

God Bless

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Buying a house...

Ok, so I would like to buy a house. What kind? How big? Who cares. Anything with a couple bedrooms is fine, but this is practically off topic.

My question deals with the economy. What I would like to know from the experienced minds on here is when you think the housing market may crash again. Tough to say yes, but I would like to hear you opinions.

Second question, what would be the difficulty of getting a home loan after the crash versus now and what sort of interest rates are we going to be seeing?

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Evidence for Love

What empirical evidence is there for love? If the material world is all that there is would that make love illusory? What evidence solidifies your worldview that love exist outside of your own mind?

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Basis for Moral Values

On what basis do the moral values you hold onto have any validity?

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How Do YOU Feel About Obama Amnesty?

Do you care, and if so, why?

I'm not sure I care. Especially as an open-borders and no or tiny federal government type. The issue for me is welfare, not "illegal" immigration. I also fully support violating immoral laws and most laws today are immoral. Illegal immigrants create no victims, and if there's no victim then there's no crime. And as most of us on here know - end the stolen handouts and it's suddenly a moot point.

Anyway, I'm curious what ya'll think.

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Human Value

What makes a human being valuable; is there a standard?

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How would a stateless society handle animal abuse, wildlife management?

I usually don't post here on the DP, but I have an honest question. I'm still new to the idea of a voluntarist/stateless society and haven't educated myself on the subject as much as I should. I'm trying to change that. I didn't even know what libertarianism was until 2011, so cut me some slack. Anyway, my question is, how would animal abuse be dealt with, without the presence of animal cops? I ask because I had on "Animal Cops" on the discovery channel this morning while cooking breakfast. Got me thinking.

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Parental Rights: Where Is The Line?

I do not know. I know I see inconsistency in the law: You may abort the fetus for the first 12 weeks (or whatever) but you may not abort the fetus after the second trimester, but then any time from the fourth trimester to the 54th trimester you can withhold medical care. And yet... Idaho is, in many ways, a bastion of individual liberty and things like this are why.
I really don't know. Input, friends? This is my state, how does this look "from the outside looking in?" Can't be good, and yet... Are they my kids, or the states?
"Why Does God Kill So Many Children In Idaho?"

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What Are Your Favorite Liberty Podcasts?

Hey Daily Paulers!

I've got a new project brewing, and I want to come up with a collection of the best liberty podcasts out there, from those that are currently popular to those that may be lesser known but are of great quality.

I am only looking for podcasts that are well produced, have high audio quality, and are released on a regular basis, at least weekly.

Ready, set....GO!

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