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A Question About Rights

The Bill of Rights is what the People insisted be added by amendments to the Constitution as a protection of the People from the abuse or overreach of the government being formed by the Constitution; so, does the Bill of Rights, particularly the fifth amendment right to not incriminate onesself apply to government employees who have taken an oath to protect our rights?

Does pleading the fifth by a government employee such as Lois Lerner cause our rights to be violated?

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The crisis is in two days. You have only $1,500 and nothing else. What do you get?

Tax returns are coming back so a lot of the paycheck to paycheck folks are getting some money for the first time in awhile. Let's say someone doesn't have much of anything outside a decent shelter near a water source and they want to be more prepared.

With $1,500 what would you suggest that they get first if you suspected that a crisis was going to occur in a month. Be as elaborate as you want. A lot of folks don't know where to start really. Thanks for the input!

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Heading out to Texas, what should I do there?

I'm heading out to Tomball, Texas for about 3 days and would like any input as to local smoke houses, eateries, fun..anything that I can enjoy in the Great State of Texas!

Anyone have any ideas?!


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Is anyone else a News Addict?

Ever since I was sixteen years old I would read the news daily; not just political articles but everything unrelated to celebrities or sports such as science, business, war, etc.

Over the years I spend more and more of my day thinking about and looking up news articles. It went from half an hour a day to several hours per day. I won't even go to sleep until I feel that I have read enough.

My routine involves hitting up the Drudgereport, Infowars, Zerohedge, Brietbart (sometimes), Google News (to see what other people see), and the Dailypaul of course.

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Help! I Just fired Firefox!

I have been using Firefox for a year or so, and they just asked me to congratulate them and their users for getting a federal bureaucracy (the FCC) to create "net neutrality."

I could not find any proper place to complain to them as they don't answer mail on their politics, apparently, but I did complain to the developers about it, and I've fired them.

I asked them why they thought anything good (food, healthcare, education, economics, or speech) would be better with the word "politicized" in front of it.

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Who Has The Strongest Economy? What Are They Doing Right?

Sure we seem to dwell on the U.S., EU and other economic disaster zones. But after a day of Chinese New Year programming I'm realizing, every yin has it's yang.

So first, who's doing alright, and 2nd why?

-Support of exports?
-Low taxes?
-No Rothschild banks?
-Small government?
-Low military spending?
-Cultural homogeneity?

Your thoughts please.

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Will it collapse?

A huge skyscraper in Dubai is on fire.

The question is, will it free fall into its own footprint?

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Who are the Wise men?

Who do you consider to be wise? I feel I am a fool, but I want to be a wise man. I want to learn from the wisdom of these men/women.

Can you recommend any authors and works?

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Remember Ronald Reagan's Alien Invasion?

Ronald Regan:

"... when you stop to think that we're all God's children, wherever we may live in the world, I couldn't help but say to him, just think how easy his task and mine might be in these meetings that we held if suddenly there was a threat to this world from some other species from another planet outside in the universe. We'd forget all the little local differences that we have between our countries and we would find out once and for all that we really are all human beings here on this earth together"

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Did Brian Williams report on 9-11?

Now that Brian Williams has been shown to not be truthful, I wonder what he might have said on 9-11. In light of his now revealed fabrications it could be a reason to get people to question the media and government's portrayal of what happened on 9-11 who before have refused to question the veracity of the media.

Here's another lie he told:

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Help getting unvaccinated kids in Catholic school

Anyone know a good way of approaching this? I have been in touch with and contacted the Archdiocese. The Arch's response was that without a medical exemption, my kids cannot attend, but the state allows for religious exemption. I am contacting the Bishop's office directly. I haven't contacted the school directly, think maybe they'd except the exemption? They just have to meet the state's guidelines if the Dept. of Health does a check...

Any advise/thoughts would be helpful. Thanks.

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Ladies & Gents. If you could...

... ask Dr. Ron Paul a single question, what would it be? If a single question is just not enough, what would be the top 3 questions you'd ask the good Dr.?

I'll Start it off.

Dr. Paul, What is your take on the situation in the Ukraine? And what should our roll be, if any?

Dr. Paul, how should the U.S handle ISIS?

Dr. Paul, If I came to Texas would you join me for a bike ride?

...... Your turn!!!!! Don't be shy! just curious

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What are your feelings about donating money?

I am getting requests for money from liberty groups. The latest today is from Rand for his money bomb to audit the fed.
I feel pretty disheartened and distrustful. How about you?

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One question about vaccines

Vaccines supposedly eliminated measles, mumps, and otherd. Were vaccines mandatory at that time, and did every child take the vaccines? Or were there some children that didnt take the vaccines? If the answer is no to all, then how did the vaccines eraticate the dieases if there were some that didn't take the vaccines? Why is it necessary now for some to feel we need to force it on people? For me, it just feels like another step forward in tyranny.

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What vaccine concerns do you want to be discussed on the MSM?

I'm waiting for the real concerns of people to be openly discussed in the media. The MSM mentions only Jenny McCarthy and Wakefield, which are certainly not where parents are getting their info from in 2015. After the perfunctory mention of those two people they immediately launch into hate rants against the parents.

I'm willing to change my mind, but they need to address our concerns first.

Can we compile a list of all the issues that are not discussed? I'll get it started:

1. viral shedding
2. is herd immunity real?
3. SV-40
4. legal immunity
5. Immunoexcitotoxicity

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