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Vaccine Exemption Gets a Little Trickier In TN - Update: Situation Resolved

So I went to register my kid for kindergarten. He's in special public pre-K right now for speech and occupational therapy. He's the only child that I don't homeschool because he needs intervention that I can't provide.

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I donated to Rand Paul and the only place to talk about it is on the DP...don't go

Have you guys done your part? It felt real good after I just got my job to chip in to a family that has given me so much intellectual integrity over the years.

I miss our money bombs, I'm not gonna enjoy 2016 run without DP

Why can't we donate for this website?

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Where to now?

i know it's been covered before but I'm feeling too lazy right now to go searching through the archives....
Where are we going to go every day once the DP is gone?
I'm a DP Junky and I really don't want to quit Cold Turkey.....

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Now That Israel Has applied to Join China's Investment Bank,Whats next for the U.S and Israel?

Basically Slapping America in the face after years of fmFunding and helping them.

What's Israel's. Plan now?

They Put the U.S in a Bad Position by doing this.

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Six Blind Men of Washington.

This is a wonderful parody of the old Hindu Parable:
Six Blind Men and the Elephant.

What are your thoughts? This is what I have been noticing in the forums as of late.

Am I right, wrong, or partially, lol?

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What is wrong with Rand befriending talk radio hosts with millions of listeners?

Rand isn't going to be able to raise the hundreds of millions that someone like Jeb Bush will. He has to find other ways to reach people that don't involve spending huge boatloads of money. And someone like Glenn Beck, who is closer to Rand's views than any other big-time media personality (and who also happens to own an entire cable news television network), is a great conduit to reach millions of people. I think when you are running for president, you have to make friends with lots of people. Even people that you would normally not make friends with.

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New Website Update?

Hey Mike! Can you give us any insight to the content or direction of the new site? I can barely look at the headlines here anymore. Please give me some hope for an approach outside of politics.

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Open Power - Break The Two Party Tyranny

I would like to know what DPer's think about Robert David Steele's latest initiative to break the two party tyranny at the 2016 election.

Robert's argument is that since the current two party system is broken and corrupt. The ONLY way any issue might receive a fair hearing is if we FIRST achieve Electoral Reform and restore integrity to our government.

In fact #ElectoralReform is the ONE THING we can and all should be able to converge on, Progressives, conservatives and libertarians alike. His plans make very interesting reading.

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The Promise of the Internet

Do you remember the optimism, the promise of the internet in the mid to late 90's? It was a whole new thing - the ability to connect to any other person on the planet, directly, without any intermediation.

How has it worked out?

Has the internet just devolved into the new TV? Mindless, useless entertainment?

A cheap fundraising tools for politicians?

A propaganda bullhorn for competing ideologies?

Does the internet still hold promise?

If so, what is the Promise of the Internet for you?

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thinking about moving to Arizona

Greetings fellow dp'ers. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

I have been considering moving to another state and have my eyes on Arizona at the moment. I have done my research. Yet I wish to ask one thing which I am struggling with. CPS. What is up with the huge spike in number of foster children? And what is behind Gov. Jan Brewers new executive order on abolishing CPS and setting up the new stand alone cabinet?

Is this a good thing? Or will it result in even higher numbers of children taken out of the home and/or violate parental rights?

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Just a Theory: Was the viral nature of the Harlem Shake used as an excuse?

Remember the Harlem Shake? When I first heard that the opening line, "con los terroristas" meant, "with the terrorists," I couldn't shake (sorry) the idea that wouldn't watching such a thing give the NSA some cover for infiltrating your computer?

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Criteria for being invited to the Primary debates?

What are the thresholds for being invited to the media hosted primary debates? Wasn't it that a candidate had to have a certain percentage of national polls?

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Terms and Conditions for the New Daily Paul?

Speaking of Terms and Conditions, what should the T's & C's be for the New Daily Paul? (The new Daily Paul won't be called the Daily Paul, btw.)

befree raised an interesting point:

oooh, I wonder

Submitted by befree on Tue, 03/17/2015 - 01:40. Permalink

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Where is the Best Place in America to Live Free?

Hey Guys,

This is a fun group to ask things. My wife and I have been considering this question for about a year now. Everywhere has its advantages and disadvantages so by nature this question will have a somewhat opinionated answer as things that may be important to some are less important to others. I want to hear your pitch either way. Here are two.


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Silver: Time to Buy a Little OR a Lot?

So with silver falling below 16 dollars an ounce i would like some advice from the DP metals community. When silver fell below 17 recently i added my first 100 oz bar now i'm adding another. My question is when would be a good time to really dive in and convert my cash to silver? will it keep going lower? Also is the rise in the dollar spurring this fall in silver price?

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