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US postal service refusing to deliver mail to my home.

I'm seeking the knowledge of the DPer's here who have so often impressed me with their resourcefulness.

I have a problem. About a year ago, the contractor working for the Allegan County Road Commission broke my mailbox post off at the ground while operating a brush hog. I contacted the Commission and after some wrangling and denial, had a new box and post installed to replace the one that was destroyed.

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I need Help. Can Someone Help Provide The Link To Alternative Cancer Treatment Links. From January? I Think

I lost my father and Brother to cancer, in addition, I lost my (2) cousins' to cancer ,they lost a father and now their Mother and her daughter (my cousin) now have cancer. My Aunt has terminal cancer!

I think it was in January that this site had a very long list of alternative cancer treatments and videos.

It was the most comprehensive list I have seen.

Can someone please help me find the Link?

I remember even Michael Nystrom made comments.

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Body Armour laws

Here in Canada, it is illegal to wear body armour unless "permitted by the pigs".
I don't know what the laws are in the States but this is completely insane.
So people are not allowed to protect themselves if they so choose from the Pigs and other violent criminals?
I am almost at the end of my rope with this corporate BullCrap world. I won't even vote anymore, it's no use, every stinking politician is a crook and they only serve the military, bankster, industrial satanic cabal that has usurped our once great countries.

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Austrian Economics Attacked

Social democracy, a liberal website, has written many articles attacking Austrian economics. They have a page wish assembles all these articles. Can you help point out the mistakes they made because many of their articles seem to be convincing. They always seem to rely on data which seems cheery piked or flawed. It would be great to refute many of the points they make on the depression of 1920-21 and the great depression.

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Incarcerated for Freedom: How Would You Respond?

As I was talking with an acquaintance of mine yesterday, we got into a brief discussion about prisons in America and how we have such a large prison population. I stated that I was disgusted that a supposedly "free" nation incarcerates so many, especially for non-violent offenses and violations of regulation. His response floored me and highlighted to me how much work we still have to do to spread the idea of liberty.

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I'm putting together a list of "negative info" against Walker.

Yes, I'm doing it. I'm going to "that" level. But, it seems in todays world, the only way to win, or sway a persons position on a candidate is to completely destroy their whole positive outlook on the chosen "victim" candidate (we witnessed this with Ron last election cycle). So, I've decided to start to compile a list of "smears" against Scott Walker, so his dreams about a rise to fame and his presidential aspirations are destroyed/annihilated by littering social media outlets and the email boxes of radio/tv news pundits.

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Let's Help Paul For President 2016 Vote Now!

Dr.Ben Carson is in 1st place followed up by Scott Walker & then Rand Paul let's help out Paul or who ever you feel would be better.

Please tell us who you voted for =)

some other polls out there are

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When Will You Shrug?

Is there a point that you will stop being a part of this society, choose to either retire and no longer produce, or simply move away to another place that offers the freedoms you desire?

With over 1/3 of the USA population accepting welfare, how long are the producers of this country willing to keep producing knowing that there are over 100 million people that they must support through their own time and labor?

What will make you say, "Enough!"?

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A Question About Rights

The Bill of Rights is what the People insisted be added by amendments to the Constitution as a protection of the People from the abuse or overreach of the government being formed by the Constitution; so, does the Bill of Rights, particularly the fifth amendment right to not incriminate onesself apply to government employees who have taken an oath to protect our rights?

Does pleading the fifth by a government employee such as Lois Lerner cause our rights to be violated?

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The crisis is in two days. You have only $1,500 and nothing else. What do you get?

Tax returns are coming back so a lot of the paycheck to paycheck folks are getting some money for the first time in awhile. Let's say someone doesn't have much of anything outside a decent shelter near a water source and they want to be more prepared.

With $1,500 what would you suggest that they get first if you suspected that a crisis was going to occur in a month. Be as elaborate as you want. A lot of folks don't know where to start really. Thanks for the input!

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Heading out to Texas, what should I do there?

I'm heading out to Tomball, Texas for about 3 days and would like any input as to local smoke houses, eateries, fun..anything that I can enjoy in the Great State of Texas!

Anyone have any ideas?!


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Is anyone else a News Addict?

Ever since I was sixteen years old I would read the news daily; not just political articles but everything unrelated to celebrities or sports such as science, business, war, etc.

Over the years I spend more and more of my day thinking about and looking up news articles. It went from half an hour a day to several hours per day. I won't even go to sleep until I feel that I have read enough.

My routine involves hitting up the Drudgereport, Infowars, Zerohedge, Brietbart (sometimes), Google News (to see what other people see), and the Dailypaul of course.

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Help! I Just fired Firefox!

I have been using Firefox for a year or so, and they just asked me to congratulate them and their users for getting a federal bureaucracy (the FCC) to create "net neutrality."

I could not find any proper place to complain to them as they don't answer mail on their politics, apparently, but I did complain to the developers about it, and I've fired them.

I asked them why they thought anything good (food, healthcare, education, economics, or speech) would be better with the word "politicized" in front of it.

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Who Has The Strongest Economy? What Are They Doing Right?

Sure we seem to dwell on the U.S., EU and other economic disaster zones. But after a day of Chinese New Year programming I'm realizing, every yin has it's yang.

So first, who's doing alright, and 2nd why?

-Support of exports?
-Low taxes?
-No Rothschild banks?
-Small government?
-Low military spending?
-Cultural homogeneity?

Your thoughts please.

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Will it collapse?

A huge skyscraper in Dubai is on fire.

The question is, will it free fall into its own footprint?

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