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What do you most love about America?

I have traveled far and wide and lived overseas on numerous occasions. But there is only one place for me that is home, one land that I love the most.

Stand beside her, and guide her
Thru the night with a light from above.
From the mountains, to the prairies,
To the oceans, white with foam
God bless America, My home sweet home.

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How Can You Clean Up A Credit Report?

I have been looking up ways to clean up a credit report for a friend.
About 12 years ago he had a home, credit card, a small loan he said because he was making improvements to his house. And a few other things.
He was making timely payments for years, until the bottom dropped out.
He lost his job, lost his savings trying to pay all the bills, lost his house, sold it on a short sell, and within 2 years he still had no job, no house, and a host of judgment's against him.

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Moving to NOVA (Northern VA). Where should I live?

Greeting DailyPaulers:

I've been living in the suburb of Chicago for the past 12 years, just got a job in Northern VA and moving there next month. Need your advice on where to live. For two reasons, 1. I've been part of this community since the summer of 2007 - you are family to me and 2. I plan on hitting the road running when I get there with respect to political activism etc. I know RP did really well there in both 2008 and 2012 in VA and there are a lot of liberty minded folks there. But what area specifically would you guys recommend that I look into?

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What do you dislike most about America right now?

For me, it is the abandonment of our philosophy. I am not an extremist for believing in the power of Liberty. Our founding documents paved the way for human rights. Its a track record that is difficult, but I find pride in.

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Did any of you ever watch Justin Wilson?

I miss Justin Wilson. I watched him cook when I was a child.

I wish the Food Network would seek to employ a similar fellow.

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2016: Rand Paul?

2016: Rand Paul?

Let your voice be heard...Go Vote!

Results will be sent to you by email...

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Rand Paul 2016 strategy thread

What is the plan for Rand Paul 2016.

Is "he" going to go for the popular strategy ? (popular vote)

Or the Ron Paul/Goldwater caucusing strategy ? (attempt to stock the state delegates for the convention)

I just cannot stop thinking about how all this is going to play out. I obviously don't have to air my views on Rand but I think since Jeb and the other Neanderthals are gearing up I was wondering what you guys think.

**Personally I feel:**

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Ron Paul was not principled in self defense...

Be honest...

did Ron Paul really stand his ground like an enraged patriot,
or did he cower to the black suits who cheated the election from him?

Be honest...

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Are we ghosts?

Are we ghosts?

Are we relevant and does being relevant matter?

Are we inspirational?

Are we delusional...delusional writers?

Are we heard?

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What's wrong with Bill3?

Like the title says "What's wrong with Bill3?"?

I just had an awkward encounter with Bill3 and many other seemed to have it too in the same thread. I've seen many weird, provoking, threads and responses from this guy. Is he just someone whom I should ignore or does he makes some points that I just don't get?

What do you think?

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Which is the best Hemp/Cannabis stock to invest into right now?

I am personally looking at HEMP Inc. At the moment it is trading very low and I plan on sitting in it long term, any stock traders out there have a heads up for us libertarians as to what stock is a good one to invest in?

After all, rich libertarians are better than poor ones. Thanks for any advice.

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As an elected official, am I wrong...

As an elected official, am I wrong to view all proclamations, declarations, and resolutions (each requiring a majority vote) that honor and set aside day(s) for observance of [insert entity/person here] as not only a complete waste of time, but also a violation of the personal opinions of the people within the geographic area "represented"?

Aren't calls for praise and honor a function best left to personal action/opinion, private media, or voluntary association rather than the declarative will of a minority of persons with the power to make it so?

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California primary candidates?

I don't understand all these elections, but I got a ballot for the "statewide direct primary election". Are there any liberty candidates?

I plan on just voting for the people with occupation of small business owner, and partyless candidates. I would like to fill this out this evening to mail it out and get it off my desk.

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How many DPers have actually experienced a UFO?

This is prompted by Sierra's claim that he saw a UFO with his two daughters.

Sierra has opinions on things that are different from mine, but I do believe him to be a screename of his word.

Remember that we're all people behind these screennames.

Perhaps I'm more receptive to this because I recently heard a flying saucer story from someone I least expected, which sounded true, and was delivered in such a way that I believed it. There was no reason to lie to me.

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"500 innocent americans are killed by police every year"

I have seen the statistic that says "500 innocent americans are killed by police every year" and it has USDOJ written after it, but I can't seem to find the actual source to this statistic. I also cannot find any source that divides those killed by police between innocent and non-innocent.

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