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What in the world is Ben Swann up to?

I never see any reporting from him anymore. I see stories from time to time on his website but hardly anything from him. We need him! Where is he?

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Lost in Web Dev - Website Question

I had a great idea for a website that could be a powerful tool for the liberty movement. I had to put the idea on ice for a while due to work and other issues, but I'm finally ready to get it done. The problem? I am not knowledgeable about web development and don't really know how to find a reliable web developer, assess the different options (wordpress vs joomla vs drupal vs etc.), and know what is a fair price range.

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Is water a basic human right?

What does the Daily Paul think?

Is water a free and basic human right, or should all the water on the planet belong to major corporations and be treated as a product? Should the poor who cannot afford to pay these said corporations suffer from starvation due to their lack of financial wealth? According to the former CEO and now Chairman of the largest food product manufacturer in the world, corporations should own every drop of water on the planet — and you’re not getting any unless you pay up.

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What do people think of Raul Labrador as possible majority leader?

Many of my libertarian\Ron Paul friends are calling for Congressman Raul Labrador of Idaho's 1st district to become the new majority house leader. I use love him and still like him over many of the other congress people but he does have a few bad votes such as short term debt limit increase and CISPA once (though he did vote against it the second time). He doesn't consider himself a libertarian but rather a very conservative republican with libertarian leanings such as Rand.

Some recent vids on him

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What happened to the Campaign for Liberty?

Back in the day the campaign for liberty site was on the top of my website "routine." Its been many years now since I have visited the site due to the decline in quality/relevance.

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Software to design business logos? Website?

I need to finish a design for our company logo and some illustration for brochures. I also would like to re-design our website. Any ideas would help like "use this or stay away from"?

1 vote 3rd party arbitration closed

So has closed down.

They recommend

Has anyone had experience with net-arb or are there any other third party arbitration websites? I have some contract work and I will have to turn it down unless I can agree to a third party arbitration.

Thanks to SuccessCouncil for the original post here where I learned about 3rd party arbitration.

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Legality of uploaded images

I have a question if anyone knows about the legality of uploaded images to a third party like a forum image hosting service. Like as to whether or not I have the right to delete, edit, destroy, etc the images as I see fit. Also can I be "banned" from accessing them?

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What is the anarchist or voluntarist theory of war?

This is one question I haven't explored much with anarchists and strikes my curiosity. Did any of the heavy weight ancaps like Rothbard or Hoppe write about their idea of just war?

When you think about wars, historically, and the behavior of generals and leaders, the ones who win the wars were always willing to sacrifice the neutrality of third parties, conscript soldiers, permit collateral damage, and so on, in the service of the greater strategic necessity.

I am pretty much totally unfamiliar with how ancaps or voluntarists would approach the question of war. I know they believe in self defense, but that doesn't explain how they would respond to contingencies in which successful self defense, strategically, required things like seizing defensible area, resource depots, etc.

Has any war ever been won without recourse to behaviors that violate a strict rendering of NAP? If not, then how could NAP adhering security groups expect to hold their own in the general violence market?

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Should you Leave the USA!?

It comes a point when a country, even one as great as the USA, simply becomes unlivable and thus you have to make that decision to leave. I wonder about the current state of the USA and if it has reached this point already. Clearly to many it has since you can read reports of how many Americans have decided to give up their American citizenship and move to another country.

Take Zimbabwe as an excelent example. It at one point w

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Does Rationality Exist?

How does the rational come from the irrational; does rationality exist? Is this a reasonable post or am I just over thinking it?

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When you change the way you look at things...

...the things you look at, change.

Yes? No? True? False?

Any experience here? Feedback?

Is there an objective reality? Or is everything subjective?

What do you think?

- - -

"Do I live in a friendly, or hostile universe?"

-- Albert Einstein.

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How do we guard ethics in an encrypted world?

Greetings DP I have a question for you but it will take me a moment to frame it. It has to do with ethics and responsibility.

I am root, you will obey.

Historically in IT, we are "admins" or "root" or "super user" which means we have always had access to pretty much everybody's secrets on our network segment. That's because traditional IT infrasctructure is hierarchically derived and somebody at the end of the line always had ACCESS. And this person was TRUSTED.

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Your Sim City: Anarchist, Socialist, Other?

The real world exists right now, while potential worlds exist in the future. In order to achieve a higher state of civilization, it is not enough to imagine it, the society at large must take steps to get from here to there. Equality is a fine ideal, but how do we get from inequality to equality without forceful redistribution? Violent revolutions are attempts to perfect society without the forethought necessary to finesse a society into a better future. A violent revolution is like hammering a screw into a board: it won't be pretty, but it will get there!

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Daily Paul ad choices promote establishment politician's campaign

Come on Daily Paul you need to be more selective of the advertisers! I keep seeing election ads for the local establishment bums.

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