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How Do YOU Feel About Obama Amnesty?

Do you care, and if so, why?

I'm not sure I care. Especially as an open-borders and no or tiny federal government type. The issue for me is welfare, not "illegal" immigration. I also fully support violating immoral laws and most laws today are immoral. Illegal immigrants create no victims, and if there's no victim then there's no crime. And as most of us on here know - end the stolen handouts and it's suddenly a moot point.

Anyway, I'm curious what ya'll think.

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Human Value

What makes a human being valuable; is there a standard?

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How would a stateless society handle animal abuse, wildlife management?

I usually don't post here on the DP, but I have an honest question. I'm still new to the idea of a voluntarist/stateless society and haven't educated myself on the subject as much as I should. I'm trying to change that. I didn't even know what libertarianism was until 2011, so cut me some slack. Anyway, my question is, how would animal abuse be dealt with, without the presence of animal cops? I ask because I had on "Animal Cops" on the discovery channel this morning while cooking breakfast. Got me thinking.

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Parental Rights: Where Is The Line?

I do not know. I know I see inconsistency in the law: You may abort the fetus for the first 12 weeks (or whatever) but you may not abort the fetus after the second trimester, but then any time from the fourth trimester to the 54th trimester you can withhold medical care. And yet... Idaho is, in many ways, a bastion of individual liberty and things like this are why.
I really don't know. Input, friends? This is my state, how does this look "from the outside looking in?" Can't be good, and yet... Are they my kids, or the states?
"Why Does God Kill So Many Children In Idaho?"

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What Are Your Favorite Liberty Podcasts?

Hey Daily Paulers!

I've got a new project brewing, and I want to come up with a collection of the best liberty podcasts out there, from those that are currently popular to those that may be lesser known but are of great quality.

I am only looking for podcasts that are well produced, have high audio quality, and are released on a regular basis, at least weekly.

Ready, set....GO!

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When Rand Paul announces his bid for nomination, where are 'google rand paul' results going to go?

From 2007-2012 if anyone googled Ron Paul, the DailyPaul was often at the very top of the results.

I was often puzzled at why the Ron Paul campaign didn't assign one of its staffers to post and communicate here. Even if it was done as a random screen name with no official affiliation with the campaign. It seemed silly to me and a complete disconnect with the base. The disconnect was glaring to me and Im just a random dude. If the campaign can leak to the media.. why cant they use us too?

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Healthy Tips to Lose Weight

Anyone have any tips for weight loss? I wanna help my wife lose some weight and get more healthy. I have convinced her to do a veggie garden this spring. anyone have any advice on maybe organic supplements or anything or even easy exercises to do.

Thank you

i think we all should try to live more health we want to try juicing

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Should Gary Johnson run as a Democrat?

Rand will be running for the Republican nomination. So why not have a liberty candidate run for the Democratic nomination. Maybe Gary could could challenge Hillary for the nomination. Or at the very least spread some libertarian ideals and get people thinking.

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Who Cares More About Soldiers?

and why...?

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Veteran's Day Reflection

I absolutely support our veterans, but I absolutely cannot support our government continually sending our troops into undeclared and unconstitutional wars...

That's where I stand, but unfortunately it sometimes feels like too many Americans stand elsewhere.

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The 2008 Platinum Crash... What Happened?

I've been reading about this, but I haven't seen a good explanation for what the hell happened. Anyone have any clues?

Platinum 1992-Present:

Gold 1995-Present:

Platinum in 2008:

GOLD in 2008:

One theory said Russia was holding back on stockpiles and then it all dumped at once?

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Precious Metals on the Periodic Table

I recently came across this and was struck by the vertical pairing of Gold-Silver and Platinum-Palladium. I wonder if any of you economists/chemists/armchair theorists can shed light on why the precious (commodity) metals are all grouped on the periodic table like so:

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I need help understanding the Federal Reserve

Forgive me if I ask more questions than I contribute answers, but I love picking the minds of Dailypaulers…

This question arose in my head after watching what I consider to be a wonderfully done documentary on our monetary policy: "The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind - Hidden Secrets of Money 4" by Mike Maloney.

-1 vote article naming congressional members.

Why isn't this article not allowing comments. I will make my comment here. This reminds me of post WW1 Germany. Communist groups were out in the open & we know what eventually happened. Hopefully this time the outcome will be favorable. It ultimately wasn't for Hitler's Germany. Remember who FINANCED these communist groups! Remember who covered up the facts! Those who do not learn from history's mistakes are doomed to repeat them.

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