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At my wit's end with pooping cat; please help save her life?

My 18-year-old Siamese has taken to thinking of the floors as her toilet. It started with pooping everywhere; now she's peeing as well.

This (post) is a cry for help. I'm at my wit's end. The shock collar I bought fortunately doesn't work -- as I was fitting it, the recent story of the "stun belt" came to mind which a judge used to torture an innocent, and I don't really want her terrorized about moving around the house at different times (our thought was to keep her out on the screened-in porch (with cat door) when we weren't around, using the electric barrier, so that the other two cats could come and go -- their litter is out there). It'd be one thing if we wanted to keep her permanently away from an area, but turning it on and off, she'll have fear every time she tries to come indoors. This is the end of her life, and I don't want it to be fearful. Judging by previous cats she has about two years to go. Two years to "go" indoors, is two years too long.

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Daily Paul source code availability?

I just started reading, and I agree that there is something very special about the Daily Paul.

I used to read Slashdot regularly, like I now read the Daily Paul. One aspect of Slashdot was that they open sourced Slashcode, so that others could create similar sites using open source, freely-available technology.

Michael has recently expressed some forms of wanderlust, and perhaps managing the site is becoming more of an expense for him than he would like (in time, mostly, I'd imagine).

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The real story of Hitler?

It's watchable via the individual links. You can't just sit back and watch it, because you have to go through 27 videos. There's one on youtube that is a single video, but I won't watch a video that got squeezed with the wrong aspect ratio. 5 hours or so.

Has anyone watched it? Opinions?

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Do I Need A Marriage License From The State?

I'm getting married in January, whooooo wheeeee! This is going to be a fun celebration but my fiancé and I were talking about the license from the State. I despise the State and was wondering why I need their permission to marry my fiancé. Anyone have any thoughts?

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How Many Different Ways Can You?

I know 6 different ways to light a match.

I know 3 different ways to start a car.

I know 4 ways to tell if there is still beer in a can.

What are your different ways?

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Free State Project

How many here are familiar with this project?
I have been casually watching for a year or so now.
It's fascinating.
I recently took my wife to New Hampshire for vacation and we loved it. What a refreshing change from New York State!

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What do you guys, gals, think of GOD?

There was a recent post regarding the Pope and it got me thinking. And this is what I came up with.

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How do I

embed images into my posts?
Thank you in advance.

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THE best Ron Paul Book?

I've got a brother-in-law who asked about Ron Paul. He's 21 and becoming politically aware. We've got a few Ron Paul books: Liberty Defined, End the Fed, The Case for Gold.

Which book, not necessarily from those three, would you recommend as a starter? What roped you in like nothing else?

Would it not necessarily have been written by Big Bad Ron?

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Who was Jesse Benton?

And what was his significance?

I have been a Ron Paul Advocate for many years, but I have almost no understanding of political machinery.

I don't understand what happened to Ron at the last election and I definitely don't understand who Jesse Benton was and how he impacted things.

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Ideas Above Ideals?

There's a Magic the Gathering card with flavor text "believe in the ideal, not the idol."

My roomie related this to the phrase 'believe in the idea, not the ideal. "

I think it sounds like that classic epigram, "why before what?"

I am trying to figure out how any of this has to do with the price of Holland oats.

Help please?

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Question on the right to refuse care

I was talking to a bud of mine who is from Lebanon. He said we are blessed here in America because in Lebanon if you are deathly ill and you cannot afford health care, the doctor will leave you in the street to die. His suggestion was that because of government, people aren't left in the streets to die.

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Who here has a Service and will take U.S. Minted Gold and Silver dollars for payment?

We have the legal ability to pay and get paid in US legal Money in the form of Gold and Silver. What services do you provide and will you take gold and silver us legal tender (still printed) for your services? If so for how much? By the way if you were to round to the nearest Silver dollar that would be great. My company does 3D Graphic Design and Video Games.. We are $7 (silver/gold) dollars an hour. A gold dollar is 1/50th of a U.S. Gold minted Dollar. Gold and Silver are useless as money unles we start spending it and exchanging it.

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New computer advice needed

Hey DP

My Lenovo "all in one" took a crap,,,, and i'm in internet DP withdrawal

I have some paypal cash to use up, and lended to me, so i'm going ebay.

i want another "all in one",,,, easy to move,,, transport between households.

i would like to go with a 23' screen.

ebay has em all around $500.
I mostly use my computer to browse the net and store my pics and videos. That's it,no programs, games,or addons. I'd like to eventually be able to download stuff from youtube,, burn it on discs to get liberty and health stuff in others hands.
so i need just the basics

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I Think Jesse Ventura Will Bow Out And Give The Election to Rand

I think former Minnesota governor Jesse Janus/Ventura knows that he doesn't really want to be president. I think he knows that while he would draw votes from both sides he would still be a spoiler ala Ross Perot. I think he thinks Rand is the real and deserves the win.

That's my opinion. What do you think?

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