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The ark doors are closed... but are they open to invitation?

I love the DailyPaul. I also love the fact Nystrom got a break from Whack a Mole!!

What if members were allowed to invite based on time here? Or quality of posts? Or something?

We are the group that defines the 'Liberty Movement'. Make no mistake my friends. Our activism has shaped activism and policy. We matter.

I hope to see a better, stronger DailyPaul in the future. We are grown ups now. Some of us, like me, have been involved since Rudy vs. Ron.

We make a difference. We really do. I am very proud to be part of this movement. I love you all. Truly.

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ER Bill Help! Advice not Money :)

1) I went for what should have been a simple prescription of a drug but was instead subjected to an enormous amount of tests and ultimately went untreated.

2) Now I'm getting bills that are out of this world. Especially considering I got no help. And the bills keep coming! I have humana health insurance but my deductible is high.

Any insights into this mess?

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Tax time! any suggestions to lower taxable income

I run a real estate business, I make fairly good money. As I'm working on my taxes I've realized I'm good at making money but don't have any skills how to position myself to pay less in taxes. I'd like to develop some skills, any suggestions, or good books? Should I hire someone, if so who, a tax attorney? CPA?

I know the IRS is a scam, that's not the purpose of this post.

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Has Greenwald and Ron ever interviewed each other or been in the same interview?

I seem to remember them being together in an interview before the Snowden story. Im not sure though. I tried to find something on YT but came up nil.

Anybody know of any footage?


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The Truth

People that think the State is necessary must conclude that some day the State will live up to their desires.

Raise your hand if you think that will ever happen.

If you do not trust the State to live up to your expectations, you are stealing from me for absolutely no fucking reason.

I don't appreciate it.

Do you expect the State to ever live up to your expectations?

I would be happy to know how much longer you plan to steal my money to support the pursuance of your unachievable statist goals?

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The Tea Party Doesn't Exist

Fellow DP-ers,

Does the Tea Party exist? The Republican Party exists. The Democrat Party exists. Think about it. When I voted in the 2012 general election, I did not see one single candidate on the ballot with "Tea Party" next to his or her name. I saw Republican and Democrat candidates. I even saw a Libertarian candidate. I saw NO Tea Party candidates. THERE IS NO TEA PARTY! Anyone who says "I'm in the Tea Party" or "I vote for the Tea Party" is a fool. You are a Republican. You are a supporter of NeoCon foreign policy. You are a worshiper of the State.

Thanks for your time,

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How Much Have You Changed In 10 Years?

A decade ago I was in my early 20's, lived at home with my parents, and was working my way through college as a self professed, "liberal socialist."

Yes, I thought socialism was a good thing when I was 20 something being a product of the public education system in America.

Hate to say it, but I actually helped campaign for Hillary Clinton in New York because she's a democrat and I'm gay. I fell into the, "single issue voter," crowd.

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Imaginary voluntarist society: is it statist or voluntarist?

One hundred persons voluntarily form a village under a written contract with the following stipulations:

1. All members agree to pay 10% of the value of their property, income or purchases as they choose annually
2. All members agree to be subject to sit on jury in judgement of those who violate the contract
3. The penalties for violations are laid out in the original contract
4. Anyone who violates the contract and refuses the penalty has to leave the village
5. The signatories to the contract agree to submit to a draft in case of attack

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Residential Real Estate

Over the past decade, I've built up some savings and want to stop renting and become a first-time homeowner. Unfortunately I missed the first-time homebuyer credit a few years ago, and mortgage rates are higher now. I'm afraid the Fed won't be able to keep rates down for too much longer.

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L.P.D.: Libertarian Police Department

I was shooting heroin and reading “The Fountainhead” in the front seat of my privately owned police cruiser when a call came in.

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Can anyone help link me to some info that will explain why American railroads are so outdated?

I listened to Milton yrs ago explain this but can't seem to find it.

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Daily Poll: Got a Dash Cam Yet?

I do. It films everywhere I go, after I park, all the time.


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Ideas of Renowned Libertarian Scientist

I have just finished building 6 additional classrooms at the school that I voluntary for as President in Paraguay. One of the rooms is a Science Laboratory; ultra modern and maybe the only one in the entire state.

Well since I am turning the school towards the ideas of liberty, I wanted to name the science lab by a famous libertarian scientist. My first option was Benjamin Franklin, but we already used that in one of the public schools we built a few years ago.

So I'm looking for some good suggestions.

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A Daily Paul Free World?

How would you respond if the Daily Paul went down? Not just temporarily, but for good. Down as in down and not coming back up. After all, Michael is a great guy but he is not a rich guy. He faces lawsuits all the time and has hinted in posts and comments that he needs to change things to keep the Ark afloat.

Meaning, he lives a daily existence realizing something that crosses very few of our minds - that this Ark can actually sink.

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