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It is not the 4th of July, it is Independence Day!

Have you noticed people saying have a good 4th, Happy 4th of July or some other variable? Why does nobody say Happy Independence Day anymore? Thoughts?

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If you had a million dollars what would you do?

My friend has a million dollars to invest, who, what, where would you invest? I should add he's debt free, owns 5 homes free and clear, he has a million cash and asked me to do.

What are your thoughts??

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Is Anarchist defense against other countries sufficient enough?

Anarchism makes a lot of sense on many issues. But I have yet to find a satisfying answer in terms of defense against governments. I think defending an Anarchist society in a World composed of governments, is just wishful thinking. So here are my concerns/questions on this issue laid out for anyone who wishes to jump in on this:

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Book Recommendations (Help)

Hey all,

I am traveling to Hawaii for the first time and it is a looong flight. I was wondering if anyone has read a good book or two lately they could recommend. I'm game for about anything but prefer books that are educational or informative.

I appreciate your feedback!

-- Newt Lobbyrich

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Help! Looking for old pro-life audio clip

Can anybody help? I'm looking for an old interview or at least audio clip (no video) of Ron Paul talking about the sanctity of life, and how society's ills all link back to a general lack of value for human life. The wars of aggression, loss of civil liberties, all of it. He did such a better job at explaining it, and I remember being impressed at how sincere he sounded, what a tender heart he had when it came to life. I think it was probably a bit older, maybe from 2008 or so, but I could be wrong. I can't find it by googling. Thank you in advance if you can help!

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Psychiatry documentary

I saw a documentary once about the history of psychiatry. It went over how psychiatrists wanted to be like real doctors and prescribe drugs, and it went over a few drugs, pretty much exposed it all as a scam.

Anyone know what it's called? I forget the name of it.

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Proof Giants existed!

See I can start one too! Hey guys, you want to see some evidence that the slenderman exists? Here you go here is my source:

Be sure the check all the credible historical references mentioned in the articles and take it at face value.

Maybe those two girls in Wisconsin really aren't crazy.

2 votes or my own domain?

So I would like get my own website up. I'm travelling abroad in search of a greater degree of freedom and a place to settle down, and I throw in libertarian discussion from time to time.

Creating my own website with my own domain would not be a problem, as I am a web developer by trade at the moment. But since just launched recently, I'm wondering if I should take advantage of that ecosystem for publishing my content.

On the plus side, I wouldn't have to put a single thought into design, which would would be nice.

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Does it violate NAP? II

So you've got your bug out bag at your side, swallowed your gold and are fleeing political oppression. Your family is already escaped and waiting for you in a free zone somewhere, depending on you to arrive with your gold to pay for the safe harbor.

You get within one mile of the harbor from which you intend to depart, and are recognized by some ne'er do wells who are hanging around outside the local government agricultural management office waiting for their daily scraps.

They are going to go get the reward money by reporting you, and a pat on the head from the local commissar.

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Encrypted Mail Anyone?

Just wondering, what service and quality of mail.

Im thinking of signing up for proton mail but not sure yet. That's all hope everyone has a great day today!

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Why should corporations be taxed?

I saw someone else post on another thread about replacing all taxes with corporate taxes.

What, first of all, is a corporation? It's an organization of many people working to achieve a common goal, and this corporation can behave legally as if it were a single person with a single goal. A corporation is teamwork.

So imagine, if there were no personal taxes, and only corporate taxes. Wouldn't that be a direct penalty on teamwork? Would the world be a better place if capital couldn't organize as easily?

Would cars be cheaper, or more expensive? Would gas be cheaper, or more expensive?

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Are there any good, new documentaries anyone would like to recommend?

I like a good documentary and I know you guys will have some good recommendations.

I'll share a few that I thought were pretty good. You can find them on YouTube, Hulu or Netflix. Im also curious to know what your reviews of them are.

Ethos (With Woody Harrelson)
Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (Joe Cross)
Hungry For Change
The Union- The Business Behind Getting High (BC BUD)
The Future of Weed: High Country (Motherboard Film)
Patriot in the Making(Ron Paul film produced by fellow DPer(EXCELLENT FILM))
Ron Paul Film
Burzynski (Exposing the FDA and Big Pharma. VERY AWAKENING STUFF)

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Question regarding Government!

So has anyone here within say the last year had a conversation with anyone concerning the government and their ability to function in the better interests of this nation and the people within it where the general paraphrased remark, "well, what do you's the government" or, "well, you're dealing with the government" didn't come up?

Isn't it obvious that almost noone believes in the government's ability to function anymore?


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Elderly Man Suffering from Diabetic Shock Beaten By Police

Absurd and sickening!

See retired cop comment at bottom.

What can 'the people' do? Suggestions, please?


A 70-year-old man who pulled over his car before going unconscious due to diabetic shock was beaten by police who thought he was a drunk driver.

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