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What would happen if a state refused to comply with sanctions?

I'm interested to know what would happen if say, California, refused to abide by U.S. sanctions against Iran, Cuba, or Russia. etc. I believe these to be an act of war and I disagree with the concept of sanctions and am a big supporter of free trade and think it would be great if states nullified ( i suppose that would be the right word) them.

Is this possible? and what exactly would happen if a state asserted it's sovereignty like this against Big Brother in D.C?

Thanks and I hope I explained my question properly.

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Under 30 crowd I wanna know what you know about Jeb Bush

Hey there young people, I'm really interested to know a couple things. Multiple choice.

1. Have you ever heard of Jeb Bush?
a. Who?
b. Uh I think so.
c. Yup.

2. When did you first hear about Jeb Bush?
a. In question 1 above.
b. When I hit the movement.
c. Previous media exposure or research.

3. In what manner might you say Jeb Bush is established in your consciousness?
a. I already forgot what we are talking about.
b. Minimally.
c. I am aware of this man, what he represents and what he will do in office.

4. Are you likely to vote for Jeb Bush?
a. Heck if I know.
b. Possibly.

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A question that I need answered

During the 2008 and 2012 election the media was in a foaming frenzy to label Dr. Paul a Libertarian, the talking heads could not use the word enough, the status quo right wing labeled him as such, as well as the redstater's and Breitbart's alternative neo-liberal sites (posing as conservative) wanted to put the label on Dr. Paul, yet he had not run on the Libertarian ticket and was voted in as a Republican from Texas.

My question is during the 2008 and 2012 election cycle, who identified themselves as a Republican versus Libertarian? Be honest and simply state Republican or Libertarian.

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How should a libertarian behave in front of police found in public?

After having watched the brutal behavior by the police that occurs on a daily basis. After being horrified at the power trip and sheer cowardice most of these men in uniform exhibit, you might be tempted, much like me, to make rude comments to/around them, or jokes at their expense when you encounter them in public.

Don't do it.

Why not? Don't their kind deserve it? Possibly. Does it further the cause? Nope.

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How Do You Rescue A Child From A Cult?

I know this is not the normal stuff put on here..but Im trying to help someone to help a child that's been kidnapped you could say. The woman posted this..Im sharing it with you

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Will gold be a viable currency if it can be printed?

I recently attended a lecture from a physics professor who is collaborating with MSU on the LINAC accelerator. He spoke about a new update scheduled to be completed in 2020 with the aim of creating gold . So my question is if this turns out to be possible and the FED builds an accelerator capable of producing significant amounts of gold then would gold be a viable currency?
On a side note if the US government already has a classified accelerator program that has accomplished nucleosynthesis of gold could they be positioning themselves to capitalize on the disclosure of this accomplishment?

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Myers-Briggs Test: What type of personality are you?

In my opinion, it is important for a person's long-term happiness to know themselves - as much as possible. Being aware of what type of personality you have is a valuable asset in that endeavor.

In another post, user matt_ wrote a comment that mentioned the Myers-Briggs Test. After StartPaging the test, I found a simple one that only consists of four questions. I was amazed once I read about the results I obtained.

According to the test, I am of the type ISTP. From Wikipedia:

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The Tom Woods Show Podcast Makes My Daily Driving So Much Better

How many people here listen to to the Tom Woods Show?

Joel Salitin is on today, that crazy farmer that was on the documentary Food Inc!

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Can you please help me truly truly understand liberty?

I know each of DPers have a different level of awareness and living in liberty.

Maybe those raised up in a country where the constitution and officials truly protected the God given freedom can help those in other countries that still struggle to deprogram themselves from years of propaganda.

So what about a Be-Do-Have. Liberty in definition, then practice, then fruits. Can you please help me truly truly understand liberty?

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Just noticed the "Features"... Very awesome!

Have you looked at the right of your screen lately?

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Full Video: Rand Paul at Berkeley

I didn't see this posted yet, I could be wrong, but here it is:

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Daily Paul : Gimme the low down on your best coffee

Iv been tossing around different coffee the last couple of weeks and creamers. Nine times out of ten i drink it black. What do you guys mix up for a morning cup of drink?

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DP Opinion poll on spanking.

I was commenting back and forth with another member about whether or not spanking a child was right or wrong. That other member happens to be from Sweden where spanking was made illegal back in 1979.

To clarify I am not asking if it is OK to abuse a child, such as a right hook to the face, or putting cigarettes out on them, but an open handed swat to the butt in rare circumstances, while keeping your cool, and with a measured amount of force. It happens to be legal where I live, (which is not what I use as a judgement of right and wrong).

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A Nation of Laws?

I've been hearing this phrase thrown around a lot lately. I figured I'd check and see what illumination the DP community has to offer on the subject.

Are we a "Nation of Laws?"

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