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Engagement Rings and Blood Diamonds

So i'm pulling the trigger on a engagement ring for my girlfriend. I don't want a blood diamond. I never understood what happens to these tribes in Africa. Any good suggestions from gents or gals who have avoided these diamonds. I want to get her something nice and iv budgeted around 5500 dollars. I feel like iv been dooped into "diamonds are girls best friend" and the whole 2 months salary BS.
I'm looking for better options than the monopolized slave trade diamond gem circus. Hope all are well.

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Debt Based Money : You Love It.


Tired of Debt? The Protection : Fixed Debt against Hard Assets

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Why is the Daily Paul all Men?

Im just curious but if i had to guess, men outnumber woman 9 to 1 or more on the DP (this is what I have approximated). Why do you think this is so? Do you find men to be more liberty minded than woman? Or is this a "good ol' boys club"

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CNN: "Can the government prevent hot car deaths?"

What do you think, DP? Can the government do it? Is the government magic? Can it protect us from any and all threat and danger?

(CNN) -- While the case of the Georgia father accused of intentionally leaving his toddler son to die in a hot car continues to grip the nation, it has also sparked a debate about whether more could be done to prevent the accidental deaths of children from heatstroke inside a car.

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An ethical question: If someone borrows something from you...

but does not return it. Has that something been stolen from you by that person? Is, therefore, the person a thief? Does it come down to the intent of the person?

I have always believed it was a form of theft but most people I have expressed that view to, have told me that I am wrong, for varied reasons.(the person could have forgot to return, gave it to someone else, didn't mean to,lost it, broke it, can't replace,could return sometime in future,owe them something,etc. etc.)

What is your opinion?

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Audit the FED and support for Rep. Cory Gardner of Colorado and Rep. Steve Daines of Montana

I was wondering if everyone is helping support these two candidates
that are pushing Audit the bill.

Rep. Cory Gardner of Colorado and Rep. Steve Daines of Montana.Polls show Daines well ahead in his race while Gardner is neck and neck with his Democratic opponent.

Bills under proposal include measures that would force the Fed to be officially audited, conduct cost-benefit analysis before issuing regulations, restrict the power of the Fed chair, and strip the Fed of its low-unemployment mandate. Maybe someone has posted about this but I am always interested in auditing the FED.

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Anyone on the DP a half serious woodworking hobbyist?

When I am not at work or on the DP, my passion is weekend woodworking. I am starting to get a halfway versatile tool collection together and eventually plan to have every piece of furniture in my house be self built. I am no pro, but I have accumulated a lot of theoretical knowledge through watching youtube videos.

I recently built my son a bed and corner tv stand painted in Seattle Seahawks colors (indoctrination starts young). With the nightly jam sessions for the musicians among us, I thought those of us that create art through wood might be interested in sharing ideas.

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Any advice on working out?

So two weeks ago I stopped eating grains and so far I have lost 13 pounds, but in order to increase my weight loss (and become hunky) I have started lifting weights, and doing cardio. Any advice? I am very unfamiliar with weight lifting and cardio stuff.

That said I am not unfamiliar with working out. I have 7 years of martial arts (tang soo do mostly)under my belt and over the next few weeks I am going to be getting back into that on a reduced bases (I am really stiff at least based on how I was when I was doing that 8 hours a week).

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The Charlie Chaplin Optical Illusion Schizophrenia Test.

People often say we are a paranoid group of people, but are we schizophrenic? Here is a simple test to determine if you mistrust the government and you know what your talking about, or if your schizophrenic and maybe you need to go find some help.

If you are not fooled by the hollow mask, you just like 7 out of every 1000 Americans probably have Schizoprenia.

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Is Immigration a story?

Drudge says its frontpage news.
Huffingtonpost says its no page news
Dailypaul mentions riots and civil disobedience
Dailykos says not news anymore
Wall Street Journal says not news,us&_homepage=/...
New York Times says frontpage side story

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What is the 'Internet of Things?'

The buzz on this catchphrase is picking up some revs recently. "The Internet of Things."

In this article in the Atlantic it says:

"Cisco forecasts that between 2013 and 2022, the so called Internet of Things will generate $14.4 trillion in value for global enterprises."


What the hell is this thing? "The Internet of Things."

Here's the article. I've only gotten as far as the above line.

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Anyone else feel out of place amongst all of the state worship this great day in the U.S.S.A.?

Just curious. Frankly, I feel like I'm living amongst a cult today. Everywhere I drive there are flags all over the place. It seems like there is a contest in which the businesses with the most flags in their lot win a prize. My coworkers are group texting all sorts of American supremacy junk (and for some reason I'm on that group text). In general, when I'm out in public it seems like I am walking among zombies. I have seen so much red, white, and blue the world looks like a kaleidoscope.

The thought crossed my mind:

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Pittsburgh: Stop. Wait. Nobody move. We need to figure this thing out. (Anyone here drive for Uber or Lyft?)

As a wave of economic creative destruction washes across the nation, Pittsburgh orders Uber & Lyft to cease operations immediately.

Anyone here drive for Uber or Lyft? I see these guys everywhere in Boston. My friend who quit his job last summer is all excited about driving for Uber.

The story:

Uber, Lyft ordered to cease operations in Pittsburgh

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Anyone familiar with tendon or nerve injuries?

I am NOT seeking a medical diagnosis.

Happy Secession Day everyone!

I have a quick question regarding my hand. This isn't an emergency or anything, I'm just curious about whether or not to see a doc.

On Monday, I went up to Divide, Colorado and rode my motorcycle on the trails up there. To make a long story short, I pushed the limits and busted my ass (well... my arm/hand).

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